Coalition Seeks Injunction to Halt VY Nuke Uprate

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Coalition Seeks Injunction to Halt VY Uprate

On March 15, 2004, the Vermont Public Service Board ordered that the Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee plant receive an “independent engineering assessment,” a four system, deep vertical slice inspection as a prerequisite to extended power uprate.

The plant never received such an inspection, says the region’s oldest safe energy group, and the Vermont Public Service Board erred in accepting a less focused, less diagnostic US Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspection as a substitute without first holding formal hearings on what they say was a de facto change in the Board’s Order.

Last week, the Board issued a new order proclaiming that it was satisfied with an NRC inspection performed in August of 2004 and surrendering jurisdiction to the US NRC and giving a green light for stepped ascension power testing in excess of 100% power- a process which began last Saturday. That process ran into immediate headaches in the first 105% power phase when one acoustic detector strapped to the reactor’s A steam line indicated acoustic response beyond anticipated thresholds. This prompted Jay Thayer, ENVY’s site Vice President to hold a press conference yesterday to explain his original theory that harmonic noise is not vibration. “ Tell it to the Beach Boys,” said New England Coalition staff technical advisor, Raymond Shadis.

“Maybe this injunction will take root and we will put a stop to this experiment on the Connecticut until a real diagnostic, reality-based inspection can be done” said Shadis, “Our job is defending the people of the region and the environment from nuclear pollution – be it from daily operations or from an accident.”

Shadis thanked the Burlington Law firm of Shems, Dunkiel, Kassel, & Saunders, which is representing New England Coalition in the appeal that is expected to go to Vermont’s highest Court. “ for service above and beyond the call.”

Providing an expert’s affidavit for today’s filing was career nuclear executive and engineer, Arnold Gundersen, also of Burlington.

Motion for an Injunction (pdf file)


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