Bells for 100,000, 100,000 Signatures! Protest at Copley, Saturday: Nukes Conference, DC Rally, Boston Rally, In Northampton: Nonviolent Peaceforces – How? + Lui Collins, Deerfield

“NO one should die for a lie!”
Cindy Sheehan insists, in front of the White House.
Please raise your voice with hers.

1. Bells for 100,000 dead in Iraq, Greenfld, Noon, Friday
2. 100,000 Signatures? MA
Download any hour, any night,
3. Protest Fund-raiser at Copley Plaza Friday, Boston, 5pm
4. Ibdaa, Palestinian dancers at U-Mass Bowker, 7:30

All on Saturday, Oct. 29:
A crucial Nukes Conference, Brattleboro, 8-5
Rally, Lafayette Park, Washington, DC, 2pm
March and Rally, Boston Common, 11am
Nonviolent Peaceforces – How? 10-5, Northampton
Witness for Peace New England, Lui Collins, Deerfld

1. BELLS ringing 100,000 times across the country.

Friday we continue a nation-wide response to a call by Kathy Kelly of the
newly formed group, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, and the British group,
Justice not Vengeance. All week, we have rung bells throughout the Valley
(Springfield, Amherst, Holyoke, Northampton) to mourn the 100,000 dead in
Iraq. Yet few in the US have heard these numbers.

If you would like to join a small procession of solemn neighbors,
please meet in front of Green Field’s Market by noon Friday. Wear black if
you like. At noon we will walk to All Souls Church 399 Mail Street where Jon
Rehmus is ringing 12-12:10, and then to St. James Episcopal Church, on
Federal Street where Bill Knipe is ringing approximately 12:10-12:20. We
proceed to the ‘Swords into Ploughshares” sculpture at the Veterans Memorial
on Main Street to lay flowers, where you may share thoughts or brief
readings. Second Congregational Church will ring bells from 12:30-12:40.

Wherever you are, these are times to stand and speak, to help end
the spiral of violence. The Lancet research report and commentary published
October 29, 2004, which estimated the numbers dead in Iraq, is at:

Further resources for a weekend vigil at:

2. SIGN IT ?? — SEND IT !!

MA is the first state to be working on a statewide ballot initiative to
bring the Guard home! Please print out copies of the petition, sign it and
send it in. If you pass copies on to friends and collect signatures, yee-ha!
Only three weeks to go! Organizers in Brookline ask that we mail in
signatures WEEKLY, so that we can get some idea of where we’re at,
statewide. The address is right on the front of the petition. Other simple
1. Sign your name LEGIBLY, or it won’t count.
2. Write your street address (and apt.#), not PO box.
3. Each town needs it’s own page.
4. Front and back must appear on the same page to be valid.
5. The printed copy must be perfectly clear.
6. No other notes or extraneous marks on the page.

On the street, now pressure–many people are eager to sign, others might
sign the petition and still have until next November to decide how they’ll
vote. Thanks Steve and the Montague Reporter for a letter on this! The
petition can be downloaded from

3. Demonstration in Boston, Friday, Oct. 28
Protest at the Copley Plaza, where Hillary Clinton and other women who are
members of Congress are trying to raise money. We’ll be raising our voices,
saying, “Want my vote? END THE WAR!” Military Families Speak Out want
their family members home! Iraqis want their country back. Meet at 5 pm at
Copley Square, Friday. Tell a Boston friend?

4. IBDAA, Palestinian Dance Troupe
will be dancing tonight at Bowker Auditorium, Umass, near the main parking
garage. Friday, October 28, 2005, 7:30 pm. Free and open to the public.
Donations encouraged.

DeAnne Riddle, of the Amherst Middel East Education Committee writes, “Last
night I had 5 of the IBDAA dancers stay at my house just off the plane from
Amman. They are between the ages of 10 and 14, wide-eyed, full of
energy and so excited. The IBDAA dancers capture the energy of youth and
direct it in a positive direction. They raise money for other activities at
the IBDAA cultural center, where they have classes in crafts, arts, computer
to help people from the refugee camp earn a living and express themselves in
creative ways. I hope you can come.”

Saturday, Oct. 29, 2005
FIVE important events SATURDAY
in a Neighbors’ Network to End War:

***** Most importantly:

The New England Coalition (on nuclear pollution) has five terrific experts
coming to the School for International Training (S.I.T.) in Brattleboro this
Saturday from 8-5. Choose from ten sessions!
Take US 91 to Exit 3, turn right onto Putney Road and follow the signs, to
help prevent a melt-down.
David Lochbaum,
Marvin Resnikiv,
Judith Johnsrud,
Paul Blanch,
+ Ray Shadis !
Show them you care. Call now? 802-257-0036
Tell them what time you’ll arrive. Rub shoulders with people who could save
us from terrible times at New England’s oldest reactor, but only if
students, elders, farmers, teachers, preachers, nurses, clerks and lawyers
will MOBILIZE. What excuse would be good enough for not saving ourselves
from a melt-down? But >NO REGRETS< if we all do what we CAN, it will be enough. More on the conference presenters below. There's a reduced rate for students! (In quiet brown letters see the "Nuclear Institute Registration") ALSO< Sally Shaw of Gill has found slimy deals behind the scenes, by reading the Federal Register. Read about the request for a permanent exemption from steam leakage test. She fears that the entire public process with the NRC is a smoke screen. 2500 visitors daily can find her comments at: Oct 29 *****LAFAYETTE PARK, WASHINGTON, DC, 2pm World Can't Wait is mobilizing for a 2pm, permitted rally this Saturday in Lafayette Park near the White House in Washington, DC. What a week to speak up with Cindy Sheehan and call for an end to the lies. See Oct 29 *****Rally in Boston Organizers predict as many as 10,000 may come to the Boston Common. Charles Peterson, a Holyoke Community College member of the Campus Antiwar Network will be one of the speakers. See SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Cindy Sheehan, Felix Arroyo, Charles Peterson (Holyoke Community College), Bromley Heath Workers, Diane Dujon (Welfare Rights), Somerville 5 Speaker, USWA Local 8751 School Bus Driver's Union. Amee Chew (Reproductive Rights), Dario Zapata (Colombia), Bolivarian Circle, Jose Morales (Puerto Rico), Joe Turcotte (Iraq Veterans Against the War), Ahmed Shawki (Nat'l Council of Arab Americans and International Socialist Review), Nation of Islam, Socialist Alternative, New England Human Rights Organization for Haiti, Khury Petersen-Smith (Campus Antiwar Network), Military Families Speak Out, Muslim American Association, Palestine Speaker, Klare Allen on the Bio Weapons Lab to keep out of Roxbury, Trina Jackson, Chinese Progressive Association, with nearly 20 PERFORMERS, including the Palestinian Dance Troupe! Oct 29 ***** Imaging a World with Nonviolent Peaceforces instead of Armies! How do we Get There? 10 1m - 5 pm Seelye Hall, Smith College Northampton For late registration call Ruth Anderson-Zabre 413 774-5418. More details on the Traprock calendar for Oct. 29. Oct 29 ***** 7pm Saturday, singer-songwriter Lui Collins performs in a benefit concert at Woolman Hill for the fabulous New England retreat of Witness for Peace. ---------------------------------------------------------- MORE ON THE CRUCIAL CONFERENCE IN BRATTLEBORO: ---------------------------------------------------------- Reactor Basics – David Lochbaum - Introduction to the design and operation of boiling water reactors, and safety systems. Focus is on the Vermont Yankee reactor. – Periods One and Three Reactor and Waste Site Security in an Age of Terrorism – David Lochbaum - Reactors, spent nuclear fuel, sabotage and acts of terror. Common sense approach to evaluating risks and applying safeguards. – Periods Two and Four Dry Cask Nuclear Waste Storage and Transportation – Dr. Marvin Resnikoff - Short and long term risks of dry cask nuclear waste storage and transportation - Implications of interim and permanent storage – Periods One and Three Radiation Basics – Dr. Marvin Resnikoff - An introduction to ionizing radiation fundamentals distinguishing sources and types of radiation and radiation exposure. Covers radiation measurement, calculation of radiation “dose” and radiation terminology. – Periods Two and Four Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation - Dr. Judith Johnsrud - An introduction to the history of radiation exposure regulation and research; culminating in the latest state-of-the-art single cell and DNA radiation impact research. Radiation protection theories and principles. – Periods One and Three Nuclear Geography - Dr. Judith Johnsrud - The nuclear industry-whole picture: where did it come from, why is it here, and where is it headed? Understanding the impacts of the nuclear industry, locally, nationally, and globally. Nuclear “culture” and influence. – Periods Two and Four Nuclear Regulation - Paul Blanch - Introduction to how regulation of the nuclear industry is supposed to work, contrasted with the state of nuclear regulation today. Discussion of NRC enforcement discretion. Addresses the questions of why NRC can’t seem to learn, why NRC’s failure to regulate may be pushing us toward another nuclear accident, and what citizens can do about it. – Periods Two and Four Industry and Opposition Propaganda - Raymond Shadis - Both sides now. Light-hearted, but informative look at common methods of propaganda using nuclear and coal electric generating industry (and opposition) sources and examples. Includes discussion of the content of recent Entergy Nuclear Vermont focus groups. - Periods One and Three Extended power Uprate – Raymond Shadis - How old reactors, including Vermont Yankee, are being altered to burn up to twenty percent more nuclear fuel. Discussion of risks; the Entergy extended power uprate case now before the NRC’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board and still before the Vermont Public Service Board on issues such as the Independent Engineering Assessment. – Periods Two and Four 8:00 - 8:30 Gathering – Coffee and Light Refreshments 8: 30 - 8:35 Welcome – Diana Sidebotham, NEC President 8:35 - 8:45 Orientation - Joseph Bish, Outreach Coordinator 8:45 - 10:15 Period One 10:30 -Noon Period Two Noon - 12:45 Lunch, included with pre-registration, 12:45 -1:45 Plenary Session* 1:45 -3:15 Period Three 3:30 -5:00 Period Four *Nuclear Emergency Preparedness (a plenary session community conversation) – New England Coalition will have, in advance, presented institute participants with a short white paper containing nuclear emergency preparedness considerations and recommendations for affected citizens, communities, first-responders, educators, and legislators. The paper is intended to serve as an introduction and a focus for mid-day plenary discussion. Institute registration fee of $35 covers enrollment in up to four courses and the plenary session. If you do not have a registration form, please go to the New England Coalition website: to down load one or you may call the New England Coalition office at 802-257-0336. New England Coalition Post Office Box 545, Brattleboro, Vermont 05302 “The World that we have made, as a result of the level of thinking we have so far, has created problems we cannot solve at the level of thinking at which we created them.” -- Albert Einstein --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coming soon: SAVE THE DATE for "Surviving the Vernon Reactor: Health is a Human Right!" Conference proposed at GCC, Saturday Dec. 10, 1-6 pm Keynote speaker Ernest Sternglass can return to the area! Lots of photos to come on the Campus Antiwar Network Conference in Berkeley. Thanks, Charlie! Hugs, Sunny Miller, 413 773-7427 Thank you for sharing resources in a Neighbors Network to End War.