A Peace Week with Ann Wright

A Peace WEEK, (April 14 – 21)
Col. Ann Wright < --> Rev. Billy
…and Traprock thought that it would be
great to bring Scott Ritter back to Indianapolis (we brought him
there last in the summer of ’02). So with the help of VFP and other
friends, he’s back – this April 18th (see below for details)

What an amazing week-end this will be in the Valley.
What a week ahead for Congress, if we persist!
And we help bring Scott Ritter to Indianapolis, April 18.


Col. Ann Wright resigned after 29 years
of service, on March 20, 2003 in objection to the
invasion of Iraq.

She’s here for the W Mass Social Forum–30 groups
have helped to support richly diverse and important
discussions. The Forum runs Sat. 9AM – 9PM
at Umass Amherst, School of Management, near the
Fine Arts Center. And on Sunday until 1pm.

At about 4:30 play a Step-Up Theater game to
portray many ways people use power. On the way
to dinner spell out IMPEACH with our bodies for YouTube.
Dinner is catered at Earthfoods, followed by a performance
at Mahar auditorium. For fun in the evening can we paint a
BIG peace sign to send to DC.

At 10am Sunday morning during the OPEN SPACE offerings
Ann Wright will Speak on Dissent in Democracy.

You can also visit with her here:

1. Outside the Green Fields Market, Main Street
(where the Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters
provide an information table, Sat, 9-12?)

2. Greenfield Vigil, Sat. 11-12
or Amherst Vigil, Sun. ~12-1

3. Over Dinner at China Gourmet in Greenfield, 5PM
(Please call both here and CG to make a reservation:
at the Traprock Table: 773-7427 + 774-2299)

4. Or at the Holocaust Memorial Service, 7PM
at Temple Israel on Pierce St, Greenfield.

Recently …
swastikas were found painted on Poet’s Seat Tower,
… Come. It’s ALWAYS a good time to stand in solidarity
against genocide, brutality, and torture.
We support plans being laid by Greenfield’s Human Rights
Commission for a community conference to address
the problems and resolutions available for prejudice,
racism, intimidation, etc.


5. Jeremy Scahill spoke Monday at Odyssey Books from
his new book on Blackwater. You can hear him
thanks to Ed Russell !



6. An amazing PBS special on soldiers’ writings
airs at 10PM Monday, April 16, in a week-long series.
This previewed in Northampton Friday night.



7. Next week Frances Crowe returns to DC.
When Frances travels that far, you know it’s for a good
reason. Congress come back after a two-week recess
and prepares to vote for more billions for killing.
If you go please consider inviting passersby to
HONK for PEACE. 202 224- 3121 reaches any
Congressional office until 6PM weekdays.


8. It’s now spring break for many high school students.
Why not make it PEACE WEEK?
Any fine peace or justice initiatives in your Franklin
County towns?

We appreciate one-page nomination letters for the annual
Peacemaker Awards — five $100 and other prizes
awarded by the Interfaith Council of Franklin County
and Traprock Peace Center. Please mail your letter in April!

9. And, Scott Ritter in Indy:

As Indiana National Guard members face call up for offshore deployments to Iraq,
Veterans for Peace Indiana Chapter #49 invites you to discuss:

U.S. Policy in the Middle East:
Target Iran / The Role of Congress

Hear Scott Ritter
US Marine, Gulf War Veteran and former UNSCOM Weapons Inspector
and Honorable Andy Jacobs
Korean War Veteran and former Indiana Congressperson

These veterans discuss the buidl-up toward war with Iran, and
what Congress is and isn’t doing about it. Ritter warns that aircraft carrier
battlegroups will have maximum potential for an attack on Iran’s nuclear
reactor from March through June. One hundred and three US nuclear
reactors could become targets if the US (or Israel, using US weapons)
attacks Iran’s reactor. In Ritters book, “Target Iran” he examines
the Bush administration’s regime-change policy and the potential of Iran
to threaten U.S. national security interests.

Honorable Andy Jacobs, Jr. refused pay increases while serving
in the House of Representatives. Ralph Nader says, “Andy Jacobs
is the conscience of the House.” Will Congress protect the interests
of ordinary people, or promote the interests of profiteers? Jacobs’ book,
“1600 Killers”, gives an insiders view of Congress.

These speakers could help citizens
save lives, of soldiers and civilains,
here and abroad.

Moderator: Pierre Atlas
Political Science Professor and Director of Franciscan Center for Global Studies at Marian College

Wednesday April 18, 2007 7-8:30 pm

At the General Pershing Room
of the Indiana War Memorial on the
corner of Michigan and Meridian St.,
in downtown Indianapolis.
Please enter from Michigan Street/North Entrance.

A dinner with guest speakers is available nearby by reservation for $35 at 5:30. Make advance reservations soon at http://www.TraprockPeace.org. Details will be emailed to you.

Reservations for a dinner in Indianapolis on Thursday evening, on the topic, “The Art of War for Waging Peace”

Sponsored by: Indianapolis Peace House & Plowshares,
Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center, Traprock Peace Center.

For more information contact Charlie Wiles in Indianapolis,
(317) 466-0114 or Sunny Miller in Deerfield, MA (413) 773-7427.



Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342


9. Next Saturday, April 21 enjoy hearing Rev. Billy and
The Church of Stop Stopping Gospel Choir,
Shelburne Falls Memorial Hall, Sat 7PM,
and Brattleboro, Sunday, 7PM
This is sweet music.


10. Thanks to Bob McCormick for great help on the
property hunt. Traprock needs to move by Aug. 31.
A Home Team is forming to invite help from friends &
gounders, whether for $10, $100, $1,000 or $10,000.
Thanks for your visionary contributions.

This tax season,
Let’s all pay more,
For peace than war.

Best regards,
Sunny Miller

Please see the calendar for more advance notice
in a Neighbors’ Network to End War,