New Mexico


The San Juan County Peace Coalition

Farmington, NM


Contact: Josey Foo *

tel: (505) 326-2650

Mission: the San Juan County Peace Coalition was founded in response to the potential for U.S. military action in Iraq.  We support nonviolent measures for world peace.  Its members are New Mexicans of conscience in the Farmington area and include lawyers, teachers, artists, writers, and students.  The SJCPC puts out a regularly updated peace resource that can be found on their website. 


Saudi Student Association in New Mexico State

University Ave., New Mexico State University

Las Cruces, NM  88003

Contact: Adel S., Process Engineer *

Mission:  To those who care, and those who would spare a moment of common scence. This war is costing Millions of dollars, to kill and destroy a whole nation. A mother of a killed innocent child would wish to pay all the millions in the world to regain the life to her lost child. American armies should wonder and ask them selves, what is it for them as individuals?!? why was he/she shipped thousands of miles to Iraq? to get killed there?!?? 12 years of sanctions on Iraq! only OIL for food! did they ever consider building a very tiny Disney Land for Iraqi children??