Reno Anti-War Network

Reno, NV


Contact: Stewart Stout *

Contact: Chris Good *

Tel:  775-843-8026

Contact: Jill Ransom *

Tel: 775-762-3560

Mission: The Reno Anti-War Coalition was founded with the intent of helping to build a vocal movement against war and oppression in our world through nonviolent protest and education. We hope to work with other groups and individuals to accomplish this mission.



Shundahai Network

1350 E Flamingo Rd., #255

Las Vegas, NV  89119


Contact: James "Guin" McGuinness, Co-Founder


Tel:  702-369-2730

Fax:  702-369-5717

Mission:  Shundahai Network works to end the nuclear industry, from uranium mining, to nuclear power and nuclear waste transportation to nuclear weapons. We also work on Indigenous Rights issues and are organizing in Las Vegas against the war with the Coalition to Prevent the Erosion of Human Rights. We offer nonviolence and peacekeeping trainings and peacekeepers.