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Midwest Socialism Conference
November 4-5, 2006 - University of Illinois at Chicago

Over 250 people registered for the Midwest Socialism Conference, one of 6 regional conferences being held this fall. There are two upcoming conferences this month - at East Los Angeles College and Seattle Central Community College.

Traprock covered the plenary session and an imperialism workshop, featuring:
Martín Sanchez, Venezuela's consul general in Chicago, on "The Struggle for Self-Determination in Venezuela;"
Joel Geier, Associate Editor of the International Socialist Review, spoke on "Resisting US Empire;"
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field's workshop on imperialism.

The Plenary session

Sherry Wolf, © 2006 Charles Jenks

Sherry Wolf of the Editorial Board of the International Socialist Review moderated the plenary session.

Hear her welcome to the audience (with introductions of speakers included in recordings below)
MP3 audo download; 1:10 minutes

Martin Sanchez (video still), © 2006 Charles Jenks

Martín Sanchez, Venezuela's consul general in Chicago, spoke on "The Struggle for Self-Determination in Venezuela."

MP3 audio download; 30:38 minutes; 128 kbps mono; 14.1 mb

Video Excerpts of Martín Sanchez

Part 1 Part 2

Download video clips (Excerpts Part 1 and 2) of Martín Sanchez (14 minutes; 69 mb; mp4 format)

Joel Geier (video still), © 2006 Charles Jenks

Joel Geier, Associate Editor of the International Socialist Review, spoke on "Resisting US Empire" -

MP3 audio download; 30:09 minutes (see link below for wrap-up comments); 128 kbps mono; 13.9 mb

Video Excerpts of Joel Geier

Part I  Part II

Martin Sanchez and Joel Geier wrap-up comments -

MP3 audio download; 16:48 minutes; 128 kbps mono; 7.7 mb


Elizabeth Wrigley-Field © 2006 Charles Jenks

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, graduate student and former national Coordinating Committee member of the Campus Antiwar Network, gave an educational program on the Marxist theory of imperialism, as developed by Lenin and Bukharin, and its significance for today. A lively discussion followed in the packed room. The audio includes her reponses to questions and comments.

MP3 audio download; 36:41 minutes (including wrap-up); 128 kbps mono; 16.8 mb.

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The Plenary session started with rousing chanting by attendees.

Midwest Socialism Conference © 2006 Charles Jenks

MP3 audio download of chants; 3:42 minutes; 1.7 mb (Play very loud to get the flavor of being there.)

Midwest Socialism Conference audience, November 4, 2006 - © 2006 Charles Jenks

Midwest Socialism Conference audience, November 4, 2006 - © 2006 Charles Jenks

Midwest Socialism Conference audience, November 4, 2006 - © 2006 Charles Jenks



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