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July 12, 2004

Senate Report Confirms: Iraq War Based on Lies
Military Families Demand an Immediate End to the War and Ask:
How Can You Ask a Soldier to be the Last to Die for a Lie?

While the Senate continues to debate the issue of blame for the false
information that was used to justify the war in Iraq, the fact remains that
the two primary justifications -- Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and a
link between Al Qaida and Iraq -- have been shown by the Senate report to be
without merit.

To date, 887 U.S. troops; 60 troops from the UK; 60 from other "coalition"
forces and over ten thousand Iraqi men, women and children have been killed
as a result of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March, 2003.

Military Families Speak Out is an organization of over 1,500 military
families with loved ones who have been killed in Iraq, who are serving in
Iraq, who have been wounded physically and/or psychologically by the war in
Iraq, and who may deploy or redeploy to Iraq. We demand an immediate and
personal apology by the Bush Administration to all those whose lives have
been damaged by this war, beginning with those families in the U.S., in Iraq
and around the world who have lost loved ones as a result of this war based
on lies. Furthermore, funds must be made available to assist families whose
loved ones have been killed or wounded physically or psychologically by this
war based on lies. Finally, Military Families Speak Out demands an immediate
end to the war and the return of U.S. troops to their home duty stations.

Through their grief, military families who have suffered unbearable loss
say: not one more family should suffer what we have suffered, for a war that
should never have happened, for a war based on lies. Military Families Speak
Out asks the United States Senate: How can you ask a soldier to be the last
to die for a lie?

Available for Interview:

The following
Military Families who have lost loved ones in Iraq are available for

Please call Katya Kruglak at 202-641-0277 to arrange an interview.

Jane and Jim Bright, West Hills, California, whose son SGT Evan Ashcraft,
age 24, was killed in an ambush near Al Hawd, Iraq on July 24, 2003.

Mike and Roxanne Kaylor, Clifton, Virginia, whose son 1st. LT Jeff Kaylor,
age 24, was killed in an explosion in Iraq on April 7, 2003

Lila Lipscomb, Flint, Michigan, whose son SGT Michael F. Pedersen, age 26,
was killed in a Black Hawk crash that killed all six on board on April 2,

Nadia McCaffrey, Tracy, California, whose son SGT Patrick McCaffrey, age 34,
was killed in an ambush in Balad on June 22, 2004

Bill Mitchell, Atascadero, California, whose son SGT Michael W. Mitchell,
age 25, was killed in Sadr City (Baghdad) on April 4, 2004.

Sue Niederer, Pennington, New Jersey, who son 1st. LT. Seth Dvorin, age 24,
was killed in Iraq on February 3, 2004

Audrey Player, Silver Spring, Maryland, whose nephew Lance Cpl Todd Bolding,
age 23, died June 3, 2004 of wounds received in hostile action in Al Anbar
Province, Iraq.

Annette Pritchard, Oregon City (Portland), Oregon, whose nephew PFC William
Ramirez, age 19, was killed on February 12, 2004 by an improvised explosive
device while on night patrol in Baghdad

Dale and Anne Robbins, Pentwater, Michigan, whose son SGT Todd James
Robbins, age 33, was killed in action in Iraq on April 3, 2003. SGT. Todd
Robbins' sister Renee Stratton is also available for interview.

Cindy Sheehan and Carly Sheehan, Vacaville, California. Cindy Sheehan's son
and Carly Sheehan's brother SPC Casey Austin Sheehan, age 24, was killed in
an RPG attack in Sadr City (Baghdad) on April 4, 2003

Fernando Suarez del Solar, Escondido, California, whose son Lance Cpl Jesus
Suarez del Solar Navarro, age 20, was killed in Iraq on March 27, 2003 after
stepping on an American cluster bomb.

Celeste Zappala, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose son SGT Sherwood Baker,
age 30, was killed in Baghdad on April 26, 2004. He was the first
Pennsylvania National Guardsman to have died in the war in Iraq, and the
first to die in combat since 1945. He died in a munitions explosion
providing security detail for the unit that was looking for the weapons of
mass destruction.

Military Families Speak Out:
Bring Them Home Now:


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