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Baton Rouge NAACP Rally to Protect Voting Rights Act
March 28, 2006

Members and national leaders of the NAACP rallied in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the second day of the legislative session to protest the illegal election scheduled for April 22, 2006 in New Orleans.

photo © 2006 Annie Spell

The Greater Covington (LA) NAACP arrived early with characteristic upbeat defiance.


photo © 2006 Annie Spell

New Orleans chapter president and displaced voter Danatus King surrounded by members of the
University of Delaware chapter who are in the state for spring break doing volunteer relief work.

photo © 2006 Annie Spell

Warming up for the Southern Regional March this Saturday, April 1 in Atlanta.


N.O. Election
N.O. Vote
N.O. Justice
March 28, 2006
Baton Rouge
Stop the Illegal Election
Protect the 1965 Voting Rights Act

Thank you Annie and Buddy Spell, Covington Peace Project, for the photos and descriptions. Annie is President of the Greater Covington NAACP.

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