November 5, 2007: This website is an archive of the former website,, which was created 10 years ago by Charles Jenks. It became one of the most populace sites in the US, and an important resource on the antiwar movement, student activism, 'depleted' uranium and other topics. Jenks authored virtually all of its web pages and multimedia content (photographs, audio, video, and pdf files. As the author and registered owner of that site, his purpose here is to preserve an important slice of the history of the grassroots peace movement in the US over the past decade. He is maintaining this historical archive as a service to the greater peace movement, and to the many friends of Traprock Peace Center. Blogs have been consolidated and the calendar has been archived for security reasons; all other links remain the same, and virtually all blog content remains intact.

THIS SITE NO LONGER REFLECTS THE CURRENT AND ONGOING WORK OF TRAPROCK PEACE CENTER, which has reorganized its board and moved to Greenfield, Mass. To contact Traprock Peace Center, call 413-773-7427 or visit its site. Charles Jenks is posting new material to, a multimedia blog and resource center.

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Student Antiwar and Justice Organizations

National Indendent Democratic Grassroots Student Networks

Campus Anti-War Network (CAN) (US) - National democratic, grassroots, independent, student-organized and run network of about 150 university and school anti-war member organizations and networks. This student network traces its roots to October 26, 2002, when large numbers of students meet in DC and San Francisco after anti-war rallies. CAN was formally created on January 17, 2003 during joint national conferences in DC and San Francisco. This effort deserves support and encouragement. It is democratic and serves its grassroots membership. Student and non-student networks and coalitions could learn something from CAN on these points. It is also thoroughly student-owned and operated with its own website, national coordinating committee, financial committee, and national and regional working committees. CAN has organized two national conventions in Chicago; a national day of action with large demonstrations across the nation on April 5, 2003; large student contingents in national demontrations, in collaboration with other organizations; two sets of regional conferences that have provided educational workshops and working groups to support educational campaigns and student organizing; and two national speaking tours, in collaboration with the Muslim Students Association. It has represented the US student movement at the 2003 European Social Forum; was selected to join an Occupation Watch/Global Exchange delegation to Iraq, and it is presenting at an upcoming (May, 2004) international youth convention in St. Petersburg, Russia. The students make the calls concerning their organization, work hard, are willing to work with others and are having a major impact. CAN was an organizer of the student feeder march on August 29, 2004 in NYC, and CAN students banished military recruiters from CUNY, twice in November. This site covered CAN's national convention in November, 2004 at Pace University. See the full index of CAN's history as covered by this site at

Student Stop the War Coalition (UK) - its website promotes "an open and democratic anti-war movement." The site invites membership, with member message boards and news.

Campus and Regional Student Organizations

Radical Student Union (UMASS) - We are a non-authoritatian, non-hierarchical group of students interested in social change through direct action. Our meetings are every wednesday, time and place to be announced . Our office is room 413 in the Student Union, above the Cape Cod lounge next to the Asian Student Association office. This page is a resource for progressive minded students. To Contact the RSU call: 545-0677 or e-mail us at or stop by the office anytime (room 413 student union)! RSU mailing address: Radical Student Union, 413 Student Union Building, Box 99 UMASS Amherst Amherst, MA 01003-0630

The Mid-West Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) - The Campus Antiwar Network was established on January 17th, 2003 by delegates from campus antiwar groups around the country. Several hundred people participated on both the East and West coasts. This is the Midwest branch of that national network. We the members of campus communities across the United States are united in our opposition to a war with Iraq and any attempt by our government or any other government to initiate a war with Iraq. We pledge to educate and organize our high school and college campuses, local communities, and nation in order to prevent this unjust war.

Grinnell College Antiwar Alliance - Founded in October 2002, the Grinnell Anti-War Alliance was created in response to the U.S. mobilization for war in Iraq. The group is opposed to U.S. military action in Iraq without proof that Iraq poses a threat worthy of intervention. As of now, we are unconvinced that the threat Iraq poses requires a U.S. led or participation in any military action.

Northeastern Univeristy School of Law Anti-War Society (NUSLAWS) - NUSLAWS is dedicated to the promotion of peaceful methods to solve international conflict. Through vigils, speakers, and collections of legal materials, the group hopes to raise awareness of opposition to the Iraqi war, the desire to protect Arab and American lives by removing troops from Iraq, and the potential legal quandry opened up by the U.S. declaration of war. However, the group is also opposed to the use of pre-emptive force in international relations that go beyond the current U.S./Iraq conflict.

Campus Action - Campus Action, founded in 1992, is a multi-racial organization, working with area campuses, to build a vital movement to fight the social evils that plague our society. Campus Action works with students, faculty and staff on campuses in the Capital District of New York State (Albany, Schenectady, Troy and Saratoga Springs). 

Students Against War in Iraq - "We, the members of SAWI (Student Against War in Iraq), an independent student organization, are against any pre-emptive military actions against the sovereign state of Iraq. Additionally, we do not support any States actions attempting to provoke war with Iraq." SAWI was the convener of the post-rally student conference at George Washington University on October 26, 2002. This meeting - along with a similar meeting of students in the Bay Area that day - led to the formation of a national listserv that served as a foundation for the formation of the Campus Antiwar Network. See CAN's early history and the large part that SAWI played in it.

Student International Forum - The Student International Forum is an organization of students, faculty, and community members which sponsors educational forums and public actions promoting peace; advocating for social, economic, and political democracy; and providing critical perspectives on war and empire. The SIF seeks to build a world that allows human beings to meet our needs and desires rather than sacrificing our bodies and souls at the altar of "more profit at any cost."

Student Activism Resources

Updated history of independent, democratic grassroots student movement in US - an "early summing up" of the Campus Antiwar Network - October 26, 2002 to the present. - tools for activists. This website shall strengthen the progressive student and youth movement in the US and Canada through the sharing of contacts, event information, ideas and resources. We want to help you win! The CampusActivism team created this website to empower *YOU*. If *you* contribute, and use it to contact fellow activists then this website will succeed. We're aiming at nothing less than to spark a powerful student movement that will fight for justice everywhere.

Sudent Activism in Focus - "FPIF understands that young people have been the foundation, energy, and survival of important social movements throughout history. With this in mind, our immediate objective is to see students involved in making foreign policy an important issue in the 2004 Elections. Our longer-term vision sees students as permanent participants in the greater U.S. foreign policy debate."

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