Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice


P.O. Box 474,
Lawrence, KS 66044.

Contact: Allan Hanson * hanson@mail.ukans.edu

tel: 913-841-3026

Contact: Lynate Pettengill * 913-331-0625

Mission: to promote issues of peace and justice in the Lawrence community, our region, our nation, and the world.


Peace and Social Justice Center

of South Central Kansas

1407 N. Topeka
Wichita, KS 67214

Website: www.peacecenter.net

tel/fax: 316-263-5886

E-Mail: staff@peacecenter.net [sign up for alerts]

Contact: John McConnell * jmcconne@hotmail.com

Tel: 316-264-7683

Mission: Two groups within the Peace Center (the "What's Next?" group and the Iraq Action Group) meet twice a month at the Peace House in Wichita.  We are alling for an end to the "war on terrorism" in both its domestic and international forms.  In addition, we are trying to draw attention to the frightening number of countries in which the US has sent troops and "advisers".