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Jeremy Corbyn's Meetings wtih Leading US Peace Activists

Jeremy Corbyn, MP (Labour) Visited US on behalf of UK Peace Movement
He visited Washington, DC during the 'week of resistance' from January 17-20 to assess first hand the strength and vitality of the US peace movement and to meet with leading US peace organizers.

(You may contact his office at the House of Commons)

Jeremy Corbyn MP (Labour)
The House of Commons
London, SW1A 0AA.
011 44 020 7219 6173
StoptheWar Coalition

JEREMY CORBYN, distinguished member of the British Parliament (Labour - London), is available for interviews concerning his recent visit to the Washington, DC. See PhotoAlbums of Jeremy's participation in national Campus Anti-War Network Conference on January 17, Rallies and Marches on January 18 and 19, and meetings with leading US peace activists.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Preventing war with Iraq, British and Labour Party Opposition to the war, and his impressions of the US peace movement after visiting Washington, DC during the 'week of resistance' from January 17-20.

Mr. Corbyn is a leading international opponent of War with Iraq. He has been invited to the United States to address the massive rally in Washington, DC on Saturday, Jan. 18 and participate in the National Student Conference on Friday, Jan. 17, where he gave the key note address and participated in the students' press conference. (The conference was the eastern part of a DC-San Francisco combined conference that was linked by phone and created the new national Campus Anti-War Network.) (Pictured: Jeremy Corbyn interviewing with the Pacific network, which was doing a national broadcast from the January 18 rally in DC; photo © Charlie Jenks 2003).

Mr. Corbyn conducted many media interviews while in the US, including CNN (pictured at left - he gave a live interview for CNN from the January 18th rally in DC), the BBC, Pacific (live broadcast as noted above), WABC (NYC), NPR (Wisconsin), Asian TV, and many local radio and broadcast TV programs. (Upon his return to England on January 21, his visit generated much media attention in the UK, as well as more media interviews from the US and Australia.) During these intereviews, he assessed the strength and vitality of the US peace movement, the situation in the UK, the prospects for peace and, well called upon, strong and reasoned arguments against war on Iraq.

While in Washington, DC, Mr. Corbyn met with leading US peace activists with discussions on ways to coordinate activities between Europe and the US peace movements. He also answered questions about how diverse groups in the UK have joined together and worked effectively in a broad coalition - the Stop the War Coalition. The fundemental point, he said, was to find a point of agreement, that is, to stop the war against Iraq. On that point, many groups with very different ideas on other topics could agree and work together around that theme.


As he has returned to the UK, press many contact Mr. Corbyn directly through his office at the House of Commons as noted above..

Jeremy Corbyn MP (Labour)
The House of Commons
London, SW1A 0AA.
011 44 020 7219 6173
StoptheWar Coalition
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

During the visit, Charles Jenks, President, Traprock Peace Center,, served as press contact and arranged meetings with leading peace activists in the US, including a lunch meeting with representatives from United for Peace and Justice, Global Exchange, Peace Action, EPIC and the National Network to End the War Against Iraq (EndtheWar). Mike Zmolek of EndtheWar ( arranged an evening reception for him. Traprock Peace Center hosted Mr. Corbyn's stay in Washington.

MORE ON MR. CORBYN: Please also see his summary vitae below. His Labour Party website is

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Vitae: January, 2003

JEREMY CORBYN MP for UK parliament

Member for Islington North since 1983.

Vice Chair of Parliamentary Human Rights Group Chair of Liberation, The Anti-Imperialist/Anti Racist Organisation Steering Committee of Stop the War National Council of CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament)

National profile is based on action against poverty and in support of social security, environmental and human rights questions at home and internationally. As a member of the National Council of CND Jeremy Corbyn has spoken at and attended human rights and peace conferences including Beijing, New Delhi, UN/Geneva. He has had significant involvement in campaigning against miscarriages of justice, eg for Irish victims such as the Birmingham Six, Guildford Four, and Bridgewater Three. He has campaigned hard for decent pension provision for all, against racism, and on the major issues affecting his constituents especially unemployment and low pay. Since September 11th he has spoken at anti war meetings relentlessly in Europe. Also, in NGO (non-governmental capacity) I have attended the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva on a regular basis.


SPONSORS: His trip to the US was co-sponsored by the Stop the War Coalition ( in the United Kingdom and by Traprock Peace Center ( in Deerfield, MA. His visit to Washington, DC was hosted by Traprock Peace Center with assistnace from the National Network to End the War Against Iraq ( Michael Letwin invited Mr. Corbyn to speak at the Washington, DC rally on January 18. Student organizers at George Washington University Students Against War in Iraq invited him to speak at the national student conference on Friday, January 17.

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