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Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

Iraq Eyewitness Reports:
devastation and brutality of the war, occupation and the continuing effects of pre-war sanctions

February 4, 2004 -
Interview (mp3 - 30 min) - Khury Petersen-Smith (Campus Antiwar Network) with Sunny Miller

Khury Petersen-Smith CampusAntiwar.Net
went to Iraq in January with United for Peace and Justice, Global Exchange and Occupation Watch. He reported on Iraq and discussed the importance of activism in this country with Sunny Miller, Executive Director of Traprock Peace Center. photo@2003 Charles Jenks

He describes the brutality and devastation of the war and occupation, as well the continuing effects of the lethal economic sanctions that had been imposed on Iraq for more than a decade. Download the interview and share it. Please ask local and campus radio stations to play it. You will also find Khury's written report. He is available for interviews and speaking - contact him at subterranean_fire[AT] As a student organizer, Khury stresses how important it is for Americans to oppose the war and occupation. We should become "active wherever we are."

Also, see Khury's written report: End Occupation (pdf file)

Also New: On the Brink of Destruction

Michele Naar-Obed,, peace activist, recounts her recent two week stay in Baghdad. Michele is on her way to a federal penitentiary for planting flower seeds on Mother's Day at an ELF site, part of the Navy's submarine transmitter system.She lives with her husband and daughter with the Loaves and Fishes Catholic Worker in Duluth, MN. She is going to jail Februray 23 for a month. She may be reached during that time at: Michele Naar-Obed, Chippewa Falls County Jail, 44 E. Spruce St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729. She'll be there from 2/23 till 3/24, 2004.

LF stands for extremely low frequency waves which are used to communicate with the Trident nuclear submarines and can function in a first strike scenario. Additionally, they are being used in conventional warfare to communicate with fast attack submarines which are capable of launching Tomohawk cruise missiles.

Michele writes:
" The sentencing hearing took place at the Madison Federal District Court with Magistrate Steven Crocker presiding. I was quite surprised by a rather subdued prosecutor who only asked for a sentence of at least 30 days. That was all she said. I spoke at reasonable length about my time in Iraq. I was able to talk about the hideous policies I saw being carried out, i.e. "iron hammer, iron fist, iron grip etc", about standing on the edge of a crater caused by a Tomahawk missile from a sub that may have received orders from the Clam Lake ELF site, and finally about the nuclear policy which includes ELF in its sick plan. I reminded him that all these policies come with a judicial stamp of approval. Next I told him that I would use whatever time given to reflect on more creative ways through nonviolent action and word to change the hearts and minds of the people who continue to carry out these heinous policies as well as protect them. Finally I read a piece from a follower of Gandhi who was a child during the big noncooperation campaign. His memories of his parents and parents of his friends going off to jail was so good and joyful that they could'nt wait to be old enough to go themselves. Then I asked for jail close to home and self surrender since I am still trying to get myself organized to speak about Iraq.

In any case, I will most likely begin my [30 day] sentence on February 23 at a location deemed by the BOP. I won't know where that is for a few weeks yet.

My email address is
Peace, Michele Naar-Obed"

Feb 18 note:

Hi again,
I forgot to add to the email I sent out last night that I met with the Pax Christi Duluth group and we decided to join in the lenten fast in solidarity with the CPT team in Iraq (see CPT website break every yoke lenten fast). Our group will fast every Thursday and will hold a 1/2 hour candle light vigil in front of the St. Scholastica chapel. Folks will hand out informational material about the detainees. We will also contact Bishop Schnurr and ask him to notify all the parish priests in the Duluth dioceses and ask that the victims of this war and the fasters be held in prayer. I will be fasting from jail on Thursdays in solidarity with our group.
For all you Duluthians, please join the Pax Christi group at the vigil on Thursday evenings from 6 - 6:30 pm in front of the chapel (inside the monastary) at St. Scholastica if you can. You don't have to be Catholic!!
For folks outside of Duluth: please look up the fast on the CPT website and see if there is a way you might want to plug in. Thank you everyone for all that you do for peace and justice. Much love, Michele

Hear from AFSC's Iraq Reps Mary Trotochaud and Rick McDowell. Hear this important Aug 3 presentation as MP3 audio or RealAudio. We encourage radio to reply the MP3 - contact us for higher bit rate version. photo © 2002 C. Jenks

"They want their life back." - letter from Baghdad
by Mary Trotoch aud Rick McDowell


July 6 - - Iraq: the Human Toll
Human Toll - Part II - Observer
Letter from Baghdad - Joanne Baker

Robert Fisk predicted guerrilla resistance in Iraq - "My Feeling Is That There Will Be a War - It May Already Have Begun - Against the Americans By the Iraqis" - Read about the seeds of resistance.

Rick McDowell has been to Iraq 16 times.
He remnded us of the Victims of War.

Interview with Iraqis who had been refugees in Saudi Arabia - Laura Covello - with letter to UN High Commissioner for Refugees


photo @2003 Charles Jenks

Khury Petersen-Smith (center) during press conference after formation of Campus Antiwar Network
on January 17, 2003. See photo report on CAN's formation, and visit CAN website. For more history of CAN, see Student Activism page.

Page created February 4, 2004 by Charlie Jenks