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Hear this great program. It is available for dowload for nonprofit use - replay or airing on radio.

Introductions - Harvest Aid and Letter to the Iraqi People with Jo Commerford, Ann Gibson and Randy Kehler.
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Rick McDowell and Mary Trotochaud presentations
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Discussion session
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On November 10 at the First Congregational Church in Sunderland, MA, over 100 people heard Rick McDowell and Mary Trotochaud, AFSC Country Representatives to Iraq, give first-hand accounts to the devastation and uselessness of the war in Iraq, with a slide-show of images from Baghdad. This was part of the New England leg of their national speaking tour. Rick and Mary are past members of the Traprock Peace Center Core Group. photo © 2004 Charles Jenks

Before their presentations, Jo Commerford, Director of the Western Mass office of AFSC, introduced Ann Gibson and Randy Kehler.

Ann discussed the Harvest Aid initiative. Harvest Aid is a grassroots effort which grew out of an apology to Iraqi farmers whose fruit trees were bulldozed by US troops as an act of collective punishment.  Working in collaboration with the Pioneer Valley USO, it has grown into a fundraising campaign for Iraqi farmers and the Pioneer Valley USO.  Its mission has been to help support neighbors near and far who have been hurt by the war.  Lots of local CSAs have participated. 

Randy, who was Traprock's first director in 1979, spoke on the Letter to the Iraqi People campaign - a grassroots Western Mass initiative that has resulted in the collection of over 13,000 signatures from every state on a letter of apology to the people of Iraq. 

Rick and Mary were in Iraq recently and returned during the wave of kidnappings that included foreign aid workers. They showed a moving slide show of the people of Iraq. Rick spoke on the situation in Iraq and called for the end of US occupation now. Mary spoke on the people of Iraq, and the heavy price they have paid due to sanctions and war. An enthralling discussion followed, with Jo moderating.

Co-sponsors included: the Peace and Justice Group of the First Congregational Church of Sunderland, the Harvest Aid working group, the Letter to the Iraqi People working group, Western Massachusetts AFSC and Traprock Peace Center. With gratitude to colleagues at AFSC, Mary McClintock, Ann Gibson, Randy Kehler, Jo Comerford, Roger Conant, Rich Trenholm and other wonderful, committed neighbors pulling this together.

Ann Gibson, Jo Commerford, Randy Kehler and Mary McClintock

Rich Trenholm, past President of Traprock Peace Center, with Mary McClintock. photo © 2004 Charles Jenks


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