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American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Iowa Area Office

Campaign Against War - The University of Iowa

College Greens

Dubuque Committee Against Sanctions

Grinnell Anti-War Alliance

Iowa Committee to End War Crimes Against Iraq

Iowans for Peace with Iraq

Iowa Peace Network

Stop the Arms Race Political Action Committee (STAR*PAC)


No Longer Active:

Campaign Against War - the University of Iowa

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

Central Regional Office and Iowa Area Office
  4211 Grand Avenue

  Des Moines IA 50312
  Tel: 515-274-4851

  Fax: 515-274-2003


  Contact: Kathleen McQuillen *


College Greens - The University of Iowa [Affiliate]

Student Activities Office, IMU

Iowa City, IA  52245

Mission: 1. End sanctions Against Iraq; 2. Stop war with Iraq; 3. Defend Civil Liberties in the US.

Contact: Ethan Grundberg * 


Dubuque Committee Against Sanctions 

c/o Hope House

6764 Mitchell Mill Rd

La Motte, IA 52054

Contact: Rick Mihm or Mary Moody

Tel: 563-584-9300



Grinnell Anti-War Alliance

1201 Park Street

P.O. Box 15-71

Grinnell, Iowa  50112
Tel: 641-269-4039

Contact: Eli Zigas

Meetings: Tuesdays, 9 PM, ARH 120


Iowa Committee to End War Crimes Against Iraq

4211 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50311

Contact: Jeffrey Weiss *

Tel: 515-274-4851 x16


Iowans for Peace with Iraq

SAC, Iowa Memorial Union - The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242



Mission: Organizing local educational events.  Check our website for updates, or send us an e-mail for regular announcements.


Iowa Peace Network

4211 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50312-2423


Contact: Jessica Ireland

Tel: 515-255-7114


Mission: We support resisters for military service, war tax resisters and a variety of other issues, including opposition to the war on Iraq.


Stop The Arms Race * Political Action Committee


1620 Pleasant St.

Des Moines, IA 50314


Tel: 515-282-5111

Fax: 515-282-2141


Contact: Marybeth Gardam Day, Iowa Coordinator

Tel: 515-282-5111 (W) / 515-222-0044 (H) / 515-210-7928 (Cel) 

Contact: Chuck, National Chair

Tel: 515-282-5111 (W) / 515-276-5060 (H)


Mission: STAR*PAC works through political lobbying and promotion of like minded candidates to promote peace and to stand against war and nuclear proliferation. We recently endorsed Dennis Kucinich for President.  We are involved in preparing for the January Iowa Caucus, getting folks ready and trained to participate fully in the caucus process and to stand for peace candidates and make peace an issue.




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