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See George Galloway on this tour! Toronto, Madison, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C.

National Tour Blog - Boston Photo Album

Hear George Galloway's Historic Talk at Boston's Faneuil Hall

“We who live in the United States or Britain, only have to answer one question, do we stand with the occupier, or with those who are resisting colonial occupation.”

“The swamp of hatred that our policies have created in the Muslim world nourish the mutation of hatred that believes killing innocent people in New York or London is somehow a blow against those responsible in our countries for those policies. All we have done be invading and occupying Iraq is increase the number of people who hate us and the intensity with which they hate us.”

“The US and Britain’s unquestioning support for the State of Israel is the flaw that lies at the heart of the West’s attitude toward the Muslim world.”

photos © 2005 Pat Westwater.

Annie Zirin, peace activist from Western Massachusetts, introduced George Galloway and the four speaker who preceded him.

Speaking first was Eriko Nagai, a student with Northeastern Univeristy Campus Antiwar Network chapter. She was followed by Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, Brown University Professor of English Literature William Keach, and Prof. Naseer Aruri of the National Council of Arab Americans.

Hear and download George Galloway's speech (non-commercial use only). Radio airplay is encouraged.

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First photo: Sunny Miller; Traprock Peace Center (local co-sponsor), George Galloway; Alpana Mehta (International Socialist Organization (ISO) and Boston tour coordinator) and Eriko Nagai, student with Northeastern Univeristy Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) chapter; Second Photo: Prof. Naseer Aruri, National Council of Arab Americans. photos © 2005 Pat Westwater


First Photo: William Keach with event staff. Second Photo: Northeastern CAN students raising relief funds. photos © 2005 Pat Westwater.

All U.S. events are sponsored by: The New Press, The Center for Economic Research and Social Change, International Socialist Review, and the National Council of Arab Americans.

Traprock Peace Center co-sponsored the Boston event. Also participating were speakers from the International Socialist Organization and the Campus Antiwar Network.

Traprock and the national sponsors wish to thank Jeff Manzelli. He recorded and edited the audio as our web editor was unavailable. His websites are and

We were in a pinch to find an audiographer for that night, and coming to our aid was Stan Robinson, the radio host with the WZBC News Team, the radio station at Boston College. We also had help from two people affiliated with the North Bridge Chapter of The Alliance for Democracy. See the poster of WZBC's programming.

Photo: Jeff, Stan and Sunny. photo © 2005 Pat Westwater


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