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See also Christopher Pyle at conference

Frank Serpico July 25, 2003 Keynote Address to Civil Liberties Conference -
"Protecting Our Civil Liberties - the Core of Democracy"

"Take back the nation, take back our liberties and our democracy." - Frank Serpico

Avaiable as MP3 Audio (34.15 min) -
48 bit mono (a higher bit or stereo version can be made available if necessary for radio air play. Please contact us at Audio © 2003 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved. Audio may be replayed on radio and websites for non-profit, non-commercial and non-fee generating use with attribution and notice to Charles Jenks at

Serpico's presentation is insightful with humor. He received a well deserved standing ovation at the end. The audio includes brief introductions with several Q's and A's:

Greenfield Community College President Bob Pura introduces Sunny Miller, Executive Director of Traprock Peace Center, who in turn introduces Serpico. He follows his remarks with a few questions and answers. (The questions have been edited out as the audio pick-up was not sufficient - the answers are included). The presentation had mimimal editing, e.g. Pura's introduction was cut short for the sake of time and an extended applause for Serpico at the beginning was shortened. A special Q and A session on July 26th (similar in length to this address) will be available on this page by August 3rd.

Frank Serpico, former NYC detective, whistle blower, and advocate for high principles in public service, gave the Keynote Adrress to the July 25-26 Civil LIberties Confence at Greenfield Community College.

Serpico's story was made famous by the movie titled, "Serpico." As an honest detective in a police department corrupted by kick-backs from drug dealers, he survived a shoot out to testify and try to reform one of the nation's largest offices of law.

He likens corruption that he has battled to corruption in high places that has led the US into a war with Iraq while trampling on the civil liberties of American citizens. He calls for a 'hue and cry' by citizens to "Take back the nation, take back our liberties and our democracy."

Traprock Peace Center and the Greenfield Community College Response Initiative collaborated on a weekend - July 25-26 - civil liberties conference that brought over 140 registered participants for presentations and how-to workshops, followed by a plenary session on action planning. (Photo ©2003 Charles Jenks)

The following groups co-sponsored: Interfaith Council of Franklin County; W. Mass A.C.L.U.; Pax Christi USA; All Soul’s Church Social Action Committee; Conscious Communications Institute; Amherst Human Rights Commission; Peace Development Fund; Charboneau Learning Center; SAGE Committee; World Learning/ School for International Training; WMass A.F.S.C.; Greensboro Justice Fund; Sierra Club - WMass Chapter.

Also available as RealAudio for slow bandwidths -

See for more information on the Conference.

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