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5th National Grassroots Organizing Conference on Iraq - Bloomington, IN

National Grassroots Peace Network -
photos @ 2004 Charlie Jenks and Sunny Miller
May 28-30

The web editor admits that he does not know everyone's name in the photos, which represent only a fraction of this amazing conference. Please pass along suggestions for improving the captions to the web editor. Thank you.

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  Anthony Arnove, editor of "Iraq Under Siege" and "Terrorism and War" Hear his talk.
  Paul George, moderator, Peninsula Peace & Justice Center in Palo Alto, CA
  Dilip Hiro, internationally known author of "Secrets and Lies: Operation 'Iraqi Freedom' and After", "Iraq: In the Eye of the Storm", and many other books. Hear his talk.
  "The True Motives of the War on Iraq"
Panel presentation. You can hear the panel presentations.
Hear this Keynote address. Larry Everest, author of "Oil, Power, and Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda"  Also, Hear his talk on the panel with Anthony Arnove and Dilip Hiro.
Mike Zmolek, national outreach coordinator for the National Grassroots Peace Network - 
Dr. Diane Henshel presented on the panel:   "The Scourge of Depleted Uranium Weapons / Building A Campaign to Abolish DU Weapons".
  Hear and download her presentation on the health and environmental effects of DU.
  Tom Healy, Branches Magzine and writer.
  Hear and download this presentation. Charles Sheehan-Miles, a veteran of Gulf War I, is Executive Director of the Nuclear Policy Research Institute and an author.
Khury Petersen-Smith, RIT and the Campus Antiwar Network, presented at two workshops..
  Timothy Baer was everywhere as a conference host.Bloomington Peace Action Coalition.
  Richard Andrews from Colorado.