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A report of the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan in Japan


Dr. Eisuke Matsui

MD, Gifu Research Institute for Environmental Medicine,

Physician for Respiratory Diseases,


Since about 15 years I have been facing the historical truth of the war of invasion, harsh reality of war crimes and gross violation of human rights by Japan’s government and Emperor’s army before and in World War. I have been joining the Japan’s chemical and biological warfare research. In the early 1990s I became one of the active members of the Citizens’ Committee for the Exhibit of Unit 731 Crimes. The Committee mounted an exhibition detailing Japan’ biological warfare research. The exhibition toured many cities, including my city Gifu, in Japan. More than 400,000 people viewed the exhibit.

Professor Sheldon H, Harris described in his book, Factories of Death –Japanese Biological Warfare 1932-45 and the American Cover-up-(Routledge, London and New York, 1994), as follows; there are a number of international treaties being drawn up that seek to out law biological warfare, and, by implications, involuntary human experimentation. The Unite State, Russia (the former Soviet Union) and Japan are signatories to the various international agreements outlawing human experimentation, and production of biological warfare agents. Nevertheless, both these activities appear to be flourishing today in all three countries, as well as else where in various parts of the world. It appears that human testing, biological and chemical weapons will be part of former President George Bush’s so called new world order for some time to come.

Now, we have to say; it appears that human testing, biological, chemical and new type nuclear (namely depleted uranium) weapons have already been part of President George W. Bush’s so called new world order to come..

In 1991, we were very angry that the Japanese government supported the American invasion and bombing on Iraq. But we could not stop them. In 1992, Mr. Ramsey Clerk declared, “Defendant George Bush is guilty”. The Declaration encouraged us. We thought we could create citizen’s movement for real peace and solidarity in the international community.

The American bombing attack on Afghanistan started on October 7 2001. It is a crime in violence of international law. Afghanistan has been ignored and forgotten over twenty years while its land has been devastated and ruined by wars.

Yet the Bush Administration launched a war on Afghanistan, killing many women and children. Japan’s Self Defense Forces cooperate with the United States by flying air refueling tanker planes.

Professor Akira Maeda (Tokyo Zokei University, Director of Japan Democratic Lawyers Association, Secretary General of Japanese Association for Human Rights of Koreans) gave a speech at the first public hearing the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan held in Tokyo 15 December 2002, as follows ; if anti-war movement of Japan, Asia and the United States join together, sharing the knowledge and experience and act in solidarity, we may be able to clean up corruption and tyranny from the international community and to realize the world of lasting peace and friendship.

Many Japanese people, scientists, lawyers, students, etc. join the citizen’s movement. We have been carrying out 13 public hearing including The 13th Public Hearing in Manila on 9/11/03 Thu.

I gave a testimony on the issue of Heath Effect of Depleted Uranium and other Internal Radiations at The 11th Public Hearing of the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan in Tokai on 7/6/03 Sun. I emphasized especially the internal, chronic, isotopic exposure of depleted uranium, that is to say, nuclear site leukemia, Irish sea coast effect, Chernobyl infants, weapons fallout cancers(including Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s), DU gulf veterans, Iraqi children, and Afghanistan children). Before and after the public hearing, I have been giving lectures on DU for citizens, junior high and high school students several times. I have been introducing to them ECRR 2003 Recommendations of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, because it is very important and essential so that we can act globally on a consensus of opinion against DU.

We are going to held the 2nd and 3rd Tribunals in Tokyo 13 and 14 December 2003.

We are planning to held the International Criminal Tribunal for Iraq next year

See World Uranium Weapons Conference at for conference information and resources and at for downloadable conference audio and photo-album.