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US Navy's Call for New 'Depleted' Uranium Warheads

Report and Analysis by 'Amarie Rosa'
June 11, 2004

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Dahigren Division, Virginia has
just closed its call for expressions of interest by weapons'
developers for designing and testing DU warheads in a wide variety
of warhead technologies: shaped charges, deep earth penetrators, ram-
jet boosted kinetic energy penetrators, tactical battlefield and
strategic CBW defeat weapons. The designer/builder is expected to
develop DU applications in thermonuclear weapons and hyper-velocity
rockets (i.e. that means the J-SSCM which I revealed a few months back, covered by Traprock).
[ ]

"The contractor must have a Radioactive Materials License for
testing of depleted uranium and have a BASTF license."

Testing is comprehensive over all warhead ballistic
configurations: "Fragments, projectiles, continuous rods, shaped
charge, reactive fragments, and blasts".

Testing of 20,000 pound TNT equivalent HE's indicates mini-nuke
testing. Probably in LLNL's soon to be build nuclear explosion
indoor testing laboratory. The program will test reactive fragments
and reactive fragment warheads. "Reactive" is the code word for
intermetallic warheads that react explosively and with high and
prolonged heat when exposed to water, titanium, and hydrogen".

Here we have ample demonstration of the experimentation and advancing
development of several generations of uranium ballasted penetration
warheads, liquid metal and explosively formed penetration warheads,
high explosive-uranium composite warheads, and DU as an integral
component to deep earth fissile penetration ram jet boosted warheads.

A--Weapon Testing Support
XDS11 - Highly classified joint warhead testing program
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Dahlgrn, VA
March 2004

Variants of the HEDP are without doubt uranium rounds:

- 'Amarie Rosa'

[See more on issue of DU in bunker buster warheads at ].

This report first appeared on DU-Watch - you may join the DU-Watch listserv and see it's website at


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