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John Bonifaz on the Downing Street Memo and Investigating a President for High Crimes
"Did the President Lie, and is that not a high crime?"

On July 21, 2005, Attorney John Bonifaz spoke at Traprock Peace Center on Doe v. Bush, the Downing Street Memo, the Outing of Valarie Plame Wilson and holding the Bush Administration accountable for lying about the basis for sending the nation to war. Sunny Miller introduced Bonifaz, lead attorney in Doe v. Bush and co-founder of

"If the President engaged in manipulating intelligence, in fixing the intelligence, in lying to the nation and to the United States Congress, about the basis for going to war against Iraq, then I can think of no higher crime that the President can commit, and that the President should be held accountable for, under the US Constitution."

Bonifaz called for an expansion of the investigation concerning the outing of an undercover CIA agent.

"We ought not to only get to the bottom of whether or not the Bush administration engaged in violations of law with the outing of Valarie Plame Wison. We ought to get to the bottom of the larger scandal. 1700 plus United States soldiers dead, tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians dead, people permanently injured on both sides. That's the larger scandal. And it demands and it cries out for an investigation."

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John Bonifaz Audio Archive

Hear also John Bonifaz on the Failure of Government: The War Powers Clause and the Constitution Today both mp3 and RealAudio Recorded on Staten Island, August 30, 2004.

Hear John Bonifaz talk; 44:51 minutes; 15.5 mb mp3 audio (Real audio version);
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