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Darfur: an open discussion on intervention, regime change & the politics of genocide

On Thursday, July 7th, about 80 people gathered at Smith College for this open forum on Darfur.

Following on the recent "Witnessing Darfur" fundraising event, where different points of view were not presented, panelists offered diverse and challenging perspectives on the crises, exploring the many ethical, moral and political questions behind popular calls for 'humanitarian' intervention and regime change in Sudan.

• Sara Flounders, Co-Director of the International Action Center, NYC, who traveled to Sudan on a fact-finding mission after the bombing of the El Shifa pharmaceutical plant in 1998;
• Dr. Elliot Fratkin, Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Smith College and co-director of Smith's African Studies Program;
• keith harmon snow, independent photojournalist, and human rights and genocide investigator in Africa, with Genocide Watch and Survivor's Rights International in 2004, and the United Nations in 2005;
• Dimitri Oram, writer & researcher on war crimes and the politics of genocide;
• Dr. Enoch Page, Associate Professor of Anthropology at UMass, expert on race theory and the anthropology of genocide.

Hear each speaker - see link to audio below photo. All audio downloads are mp3 files with a bit rate of 64 kbps mono. Audio may be downloaded for radio airplay with notice to Traprock Peace Center and attribution to panelists and program sponsors, and to Traprock Peace Center as producer of the audio program.

Hear the panelists (mp3 files, except as indicated):

Sara Flounders - 19:38 minutes; 9 MB download

Dr. Elliot Fratkin - 16:24 minutes; 7.6 MB - Dr. Fratkin's prepared remarks (doc)

Keith Harmon Snow (presenting a slide show) - 17:38 minutes; 8.1 MB

Dimitri Oram - 16:57 minutes; 7.8 mb

Enoch Page - 17:10 minutes; 7.9 MB

Panel's response to questions - 26:20 minutes; 12.1 MB

Program introduction by Doug Wight - 4:40 minutes; 2.2 MB

Hour long edited version - 59:59; 27.4 MB - (recorded and edited by Ed Russell of Active Ingredients Media)

Sara Flounders © 2006 Charles Jenks

Dr. Elliot Fratkin © 2006 Charles Jenks

Keith Harmon Snow © 2006 Charles Jenks

Dimitri Oram © 2006 Charles Jenks

Enoch Page © 2006 Charles Jenks

Introductions and Moderator:

Doug Wight © 2006 Charles Jenks

Dr. Sigrid Schmalzer © 2006 Charles Jenks

Four panelists listening to Sara Flounders.

About 80 people filled the room at Smith College (more of the audience was seated to the right and rear of this section.)

For more information, visit:

Sponsored by:
The International Action Center of Western MA, The Northampton
Committee to Stop the War In Iraq
, Traprock Peace Center and
Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center

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