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We loaded up the car Thursday after work and drove ten hours to Waco, TX where we had booked a room. After three weeks in the ditch last August, followed by a few months of camping at home courtesy of Hurricane Katrina, we still aren’t yet willing to voluntarily sleep in a tent. After a few hours sleep, we were off down the road to Crawford to reunite with our friends from the Summer of ’05.

We got to the Triangle, the site of Camp Casey I, just as the fourteen volunteer arrestees began the non-violent civil disobedience. Our part time paralegal memorialized the event:

The deputies were pleasant, and, no kidding, even friendly towards the arrestees, many of whom they knew from last summer’s uprising and from the Thanksgiving arrests. It was almost serene. Everyone arrested was home for dinner.

The media has been silent, but there were several arrests of Bush supporters over the weekend, but only three in which we were directly involved. The first was an alleged Marine veteran who appeared on a Harley upon Crawford Peace House property Easter morning using foul language in front of our children and threatening a blind veteran who dared protest the war. The other two were seventeen year old girls who circled the house repeatedly showering people arriving for the Easter service with profane language and obscene gestures.

A couple of quick calls to law enforcement and all went to the slammer on Easter Sunday. Imagine when those little girls' daddies had to travel to Waco to bail their little angels out of jail for obscenity charges relative to an Easter service. So much for the Christian Right, or what?

Annie and I had promised one another that we weren’t going to work on this visit to Camp Casey, but the knuckleheads make it too much fun; it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Law enforcement friends advised that there were other Hitler Youth arrests on charges of obstructing a public highway and drug possession. Good Americans, every one.
The police and sheriff’s deputies continue to act with kindness, tolerance and professionalism. In many ways, and perhaps unwittingly, they were, at least to me, the true heroes of the Peaceful Occupation of Crawford, Texas last summer. They never asked Bush to come to their community and attract all of this weirdness, but they have always been about the coolest cops with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of working.

Who would have thought?

Annie with Crawford Police Officer David Fulford
Crawford Peace House
Easter Sunday, 2006

Lt. Sid Franklin of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office with an admirer
Camp Casey II - Easter Sunday, 2006

It was a great weekend.


Buddy Spell
Covington Peace Project
Covington, LA

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