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Chris Busby, Ph.D., Interviewed at IPPNW, Berlin, Germany May 8, 2004
by Sunny Miller, Director Traprock Peace Center

42:25 minutes

MP3 version (or for dial-up connections, RealAudio version)

See Outline below.

photo © 2004 Charlie Jenks at IPPNW Conference, Berlin, Germany, May 8, 2004

Chris Busby, (UK) obtained a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from the University of London. He has developed the "Second Event Theory" which distinguishes between hazards from external and internal ionizing radiation. He is the scientific secretary of the European Committtee on Radiation Risk ( In 1994 he helped found the Low Level Radiation Campaign, ( and is its scientific consultant and is the director of the environmental consultancy Green Audit ( He is also a member of both the UK Ministry of Defense Oversight Committee on Depleted Uranium ( and the UK government Committee Examining Radiation Risks from Internal Emitters ( See further comment in "The Trojan Horses of Nuclear War, Testimonials-presentations-Resolutions, World Uranium Weapons Conference 2003." Hear also his presentation (mp3) to the World Uranium Weapons Conference and see the audio index of conference presentations.

To include your US city or university in a public speaking tour with Chris Busby on assessing radiation risks,

please contact Sunny Miller, 413 773-7427.


An outline of contents

1. Rates of disease along the seacoast near Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility - Cancer Registry data from 1974-1989 was leaked, before the registry was later sacked. The Irish government paid Busby's group to conduct a health survey in the area.

2. Surface to land transfer of radioactive contaminants increases airborne contamination 1-2 kilometers inland. The health survey found a 10-11-fold increase in leukemia.

3. A 1998 BBC documentary announced the findings.

4. In February 2004, Welch TV produced a documentary on childhood leukemia in north Wales, now showing 15-20-fold increases in childhood cancers of several types.

5. Cover-up attempt - Members of Parliament pressured Wales to challenge the findings. COMARE was set up to investigate the Sellafield leukemia cluster.

6. Choosing peer review or public education

7. Second Event Theory - Our cells normally take on average one hit per year. Naturally occurring radiation and manufactured contamination differ dramatically because concentration levels differ dramatically. Cell damage can initiate replication and cells in the phase of replication are very sensitive to radiation. A concentrated internal source of radiation can produce additional damage during this sensitive phase. A one micron particle of uranium can produce two hits to a cell within this period of about ten hours.

8. The Bystander Effect - Not only the cell hit is affected by radiation. Targeted beam experiments showed that a cell 400 cells away responded with genomic instability. Thirty percent of cells in a community of cells show effects after just one cell is damaged. Think of this as micro-inflammation that can lead to chromosome damage and cancer.

9. Dose / Response relationships - The ICRP accepted risk-model presumes a steady increase in health effects.
In fact the effect is supralinear - like a hog's back, the chart line shows the highest level of damage at very low dose. As radiation dose increases, the death of cells increases, and the damage levels off. Plutonium particles may kill surrounding cells, whereas uranium may damage surrounding cells.

10. Uranium has a high atomic number - 92 electrons. Uranium acts like a magnet to radiation. Depleted uranium is four times more likely to absorb gamma radiation than lead. Like a Barbie doll with flecks of metallic, a person contaminated with uranium particles may attract additional radiation.

11. Epidemiology must be our first clue. Information on cancer incident rate is crucial, so we knock on doors. You only need 4-5 people and a simple questionnaire.

12. New book coming out in September will describe cover-ups. The working title is "Wolves of Water." We've got to take real information to local politicians in affected communities, because they will respond. They have to respond.

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photo © 2004 Sunny Miller

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