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Counter-Recruitment at Unversity of Illinois at Chicago

March 6, 2005

Report from UIC Campus Antiwar

Since the beginning of the semester, UIC Campus
Antiwar has been actively involved in initiating a
campaign to get military recruiters off our campus,
joining forces with other left student groups to form
the UIC Coalition Against War Recruiting. Our main
goals are to raise awareness about imperialist U.S.
wars and occupations while initiating action against
the recruitment of students to fight in them. We also
seek to provide information to potential recruits
about the many non-military alternatives to obtaining
college funding and job skills training.

Last week, we were able to get the ROTC to leave their
table in frustration, after tabling next to them with
signs and informational flyers for about an hour and a
half. The following day, Air Force recruiters held a
Q & A session on the west side?s medical campus to
discuss "career opportunities" for medical students.
We showed up with about 20 people and split our forces
to have a visible presence outside of the building as
well as inside the meeting. Coalition members asked
the recruiters pointed questions about the
discriminatory policies of the military, forced drug
use among military personnel and depleted uranium
risks faced by soldiers in combat.
For our efforts, we got the front page and feature
editorial of The Flame, the student paper. While the
front-page article was a fairly accurate portrayal of
our stance and action, the feature editorial was a
gross mischaracterization. It?s author claimed of us,
?We need attention and the only way we can have it is
to disrupt the steady lives of people attempting to
recruit others to protect our nation.? In response,
we have requested a meeting with the editorial board
to clear up this misunderstanding and started a
campaign of letters to the editor.
Since these actions took place the ROTC has not
bothered to show up at their scheduled weekly table,
so we have taken it over and continue to have a large,
visible presence despite their absence.



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