November 5, 2007: This website is an archive of the former website,, which was created 10 years ago by Charles Jenks. It became one of the most populace sites in the US, and an important resource on the antiwar movement, student activism, 'depleted' uranium and other topics. Jenks authored virtually all of its web pages and multimedia content (photographs, audio, video, and pdf files. As the author and registered owner of that site, his purpose here is to preserve an important slice of the history of the grassroots peace movement in the US over the past decade. He is maintaining this historical archive as a service to the greater peace movement, and to the many friends of Traprock Peace Center. Blogs have been consolidated and the calendar has been archived for security reasons; all other links remain the same, and virtually all blog content remains intact.

THIS SITE NO LONGER REFLECTS THE CURRENT AND ONGOING WORK OF TRAPROCK PEACE CENTER, which has reorganized its board and moved to Greenfield, Mass. To contact Traprock Peace Center, call 413-773-7427 or visit its site. Charles Jenks is posting new material to, a multimedia blog and resource center.

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Student Antiwar Summit
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Thursday, January 20th, 2004

8:30-10:30 pm (after the counter-inaugural demonstration)

Location: The Women's Building, Audre Lord Room

3543 18th St., #8

San Francisco, CA 94110


Campus Antiwar Network will be hosting a summit on the evening of the January 20th counter-inaugural protest in San Francisco. This summit is open to all members of student antiwar organizations as well as students who are not affiliated with any such organizations but who want to become a part of the antiwar movement.


By holding this summit, we are providing an opportunity for students involved in the movement to come together to discuss why we feel that a movement is necessary, what students roles in the past have been in the antiwar struggle, and what we can do as student activists to build the movement. We hope to come out of this event with a stronger idea of what our goals in the movement are, as well as with a unified student plan of action.


Tentative Agenda for Summit:

A. IVAW or Veterans for Peace

-possibly to talk about their experiences, anti-recruitment

B. Introduction to CAN

-about CAN

-why people/Schools should get involved with CAN

C. Upcoming actions

-March 19th/20th

-Stretching relationships with Veterans

-Anti-recruitment and demilitarization


We want to have as much time as possible to allow for discussion amongst all attendees so that we can get a good sense of where the movement is politically,what needs to be done to get campuses more active in the movement, and to create a plan of unified action for all campuses to be a part of. Activists who attend the summit are encouraged to present any other ideas for unified student actions.


If you are interested either in attending the summit or being involved in the organizing for the summit, please contact us as soon as possible. Also, please invite any students who might be interested in attending.


Thank you,

Students Against War

Berkeley Stop the War Coalition


For a history of CAN, see