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Students back from Iraq tell of
horror of war and occupation against Iraq

April 3, 2004

Students Michael Hoffman, Gulf War II veteran, and Khury Petersen-Smith, Campus Antiwar Network representative on delegation to Iraq, relived the daily horrors that Iraqis have faced from the war and occupation. They spoke at the East Coast Regional Conference of the Campus Antiwar Network at Hunter College in New York. Hear and download their talks (mp3 audio). (Radio stations may replay for non-profit use.)

Campus delegates from over 21 schools attended the conference, which hosted workshops and action planning. This conference is among a series of regional CAN conferences taking place this spring. [Visit CAN's website for more information on this and other conferences.] See Conference passed Resolutions, endorsed Actions and Proposals (pdf) made to national CAN.

Michael Hoffman served as an artillery man in the 1st Marine Division during last year' s invasion of Iraq.  Mike is 24 years old, was a Marine for 4 1/2 years, and is a student at Bucks County Community College in Philadelphia.  He returned home in May of last year and has since been speaking out against the war as a member of Veterans for Peace.  He has spoken in Philadelphia and Scranton, PA, Dover, DE, Washington D.C., and Fayetteville, NC.   Michael has appeared on CNN, and has been featured on Japanese, Canadian and German TV.  He has also been the subject of reports in newspapers across the US and around the world.
Khury Petersen-Smith visited Iraq at the beginning of January as part of a peace delegation organized by United for Peace and Justice, Global Exchange and Occupation Watch. A member of the Campus Antiwar Network at the Rochester institute of Technology, Khury spent a week in Baghdad where he talked to families whose loved ones have been detained or killed in the U.S. occupation--as well as students, professors, labor leaders, doctors, lawyers, U.S. soldiers and others. With this unique perspective of being able to travel Iraq in early 2004 and talk with people whose voices are not being heard, Khury sheds light into dark areas not explored by the U.S. media.

Kathleen Brown, CAN Coordinating Committee member from the University of Vermont, moderated the presentations.

The presentations followed these educational workshops

*Occupation is Not Liberation: The State of Iraq Today

* The Antiwar Movement and the 2004 elections

*Palestine, Israel and the Antiwar Movement

* Lessons from Vietnam: How do We End War?

* United Nations: In or Out of Iraq?

During the morning session, Khury presented at the workshop: Occupation is Not Liberation: The State of Iraq Today. You can listen to and download his presentation (mp3 file). You can also hear and download his previous Interview with Sunny Miller and read Khury's report End Occupation (pdf).

Over 50 students, as delegates from 21 campuses (2 delegates per campus) convened at the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) Northeast Regional Conference in New York City. See photoalbum of this conference

April 5, 2004 - page created by Charlie Jenks; all photos © 2004 Charlie Jenks and Campus Antiwar Network (CAN).