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Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) in Paris and St. Petersburg

Kathleen Brown, CAN coordinating committee, addreses Paris demonstration on May 20, 2004. Brown and Katrina Yeaw, CAN CC, met with European and Algerian students after participating in an international conference in St. Petersburg. More photos below. (Paris photos © 2004 Katrina Yeaw, St. Petersburg photo © 2004 Charlie Jenks.)

The Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) has achieved international recognition as the network of US campus organizations that have opposed war on Iraq and the occupations of Iraq and Palestine.Over the past year, CAN has been invited to participate in the European Social Forum in Paris (Monique Dols and Tim Kaldas represented CAN), the World Social Forum and an Occupation Watch mission to Iraq (Khury Petersen-Smith went to Iraq - you can listen to his interview here and his June 19, 2004 presentation with Rania Masri.) Euopean and Asian student activists have addressed national CAN conferences. Last year, Omar Waraich of Students Stop the War in the UK gave the keynote address. The potential for this international networking of the European and US student movements was recognized early, as Jeremy Corbyn, British Labour MP, gave the keynote address at the bi-coastal organizing conference in DC on January 17, 2003, and Helen Salmon of the National Union of Students (UK) and the Stop the War Coalition (UK) participated as an 'ambassador' of the British student movement.

Kathleen Brown being interviewed for a French college radio station.

Kathleen Brown with Algerian students in Paris.

Katrina Yeaw (front right kneeling) and Kathleen Brown with international participants of seminar on occupation of Palestine, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) (website down temporarily for maintenance as of June 21) has

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