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Campus Antiwar Network: Since November 2, 2004, members of the newly formed CIty College of New York CAN chapter has banished military recruiters from campus - causing them to leave TWICE! Thanks to Elizabeth Wrigley-Field of CAN for directing us to the photos and providing the report on the action. Please see for current information. Photos downloaded from

See report on first (of two) actions at CUNY below.

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Recruiters Off Campus

Socialist Worker

By Justino Rodriguez

ANTIWAR ACTIVISTS at City College New York sent an “unwelcome” message
to military recruiters on November 4: Get off our campus!

It all began when a few students set up a table next to two military
recruiters who consistently come to Club Day in their search for fresh
blood for Washington’s wars. They circulated a petition to permanently
bar the recruiters from campus. They also placed signs around the
rotunda detailing the statistics about the poverty draft in the U.S.

The group of three students soon grew to 10. Within half an hour, they
had gathered more than 100 signatures, and dozens of students had
joined in to confront the recruiters by chanting anti-military
recruitment slogans. They were joined by a table of medical students
for universal health care, who lent their microphone to help speak out
against the recruiters.

With a crowd gathering, the military recruiters--visibly intimidated--
had no choice but to pack up and leave after just 30 minutes.

A chant of “The students united will never be defeated!” rose up, and
students vowed to oppose the recruiters every time they tried to step
foot on campus. Afterwards, students met to discuss forming a
coalition to permanently bar the recruiters from campus.