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See note below on subway station closing


On January 20, 2005 students and youth will protest the

inauguration of George W. Bush in locations all over the

country. As Bush takes the oath of office for his second

presidential term on January 20, 2005, thousands of people

will protest BushÕs war and right-wing agenda. As he rides

his limousine down Pennsylvania Avenue, he and the world

will hear our message: ŌBush is not our President.Ķ


The Campus Antiwar Network will participate in the

counter-inaugural activities in both Washington DC and San

Francisco, and urges everyone who can to come out to make

this big, visible and loud. We will join thousands of others

to send a message against the continuing war on the Iraqi

and Palestinian people, and to demand money for schools and

jobs not war and military recruitment in our schools.


Washington DC:


The DC Anti-War Network (DAWN) has called for a permitted

anti-war rally and march from Malcolm X Park to the parade

route. Since the Inaugural parade doesnÕt start till 2:30,

this DC area coalition is hoping that the march can be an

exciting way to kick off the day by marching through the

city. CAN folks who are getting into town before 11:15 AM

will meet up at the park and join the march, and go from the

march to the parade route. ANSWER has gotten a protest

permit for 4th St and Pennsylvania Ave.  This is the start

of the parade route, where there is a lot of open space.

Look for the CAN table at both locations.




9:00 AM Malcolm X Park- 16th and Euclid Sts NW--nearest to U

Street and Columbia Heights Metro Stations Directions: Get

on the Metro and get onto the Green Line. Get off at the

Columbia Heights Metro stop. When you walk out of the Metro,

you will be at the corner of 14th and Irving. Go West along

Irving until you run into 16th St, and then take a Left onto

16th. In just a few blocks you will be at the corner of 16th

and Euclid, go into the park and there is the protest. For

more details see bottom of email for logistics for out of

town arrivals from DAWN organizers.


11:15 AM. Permitted march towards the White House down 16th

Street and ending at McPherson Square Park (15th & I Sts) by

approximately at 12:30 PM.  Feeder marches organized by

other groups will join the DAWN march at points along

16th Street.




4th St and Pennsylvania Ave on the North side of Penn - On

the parade route at only a couple blocks south of the DAWN

marchÕs end point. The Inaugural Parade doesnÕt start until

2:30 so we should have plenty of time to get to the parade

from the end of the DAWN march.



CALL CHRISTIAN AT 202-212-3113 to try to hook up with the



*Helpful info from the DAWN list for people coming to DC

from out of town:


The place to park buses is RFK Stadium in DC. The cost to

park a bus is $30 per bus. Then, people will need to take

the Metro from the Stadium/Armory Metro Station. They can

take either a blue line (direction of Franconia/Springfield)

or an orange line (direction of Vienna) to L'Enfant Plaza

Metro, where they will switch to a Green Line train

(direction of Greenbelt). From there, they take that to U

Street. Exit at the 13th Street Exit, walk down U Street to

15th Street. Take 15th Street up a hill to Malcolm X Park

(also known as Meridian Hill Park). The entire trip from RFK

will take an additional 35 minutes.


We are working to see whether people can drop off  near

Malcolm X Park directly and then park at RFK. That would be

preferable. It will be part of our discussions with the Park



If you are traveling by car, let me know, because the

logistics should be different for that.


Malcolm X Park is a huge park along 15th and 16th Streets,

and bordered on the north by Euclid Street. We will be in

the upper level of the park. It's official name is Meridian

Hill Park, and that's where you will find it on maps. The

march will go down 16th Street and end at McPherson Square,

approximately at 12:30 PM, where people can do what they



There is also a mass die-in action, details to come. In any

event, from the parade route, there are several places to

access the Metro System back to the Stadium/Armory Metro.

Most likely, you will be near Federal Triangle or Metro

Center, which both have easy rides back.


There is no bus parking at Metro Stations, though buses may

certainly drop you off at one. We expect to have greeters at

RFK Stadium, U Street, and Columbia Heights Metro. We may

also have them at Dupont Circle (which is also walking

distance...albeit a bit Malcolm X Park).


Groups from out of town should make sure they have listed

their ride listings on


We also encourage groups that can to come the night before, and

we will help groups arrange their housing needs.


For those traveling by car and arriving the day of our

event, please consider parking at the following Metro



-From I-95 and points South, please consider the

Franconia/Springfield Metro.

-From I-66, the Vienna Metro

-From I-95, Baltimore and points North, the Greenbelt Metro

-From I-270 and points north and west, the Shady Grove Metro

-From U.S. 50 and points east, the New Carrolton Metro.


All of these metros have plenty of parking.


Those traveling by train will arrive in Union  Station,

which is accessible directly to the red line Metro, not too

many stops away.


If you are flying, there are buses and shuttles directly

from Dulles and BWI to Metro Stations. National Airport is

on the Blue and Yellow Lines.


The Metro system is easy to use. For more information, see


We'd strongly suggest arriving early, if you can, because of

possible issues with weather, and because of the early

nature of the events. Don't assume that you will not be able

to find housing.


It's also a weekday in DC, which can lead to heavy issues

with traffic. While some are calling for a general strike,

we don't expect that will take root in DC. Assume that there

will be heavy traffic.


Please direct questions to me at


See index to history of the Campus Antiwar Network at

Several Metrorail stations will be closing for this week's Inauguaration,
but the rest of the system will stay open longer.

Metro plans on Thursday to close the Smithsonian station and the Archives-Navy Memorial station from 5 am until 5 pm. The agency also will close the Mount Vernon Square-7th Street Convention Center station from 3 pm until 1 am. The Judiciary Square station will close its F ST. entrance from 5:30 pm until 1 am.
The subway system will stay open until 3 am to carry partygoers home from inaugural balls. It will charge off-peak fares on the big day and parking will be free at its lots. (AP)
 Sheri Pegram