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"Bring the Troops Home Now! Students Organizing Against the US Occupation of Iraq"
at the Boston Social Forum, July 24, 2004

"Students have always played a vital role in organizing against war-- and since the US launched its wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, we've been an important part of the new anti-war movement. Where is the anti-war movement headed and how can we build a stronger activist network on our campuses? This meeting featured a panel of student anti-war leaders and two hours of presentations, brainstorming, discussion, and organizing." Campus Antiwar Network

Hear the panel:
Presentations (mp3 - 1:05:04 min; 22.4 mb) or RealAudio for dialups
Discussion (mp3 - 28:02 min; 9.7 mb) or RealAudio.

Moderator: Amir Salem, Campus Antiwar Network

Presenters (in order of speaking):
*Mike Hoffman
recently returned from active duty in Iraq (Marines). He is a founding member of Iraq Veterans Against War and a member of Veterans for Peace and Campus Antiwar Network.
*Emily Goldstein,
is a member of the Campus Antiwar Network national Coordinating Committee.
*Khury Petersen-Smith,
Campus Antiwar Network and International Socialist Organization. Khury recently went with a peace delegation to Iraq as a representative of the US student movement.
*Mike GW - National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC)

Sponsored by the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) and International Socialist Organization (ISO)

Click on thumbnail to see large image and navigate using arrows at upper right of large image. Photos and video © 2004 Charlie Jenks 7/24/04

  Amir Salem and Emily Goldstein. Emily is a member of CAN's national coordinating committee.
Mike Hoffman and Mike GW 
  Mike, as an Iraq war veteran who recently returned from Iraq, spoke on the war.
This panel of student experts featured two students who have been to Iraq, one as a warrior and the other as a witness to war and occupation; and two national student organizers. 
  The workshop filled the room with 40 participants.
  Joe Knott, a CAN organizer of the workshop.
  Khury Petersen-Smith spoke on the occupation of Iraq. Khury visited Iraq earlier this year.
  Emily spoke on student organizing. See video - MOV (893 kb - quicktime) for slower connections or AVI (10.48 mb - windows media) for broadband.
 Mike GW of NYSPC spoke on students working together, as with upcoming events in NYC.
  Amir Salem moderated the panel and audience discussions.