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National Student Counter-Recruitment Conference
October 22-23 at UC-Berkeley

Sponsored by the Campus Antiwar Network

The last year has seen an amazing surge of counter-recruitment efforts
on campuses across the country - with students kicking recruiters off
campuses from Seattle Central Community College and UC-Santa Cruz on
the West Coast, to Southern Connecticut State University and City
College of New York on the East Coast, and a whole host of schools in

Students have found myriad ways of taking the military to task for the
lies it tells us, for the bigotry of its 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' policy,
and most of all, for asking our generation to become cannon fodder in
an occupation the majority of Americans oppose. As young people
increasingly reject being recruited, according to Major General Michael
Rochelle, the US Army's recruiting commander, "Today's conditions
represent the most challenging conditions we have seen in recruiting in
my 33 years in this uniform."

It's time for students to figure out how to take this movement even
further. This October, join hundreds of college and high school
students from around the country as we discuss and debate the future of
this movement -- and plan to reclaim our schools from recruitment for
an unjust war.

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