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CAN 4th Annual National Conference
(and On the Frontlines Counter-Recruitment
Conference with MOOS-Bay)

Photo-Album - Day 1
Campus Antiwar Network Conference at Berkeley drew over 650 people. (more audio coming - see audio/video on right)

Dennis and John moderating discussion
during CAN session. photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

Peter Camejo giving keynote address to combined conference. photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

The conference was both a counter-recruitment conference (co-sponsored with MOOS-Bay) and CAN's 4th annual national conference, held in joint and separate sessions with many workshops.

Student delegates voting at CAN's 4th annual national conference. The photo album of the CAN sessions are coming. photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

Minutes of CAN national conference - Oct 22-23, Berkeley

Student antiwar activists chart way forward
Michael Smith


Elizabeth Wrigley-Field (CAN) and Aimee Allison bring delegates to their feet at CAN Conference.

photo © 2005 Charles Jenks
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field was elected to CAN's national Coordinating Committee. Hear her talk on the counter-recruitment and ending this war and occupation. MP3 - 11:51 min; 5.5 mb; 64 kbps mono. She was introduced by Charles Peterson, Holyoke Community College.

Our generation won't go workshop
Hear CAN students & veterans speak out
mp3 1:06:30; 22.9 mb; 48 kbps mono

photo © 2005 Charles Jenks
Aimee Allison is a veteran, a conscientious objector and a leader in the counter-recruitment movement. We will post her entire talk along with talks by other conference speakers. In the meantime, watch a Quicktime video clip of her terrific talk.2:55 min; 5.1 mb.

"On the Frontlines Counter-Recruitment
and CAN 4th Annual National Conference

UCAL/Berkeley - October 22-23, 2005

San Francisco photo-album of 9/24 "College Not Combat - Relief not War" contingent

DC march photo-album of 2000 strong "College Not Combat - Relief Not War" contingent.

Self-Determination and Unity in the Antiwar Movement|
CAN Statement - July 29, 2005

Post Conference Actions at SFSU and Kent State
(see also counter-recruitment blog)

UPDATED - See Page 7

Kent State: "Hands Off Dave!"

Sign Petition --- Send letter of Support

Hear his talk - mp3 audio

or read transcript NEW

David Airhart, veteran and Kent State student, speaking in Chicago on November 5th, describes murder and routine shooting of civilians in Iraq and prisoner abuse at Guantanamo

©2005 Charles Jenks

Dave Airhart, student and Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, unfurling "Kent Ohio 4 Peace" banner on top of climbing rock wall erected by military recruiters at Kent State.

© 2005

"Not only should Mr. Airhart not be fined,
suspended or expelled for his heroic act, but he should be given some kind of commendation from the college administration." Cindy Sheehan

Kent State Antiwar Coalition students. Click photo or here for large version.
© 2005 Charles Jenks

Dave Airhart in Combat

Photo courtesy of David Airhart

Defend David Airhart and free speech at Kent State University. David is a member of the Kent State Antiwar Coalition, a chapter of the Campus Antiwar Network.

SFSU Students, a day after campus protest, line up to 'question' recruiters

See SFSU report and photos

photo from Kristin Anderson, SFSU/CAN

See Kent State repression report

BMCC VP, inspired by CAN action, evicts recruiters from Campus

Report and Photos of recruitment protest at RIT

September 29, 2005
Holyoke Community College Student Pepper Sprayed by Campus Police during counter-recruitment protest. Activists coast to coast support students.

Charles Peterson, CAN student activist, after being maced by campus police during non-violent counter-recruitment protest at HCC.

After being attacked by police, activist was banned from campus with no due process. He is now back on campus. (Read updates in blog.)

More photos.

September 24, 2005
2000 join CAN call for "College Not Combat - Relief Not War" contingent in DC; 500 join in San Francisco

See 198 Photos of DC March

© 2005 Charles Jenks

San Francisco Photo-Album.

San Francisco's student contingent. © 2005 Campus Antiwar Network

July 15, 2005 - Counter-Recruitment
SFSU sued for violating student rights

Students Speak Out on Military Recruitment
Campus Antiwar Network workshop
Chicago, July 3, 2005

Hear and download (mp3) this great workshop by students, for students.


Jorge Torres (moderator), with presenters Hadas Thier,
Elizabeth-Wrigley Field, and Katrina Yeaw.
photos © 2005 Charles Jenks

CAN on Counter-Recruitment

See also CAN Flyer - (doc)

Counter-Recruitment Gaining Strength as
Military Recruiters Target Campus Activists

March 15, 2005 - Hadas Thier & Katrina Yeaw

CAN Commentary

July 9, 2005
College Not Combat Report
Kristin Anderson

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field (NYU/CAN)
photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

A New Battleground on Campuses (pdf version)
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

Desmond Gadfrey - photo © 2004 Charles Jenks

"Recruiters Off Our Campus!"
March 11, 2005 - Desmond Gadfrey

Repression 101: SFSU Sanctions Students
June 9, 2005 - by Katrina Yeaw and Alex Schmaus

Defending Our Right to Protest
June 12, 2005 - Monique Dols


CAN Actions and Reports

Call for 9/24 Counter-Recruitment March

Repression 101: SFSU Sanctions Students

Newspaper Open Letter
Supporting SFSU Students (pdf)

"City College Four" Reinstated; criminal charges remain.

photo by Jake Kornegay; more images at


On-Line Petition
for SFSU students

April 11

Report on April 5th Counter-Recruitment by
CAN, BAUAW and AFSC at GW High School

April 9
CAN Counter-Recruitment
Conf - San Fran

April 8th stategy meeting at CCNY

Defend CCNY Activists flyer (pdf)

March 29, 2005
SFSU Administration Demands Secret Meetings
to Threaten Students (pdf) (doc)



CAN Actions and Reports

CIA Cancels Recruiting Event
in face of CAN protest at NYU

NYU Students Keep CIA at Bay - Amy Odell

© 2005 Washington Square News

© 2005 Charles Jenks

CAN made the first call by an independent national stdent network for a student contingent to the March 19. 2005 march in Fayetteville, NC. The large student and youth participation formed an exclamation point to the Campus Week of Resistance, Shown here are CAN organizers Christian Wright (GW), Catherine Geary (UNC-Wilmington) and Desmond Gadfrey (GSU). Catherine was the student outreach coordinator for the march and rally.

See photo-album of march and audio index and photos of rally.

March 1 - Student and Youth Contingent announced for March 19th Fayettville, NC Antiwar March.

March 16, 2005

Defend Free Speech at SFSU

March 15 - College Not Combat - San Francisco

March 9, 2005
SFSU Students Protest Military Recruitment
with photo album


Photos © 2005 Josh On.

CAN Leads Campus Protests Coast to Coast
Against War and Military Recruitment

March 18 - DemocracyNow! interviews CAN organizers and CCNY staff person on counter-recruitment, campus resistance and free speech.

Week of Campus Resistance - March 14-18, 2005 - CAN launches campaign with and Global Resistance Network.

March 17, 2005 - Protesting Military Recruiters Leads to Arrests at City College - Amsterdam News

March 17 - Action Plan and March 17 Protest - Defend Free Speech at City College, NY

March 16 - Hunter Day of Action against the war in Iraq & military recruiters on campus - New York City

Click on image to download full size

Update - CUNY students arrested - claim brutality by campus police

March 15 - Counter-Recruitment Gaining Strength as Military Recruiters Target Campus Activists by Hadas Thier & Katrina Yeaw (also published by Counter-Punch)

March 15 - Report from Southern CT State University Antiwar Coalition

March 8, 2005 - "Why we say, Bring the Troops Home Now" - CAN pamphlet (pdf) - produced by NYU students

March 6, 2005 - University of Illinois in Chicago students report on counter-recruitment

January 20, 2005
Students at Seattle Central Community College (CAN) to Recruiters: "No more war, leave our school."

AP photo - Ted S. Warren

Download CAN Flyer on SCCC action

San Francisco Chronicle report

Feeling a Draft? Poor Kids vs. Pentagon - Village Voice

"Campus Action" Vol. II, No. 2
Journal of the Campus Antiwar Network
Special Counter-Inaugural Edition (pdf)

photo courtesy of Katrina Yeaw

"Campus Action" Vol. II, No. 1 (pdf)
December 15, 2004

See CAN Counter-Inaugural planning
DC and San Francisco

Interviewing the Student Antiwar Movement
December 27, 2004



Monique Dols, Desmond Gadfrey, Josh Karpoff and Kathleen Brown, present or past CAN Coordinating Committee members. photos © Charles Jenks

Hear Monique and Kathleen's June presentation at the
Socialism 2004 conference in Chicago -
"The UN and the Myth of International Community."

Campus Antiwar Network website

100 Student Organizers meet at
CAN 3rd National Conference
Pace University, NY, Nov 13-14, 2004

Sam Swenson (Wisconsin) and Tom Arabia (Northeastern), CAN CC members, in front. Click on photo to see larger image. See Day 1 Photos, with audio sessions.
photo © 2004 Charlie Jenks

Call for campuses to mobilize for January 20. Students "Redoubling" national efforts - opposing occupation of Iraq and Palestinian Land.

CAN student organizers

Jane Hong (past CC member) , Emily Goldstein (past CC) and Christian Wright. AP photo of Jane; other photos © 2004 Charles Jenks

CAN student organizers

Rachael Whitley (current CC), Elizabeth Wrigley-Field and Sherri Pegram (past CC) photos © 2004 Charles Jenks

See Audio and Photos
of CAN National Conference

David Dashefsky, CAN CC member, (SUNY) Geneseo, speaking at CAN 3rd national conference. photo © 2004 Charles Jenks

CAN students at CUNY banish military from campus - twice! - first on November 4, 2004.

Students from the new CAN member organization at the City College of New York have kicked military recruiters off campus -- TWICE! They did this for the first time on November 4th.

See photo album and media report. Thanks to Elizabeth Wrigley-Field for directing us to photos and report.

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Here, we present an index to the history of CAN from October 26, 2002 to the present. There is much that is not included, such as coverage of regional CAN conferences in other parts of the US (we're in the Northeast), and CAN's highly successful campus speaking tours (coordinated with partners such as the Muslim Students Association). We encourage people to visit for upcoming events, resources and information about CAN. Please consider ways to uplift this independent, democratic and grassroots student antiwar network. Special thanks to Katrina Yeaw, Kirstin Roberts, Emily Goldstein, Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Monique Dols, Desmond Gadfrey, and Phil Gasper for giving suggestions on content, contributing photographs or sending writings.


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