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Caecilie Buhmann, interviewed at IPPNW, Berlin, Germany May 8, 2004
by Sunny Miller, Director Traprock Peace Center

11:30 minutes

MP3 version (or for dial-up connections, RealAudio version)

photo © 2004 Charlie Jenks

Caecilie B. Buhmann is a fifth year medical student from Denmark. She is the immediate past international student representative to the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War IPPNW Board of Trustees, a member of IMCC - Denmark (, the Standing Committee On Refugees and Peace (SCORP) and a primary organizer with the IPPNW student movement.

At the IPPNW international conference in Berlin, May 8-9, 2004, she presented to the conference on the Nuclear Inheritance Projekt - IPPNW Students for a Nuclear Free World. She then gave workshops concerning the Nuclear Interitance Projekt - "Health and Security Policies - what do they have to do with each other?" and "Crash Couse in Nuclear Weapons Basics and Medical Consequences."

Traprock attended the Health and Security Policies workshop - see the photoalbum, It was a dynamic workshop where students, working in teams, developed strategies for international health and security in a nuclear free world.

photo © 2004 Charlie Jenks

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