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Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

The BRussells Tribunal - People vs. Total War Incorporated

April 14-17, 2004

The BRussells Tribunal convened to question the New Imperial World Order, as envisioned and waged by the United States. The tribunal was a hearing on the "Project for the New American Century." Selected audio of testimonies is provided below. Visit the BRussells Tribunal website at to read the Conclusions of the Commission, and for more information.

"The BRussells Tribunal [was] a hearing committee composed of academics, intellectuals and artists in the tradition of the Russell Tribunal, set up in 1967 to investigate war crimes committed during the Vietnam War. The hearing [was] scheduled for 14-17th April 2004 at The Beursschouwburg and Les Halles in Brussels. It [was] presided by Professor François Houtart, one of the founding fathers of the World Social Forum in Porto Allegre. It [was] directed against the war in Iraq and the Imperial war policies of the Bush II administration. Its main focus [was] the ‘Project for the New American Century’, the think tank behind this war, in particular three of the co-signatories of the mission statement: Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, as they are the physical link between the discourse and the brutal practice of the New Imperial World Order as designed by PNAC." - tribunal website

Commission (not left to right): François Houtart, Prof. Emeritus UCL, director of Centre Tricontinental; Pierre Klein, prof. International Law at ULB; Ludo Abicht, Prof. Emeritus UA, author; Samir Amin, author and director of "Forum du Tiers Monde"; Denis Halliday, Former UN assistant secretary general to Iraq; Sabah Al Mukhtar, president of the Arab Association of Democratic Lawyers; Nawal El Saadawi, medical doctor and novelist

See also the World Tribunal for Iraq at The next Iraq Tribunal is scheduled for New York City on May 8, 2004. See

Select Audio of Testimonies
(in order of appearance, with questions by prosecution and defense)

Please Note: all audio is freely available for download and replay; we encourage radio stations to play these important programs. Attribution only requested.
Marion Marion Küpker, International Coordinator, Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen
, recorded audio and took photos; Charlie Jenks edited audio and photos.

Sara Flanders: "The power comlex:" the ties of PNAC members with the oil industry.

70:16 minutes - play and download mp3 audio (24.12 mg) for broadband; or play RealAudio (8.42 mg) for dial-up connections.

Michel Collon: The Global War has begun: the neocon blueprint of wars to come.

64:17 minutes - play and download mp3 audio (22.1 mg) for broadband; or play RealAudio (7.7 mg) for dial-up connections.

Hans Von Sponeck: "Pre-emptive strike:" the war against Iraq, the UN and international law.

65:44 minutes - play and download mp3 audio (22.6 mg) for broadband; or play RealAudio (7.88 mg) for dial-up connections.

For biographical information on witnesses, commissioners, prosecution and defense, visit the BRussells Tribunal website.

Prosecution and Defense

Karen Parker, Jean Bricmont, Tom Barry and Jim Lobe

More Photographs and information at BRussells Tribunal website.

May 3, 2004 - page created by Charlie Jenks; photos and audio recorded by Marion Küpker, International Coordinator, Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen; photos and audio edited by Charlie Jenks.