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December 15, 2004

Bloomington City Council Passes Resolution on Vote Irregularities

Last night, the Bloomington Common Council made Bloomington the second
municipality in the United States (after Eureka, California!) to pass a
resolution of concern about the 2004 vote. The resolution calls for
auditable and verifiable voting, investigation of reports of voter
intimidation, and recounts and investigations "to ensure that the voter
tally is accurate and true."

The vote was 5-0. (Please see the text below.)

This wonderful initiative would not have been possible without the
leadership of Council members Dave Rollo (who introduced it), Chris Gaal,
Andy Ruff, and Steve Volan. We appreciate the courage of these outstanding
elected officials, who do so much to make our ideals a reality in this

There were also excellent presentations by activists in BPAC's Committee for
the Preservation of Democracy, including Cindy Hoffman (who made the case in
specific and convincing detail), Gretchen Clearwater, Linda Zambanini, Cedar
Spring, and Jim Hart. Thanks also to others who came to show their support.

David Keppel
Bloomington, IN 47404-3367


WHEREAS, the right to vote and have one's vote counted is a
fundamental right and the lifeblood of our democracy; and

WHEREAS, a democratic, transparent and fair election protects this
right by restoring integrity to the electoral process; and

WHEREAS, throughout the nation, instances of electronic voting
machine errors have caused many Americans to question both the integrity of
such machines and the ability of these machines to guarantee that every vote
cast is counted; and

WHEREAS, voter disenfranchisement has been reported in our
neighboring State of Ohio in the November 2004 election; and

WHEREAS, electronic voting machines have produced tally errors in at
least four Indiana counties in the November 2004 election, and

WHEREAS, a voting system without a verifiable audit trail gives no
assurance to voters that every vote cast is counted and has no utility for
verification by means of a recount; and

WHEREAS, electoral boards and commissions who do not make their
procedures transparent to the public cast doubt on the validity of the
electoral process; and

WHEREAS, proprietary codes used by electronic voting machines to
record vote tallies
undermine electoral transparency and offer no guarantee that such machines
are immune from infiltration and manipulation; and


SECTION I. It is incumbent upon those who administer elections to
ensure that the electoral process is democratic, fair and transparent.

SECTION II. Each citizen has a right to affirm that her/his vote is

SECTION III. An auditable voting trail must be generated in order for a
meaningful recount to occur, if necessary.

SECTION IV. We endorse the principles articulated by the U.S. Congress
in H.R. 2239, "The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of

SECTION V. Secret, proprietary software codes in voting machines are
antithetical to the democratic processes and should be disallowed.

SECTION VI. Reports of voter intimidation and disenfranchisement in
States such as Florida and Ohio should be investigated, and if verified, a
criminal investigation should ensue.

SECTION VII. Recounts proceed, and investigations are undertaken to
ensure that the vote tally is accurate and true.

SECTION VIII. We call upon all jurisdictions to ensure that all votes are
counted in the November 2004 election and in all future elections.

December 16, 2004 - page created by Charlie Jenks