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September 23, 2004

Ben Sherman on Conscientious Objection


Hear his interview with Sunny Miller - 39:12 minutes; mp3 audio for radio play, 13.5 mb; RealAudio version for slower connections.

Ben Sherman, conscientious objector, was interviewed by Sunny Miller for Traprock Peace Center on Sept 21, 2004. Sherman is the author of MEDIC, published by Random House. Ben Sherman lives in Washington state and visited about 18 history and social studies classes last spring to talk about the realities he faced as a medic, drafted against his will, on the ground in Vietnam. He is a member of Veterans for Peace.

His first week "in country" was spent preparing bodies for shipment in body bags. On his first outing in Vietnam, a platoon boarded a boat headed up the Mekong River. As each green-clad man boarded, Sherman noted the rifles they carried. He carried gauze; could he be the only soldier in the world not wearing a gun?

Sheman notes that 17-year-olds want to make up their own minds -- one visit from him isn't likely to change lives. But his line of questioning might. He urges students to consider why the military requires a 4-6-year commitment, with no option of resigning if the recruiters promises are not fulfilled. As he put it, would you sign up to work at Burger King, if quitting would land you in jail?

For people discovering their own objections to war while in the fields of battle, Sherman urges they accept responsibility for the killing they have done. The dreams and memories don't stop, whether you were in a war zone happy to be shooting, or in a war zone to patch up the wounded. The choices one has already made don't go away, but we can also take responsibility for the turning points in our lives.

He recommends you know the position that your commander takes regarding people who refuse to participate in something that becomes unconscionable.

To catch Ben Sherman on one of his book-signing tours, see his schedule at

Sunny Miller, Executive Director

[Photo above: Ben Sherman unfurling roll of US soldiers killed in Iraq. He addressed the assembled members of Veterans for Peace and guests at Fanuil Hall, Boston, July 23, 2004. See photo-album of evening's events. Photos © 2004 Charlie Jenks and Sunny Miller]


As part of his educational program on conscientious objection, Sheman distributes photos with capsule biographies, e.g, local newspaper stories, of soldiers who have been killed in Iraq. These are very effective, he says, in teaching young people about the realities of war.

For more resources on why you object to war, see and hear about the unfolding tragedy of uranium weapons, at You can find many links to other groups, check the calendar, or post your meetings on conscientious objection on the calendar.

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In Western Mass, a Counter-Recruitment community group meets the first Tuesday of the month at First Churches (basement) on Main Street, Northampton, MA beginning at 6:30pm. Call Western Mass AFSC for more information: 584-8975.

September 23, 2004 - page created by Charlie Jenks; photos © 2004 Charlie Jenks and Sunny Miller