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Army of None

Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

See over 200 photos of Jan 27 march.

Ending the Iraq War and Occupation
January 27, 2007 (after the march on the Capitol)
at Busboys and Poets, Washington, DC

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Son of Nun on Katrina; © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved - Kelly Dougherty; © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved


Anthony Arnove; © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved

These videos are also at YouTube.

Audio (MP3) Download of entire program - 1:20:54 length - 80 kbps mono - 46.4 mb

Andy Shallal, owner of Busboys and Poets - co-sponsor), and Pamela Pinnock, Events Manager, introduced the program and served as hosts to an overflow audience, with people sitting on the stage; © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved

Michele Bollinger, International Socialist Organization (co-sponsor), served as moderator; © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved

Son of Nun is a Baltimore city high school teacher, organizer, activist, and poet. S.O.N. doesn't just entertain his crowds he empowers them.- see the video above of "Katrina" and hear the mp3 download above for all three works; © 2007 Eric Ruder; all rights reserved

Kelly Dougherty,, in a moving, personal message that give a glimpse of the everyday tragedy of this war, recounted her experiences as a US national guard MP in Iraq. She gave witness to the miseries endured by the Iraqi people, and the relentless pursuit of profits in Iraq by companies such as KBR.; © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved

Anthony Arnove, author, Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal, spelled out the disastrous consequences of this war, for the Iraqi people and the US, and made the case for immediate withdrawal of occupation forces, with reparations.; © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved

Anthony Arnove speaking to an overflow audience of over 100 people at Busboys and Poets. Many people were turned away as the room was filled to capacity.

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Kelly Dougherty

Anthony Arnove

Son of Nun

This live event was sponsored by the International Socialist Organization and Busboys and Poets.

Photos, video and audio © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved. Contact

Words and music of "Katrina" by Son of Nun © 2007 Son of Nun; all rights reserved.

We thank the International Socialist Organization (ISO) for permission to record this program, and for its help in facilitating the recording. The ISO has permission to use this video, and all materials (video, photos and audio) related to the program, for any purpose, with attribution only requested if publshed.

We also thank Eric Ruder for the terrific photo of Son of Nun. This writer was busy video taping Son of Nun and was unable to get a good photo. Thanks Eric!

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