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THIS SITE NO LONGER REFLECTS THE CURRENT AND ONGOING WORK OF TRAPROCK PEACE CENTER, which has reorganized its board and moved to Greenfield, Mass. To contact Traprock Peace Center, call 413-773-7427 or visit its site. Charles Jenks is posting new material to, a multimedia blog and resource center.

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Calendar Archives - Nov 2002 - June 2003

Nov. 25 - Monday, Doug Rokke speaks in Davis, California -
7 - 9 pm, Davis Community Church, Fellowship Hall, 412 C Street, Davis.

Dr. Rokke is a former US Army DU team health physicist and former US Army DU Project Director who worked on Depleted Uranium (DU) education and clean-up during the Gulf War. A whistle-blower from the inside, Dr. Rokke explains the reckless policies of the Army that exposed troops to deadly 'depleted' Uranium and othe toxic compounds. The Culf War was claimed an 'easy victory' with fewer than 300 dead at the end of the combat period. Guld fWar syndrome continues to plague tens of thousands of War veterans and their children. More than 221,000 vets assigned to the Gulf region have been awarded medical disability by the Veterans Administration. Dr. Rokke will be introduced by Sacramento Veterans For Peace Chapter 87 President Pat Driscoll. Co-sponsored by Traprock peace Center.

Dec. 2 - Palestinian and International Nonviolent Resistance: Why, Who and Where - An evening with Neta Golan, Israeli-Canadian peace activist and co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement; and George Rishmawi, Palestinian peace activist, founding member of the International Solidarity Movement and coordinator of the Palestinian Centre for Rapproachement between People. Monday, at 7:00 pm at Stoddard Auditorium, Smith College, Northampton, MA. Free and open to the public. Sponsored by the Middle East Peace Coalition & the Five College Palestine Action Coalition.

Dec. 2 - ‘Justice for Woody is justice for all.” You are invited to join us for a one-year anniversary silent vigil To Honor and Memorialize Robert “Woody” Woodward who was brutally shot to death by police in Brattleboro, VT. while seeking sanctuary at the All Souls Church on December 2nd,2001. The gathering will take place on December 2nd, 2002, from 12PM to 1PM at the Municipal Building at 230 Main St. in Brattleboro, Vt. All are welcome! For more information, call Mary Rives or Keith Carlson at (413) 253-3562 or visit

Dec. 3 - Student Networking Conference - NY Youth Bloc Meeting to Stop the War - Next Tuesday, December 3, 4:30. At the CUNY Grad Center (try to bring a photo ID) 365 Fifth Avenue, between 34th and 35th Streets. Meeting downstairs, in the concourse, rooms C201/C202. (B/D/F/V to 34th St, N/R/Q/W to 28th, or 6 to 33rd). Youth Bloc is the New York City-wide coalition of high school students and youth for peace, justice and empowerment. The Bloc mobilized thousands of young people last spring for successful actions to stop the budget cuts to our schools, and co-sponsored last week's Not In Our Name anti-war walkout.
WAR COULD BE JUST WEEKS AWAY. Join young people from around the city to plan how to build the youth movement to stop it, how to stop the military recruiters' invasion of our schools, and how to put the money for bombs back where it belongs. We're in touch with resisters around the country, including student networks, unions, and people like Pvt Wilfredo Torres--a young soldier who's the first to go AWOL against this war. It's time to take our resistance to the next level.
(Note: The event may be listed at the security desk as the Hunter High School Youth Bloc meeting.
Send ideas or proposals you want on the agenda to the facilitators, Sanju at or Margrit at

Dec. 3 - 7-9 pm, International Day of Disabled Persons - WHERE: Cape Cod Lounge, Student Union, U-Mass Amherst
WHAT: At this multi-media event, Martina Robinson and Annie Tummino, who attended the World Assembly of Disabled People in Sapporo, Japan from October 12th-20th, will report on their experiences through a slide show, lecture, and dance performance. Refreshments will be provided by People's Market. The venue is wheelchair accessible and ASL interpretation and alternate formats will be provided. Donations of school supplies and books for school run by disabled persons in Uganda optional. Sponsored by: Radical Student Union, Office of ALANA Affairs, UMass Disability Services, E2M and The People's Market.

Dec. 4 - Larry Holmes and Panel Speak Out Against War - Wednesday at 7 pm, Room 163CC Campus Center, UMASS, Amherst. Contact 413-538-8547/ for details. See flyer (pdf file).

Dec. 4 - Student Networking Conference - San Diego - San Diego Area Anti-War Activist Networking Meeting and Anti-War Concert - UCSD Campus Concert 12 Noon to 2 PM at the Price Center; Meeting from end of concert to 5 PM, Berkeley Room, Price Center
Organized by the UCSD Campus Peace Coalition; All campus and community-based groups are invited to attend the concert and meet afterward to discuss organizing strategies for the San Diego area. To make the meeting as inclusive as possible the UCSD Campus Peace Coalition is requesting that groups and individuals who are interested in attending submit their ideas about specific agenda topics and ways in which they desire the meeting to be conducted. Please send suggestions to you know of any groups or individuals that might be interested in this event, please let them know about it. In Solidarity, Tona Rodriguez, Outreach Committee, UCSD Campus Peace Coalition.

Dec. 4 - William Rivers Pitt - The War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know, Wednesday, Sci 107 (Metcalf Science Center), Boston University Students Unite for Peace/ Take the Green Line B Train to Blandford St. (the first above-ground stop after Kenmore Sq.). Metcalf Science Center is located at 590 Commonwealth Ave. (the building with the ŒExplosion‚ sculpture in front of the building). William is the author of "The War on Iraq" - an interview with Scott Ritter (with a nice political history of Iraq included.) The book has been on many best seller lists. An excerpt from's review of the book: In this shocking exposé, William Rivers Pitt and former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter dismantle the myths surrounding Iraq's present weapons capabilities to uncover the neo-conservative forces behind the White House's push for war on Iraq. See Buzzflash interview - and Truthout interview -

Dec. 5 – Human Rights in Springfield - The Kensington Welfare Rights Union's New Freedom Bus Tour will be in Springfield on Thursday, December 5, collecting documentation of abuses of our economic human rights to bring to the United Nations on December 10, International Human Rights Day. From 6-9 p.m. there will be a potluck dinner and community speak out at Christ Church Cathedral, 35 Chestnut Street, on the quadrangle in Springfield, For more information call Arise for Social Justice at 734-4948. Watch for more details on putting together a Franklin County contingent for this important event.

Dec. 5 - Ka Hsaw Wa at Deerfield Academy, 7 pm, Memorial Building (the large auditorium). Goldman Environmental Prize winner and EarthRights International founder, Ka Hsaw Wa, will tell, from firsthand knowledge and experience, of the modern-day version of ethnic suppression, an appalling, yet ever-recurring theme in history. Since its independence from Britain in 1948, Burma has been run by an army-controlled socialist regime that isolated the country, wrecked its economy and environment, and repressed its ethnically diverse peoples. In 1988, at the age of 18, Ka Hsaw Wa was imprisoned for peacefully protesting this oppressive military dictatorship. Following three days of torture, and the massacre of an estimated 10,000 students ending the protests, he escaped to the border of Burma and Thailand. It was there, while hiding in the jungle, that he witnessed unspeakable human rights abuses. Directions to Deerfield Academy (413) 772-0241; organized by Alexander Leydon, Jonathan Strysko, Jennifer Douglass Amnesty International and Deerfield Environmental Action League.

Dec. 5 – Berkshire Community College - On Thursday, December 5th, the FORUM series at Berkshire Community College will present Terry Kay Rockefeller, speaking about some of the unique activities that can come out of great personal loss. The program will be offered at 12:15 p.m. in Koussevitzky Arts Center, Room 111, and then again at 7:30 p.m. in Hawthorne Hall, Room 219. Terry's sister, Laura Rockefeller, was killed in the World Trade Center collapse on September 11, 2001. Laura had been working for two days, helping to run a conference on the 106th floor of the North Tower.

Since May of 2002, Terry has worked with the September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows to honor her sister's life and try to insure that other families throughout the world do not experience the tragic and violent deaths of their innocent relatives. Rockefeller attended Radcliffe College, concentrating in Government, and has an MA from Johns Hopkins University in 20th-century U.S. history. She has worked extensively in documentary film production. Among her credits are episodes of NOVA and the history of the civil rights and black power movement, Eyes on the Prize. Most recently she executive produced a feature-length documentary on democracy in Africa. Terry will include in her presentation a 15 minute video on Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. FORUM programs are free and open to the public.

Dec. 5 - Student Networking Conference - Meeting of the Minds -- Northern California students and anti-war student groups coming together to plan next coordinated MASS ACTION Walk-outs/Actions at Army recuiters and ROTC's/MASS Student-Youth Convergence. Bring Ideas and THINK BIG. THE POTENTIAL IS GREAT!
WHEN: Dec 5th at 6:00pm
WHERE: University of San Francisco (USF) See below for directions
Contact: Abby 415-422-8373 email: or Xochitl 510 847-6140 Details and Directions.

Dec. 5 - Not in Our Name general meeting - Thursday at The Seafarer's & Internatinoal House, 123 E. 15th Street, (between Irving Place and 3rd Ave.), 2nd floor, 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Use #4, 5, 6, N, R, Q, W, L trains to Union Square (14th Street) and walk east.

Dec. 6 – 8 - War Tax Resistance and Peace Making: Our Unique Roles and Challenges Enjoy questions and answers, keynote speaker, strategy sessions, a talent show (Saturday night) and reports from regional groups. Register by Nov. 22 with Stephen Soucy (207) 667- 1083. Weekend is $50 per adult, one day rates are Friday $5, Saturday $15, Sunday $10. Send $15 deposit to Stephen Soucy P.O. Box 5510 Ellsworth, ME 04605.

Dec. 6-8 - Peace Sabbath - The Interfaith Council of Franklin County asks for your help to observe a Peace Sabbath this weekend. Express your desires for peace lighting candles prominently in your home or outdoors at 7 pm.

Dec. 7-8 - Non-Violence Trainings

SATURDAY, DEC. 7, 3-7 p.m., Arise for Social Justice, 94 Rifle St., Springfield. Accessible. Led by Gail Kielson (& Jean Grossholtz). Please call Arise to register- 413-734-4948.

SATURDAY, DEC. 7, 12:30-5 p.m., Greenfields Market, 144 Main St., Greenfield. Led by Suzanne Carlson and Matt Kolen. TRAININGS START ON TIME. PLEASE BE PROMPT.

SATURDAY, Dec. 7 - Nonviolence Training led by Andrea Ayvazian. To register and to find out where the training is (location tba), eail

SUNDAY, DEC. 8, 12:30-6 p.m., First Churches, 129 Main St, Northampton. Accessible. Led by Kazu Haga.

For more information, call Traprock 413-773-7427 or AFSC 413-584-8975. Or go to or


A nonviolence training will let you know about- Choices at the time of arrest, after, arrest, and in court. The important roles for people providing support. Affinity grooups, and making decisions by consensus. You can take part in a mock C.D. action. You can share your concerns about taking part in a C.D. action. You can talk about forming affinity groups, either with people there, or with other people you know.

Dec. 7 - United for Justice with Peace meeting. Join community groups, network, get information, learn skills. PLean for ML King Weekend Peace Events and Dec. 10, International Human Rights Day, Iraq Pledge of Resistance, Feb. 15 or 16 New York Mobilization, International Women's Day. Contact: United for Justice with Peace (617) 661-6130;, Massachusetts Peace Action (617) 354-2169,

Dec. 7-8 - Student Networking Conference - Mid-West - The University of Minnesota Coalition Against War on Iraq (CAWI) is hosting a regional preliminary conference in order to establish an agenda for a much larger conference in February. Go HERE for details.

Dec. 7 - New York City - BED-STUY PEACE WALK & RALLY; Gather 12 noon at Restoration Plaza (1360 Fulton St., between Brooklyn & New York). 2-5 pm: Rally at AME Zion Baptist Church (54 McDonough Street, near Tompkins). More info: 718-907-0578

Dec. 8 - New York City - EMERGENCY PRAYER VIGIL FOR PEACE - Riverside Church (490 Riverside Avenue, between 122 & 125 Streets) in the Main Sanctuary, 5:30- 8:00 PM. Speakers include Rev. Herbert Daughtry, Iman Mahdi Bray, Rev Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III, Rev William Fauntroy. More info: 718-596-1991


Dec. 9 - Philip Berrigan's funeral will be held at St. Peter Claver Church in West Baltimore, 1546 North Fremont Avenue, Baltimore MD on Monday, December 9, at 12 PM.

Dec. 10 - National and Local - Actions Against War with Iraq.

Student National Pledge of Resistance Actions. Here's a preliminary list of schools that are holding actions on Dec.10 (many more are being added to this list; thank you Daniel J. O'Neill-Ortiz of Boston Mobilization; please email Daniel at

Loyola College PA, Wesley Theological DC, St. John's College MD, Notre Dame IN, Penn State PA, University of Florida FL, Holy Hill Theological Pax Christi USA Young Adults Forum, Ramapo College NJ, Boston College MA, Boston University MA, Harvard University MA, Holy Cross MA, Iowa State University IA, Yale CT, New York University NY, Bard College NY, StonyBrook-SUNY NY, Univ. of New Hampshire NH, College of St. Joseph VT, Portland State University OR, UC Berkeley CA, Hampshire College MA, Wesleyan College CT, Augustana College SD, St. Louis University MO, Fordham University NY, Emerson College MA, Northeastern MA, UMass Boston MA, Brandeis MA, Tufts MA, Georgetown DC, Swathmore PA, Haverford PA, MontClaire State NJ, Unversity of MD, Balmore County MD, BU School of Public Health MA, Columbia NY, Hunter College NY, University of MD, Grinnell IA, Goshen College IN, Indiana University IN, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary IN, Commonwealth Univ of VA, Eastern Mennonite Univ VA, U. of Richmond, VA, Marshall Univ, WV, Concord Univ, WV, University of Spartenburg, SC, Winthrop Univ, SC, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC, UIC, IL.

Help gather aid, from now to Dec. 10: In preparation, Traprock invites you to help bring a collection basket to a favorite market, general store, school or office so that many more mainstream neighbors will consider what they can do to help. Please donate one small item: vitamins, children's tylenol, band-aids, cold + cough medicines, antibiotic ointment, sterile gauze, adult pain relief, simple art supplies, and small sturdy toys for Iraqi children & families. We have arranged to bring 30 pounds of donated items to a Massachusetts resident, soon to visit Iraqi hospitals. Collection sites now include Green Fields Market, (NO GLASS, please.)

Dec. 10 - Springfield - Western Massachusetts groups plan the following action in Springfield, MA: Rally at 11:30 at Court Square -leafleting -food brought to donate to food shelter; Move to Kerry’s office at 1:00; Gather at ARISE office for the afternoon; Reconvene at Court Square for leafleting at supper hour 4:00 – 5:30; Brings flashlights/ candles for vigil. Dress warmly Groups represented, in no particular order: Western Mass Stop War Coalition, ARISE, Northampton Committee to Lift the Sanctions and End the Bombing, Peace Pagoda, AFSC/WesternMass, Mt Toby Group, Western Mass Interfaith Coalition, Tom Mooney/Western Mass Local of the Socialist Party, Veterans for Peace, Peace Development Fund, No Blood for Oil, Stop the War/Franklin County, Traprock Peace Center, and individual community members. See and distribute FLYER.

Then come to Greenfield: (and for those who can't get to Springfield): Eve Brown Waite and Sunny Miller invite you to the Greenfield Public Library for a children's hour at 3:30. We'll make simple greeting cards to send with our aid package for Iraq, hear a story about rescue work, sing and have a snack. At 4:30 come to the Post office to see if they'll take our box of aid for Iraq. (Probably not.) After brief comments, sing songs for peace with us outside the post office. At 5;00 or 5:15 adults and teens are invited to the Library for a film and discussion. See "Invisible War, Depleted Uranium and the Politics of Radiation." We can loan this video for viewing in any public, not-for profit setting.

See "Children of the Gulf War" photos and text by Takashi Morizumi. (Email: Photos of Iraqi children and families can be carried on a clothesline as you walk from the post office to your meeting place, and displayed in advance in preparation for Human Rights Day. Taking aid to Iraq is illegal but arrests have not been made. This civil disobedience could become huge in the coming weeks. See Voices in the Wilderness -, for example.

Hadley, MA - For those who can't get to Springfield, Hampshire College is hosting a No Blood for Oil informational action at the Shell Staion near the intersection of Route 9 and the Bay Road/Route 47 from 12 to 2 pm. There will be sign holding, leafletting, awareness raising fun. The organizers of this event are not advocating any blockage of consumer access to gas, rather a focus on education.

Boston - Boston Mobilization is organizing for the National Day of Action as part of its No War, No Way! Campaign. It calls on students to plan actions on their campuses. Visit its website at for resources. Call 617-782-2313 or email at for more information. Further details will be posted here as well. See their announcement (pdf file.)

New York City - Demonstration begins at 10am at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza (47th Street and 1st Ave) and will include a non-violent civil disobedience at the US Mission to the United Nations. For more information about this please contact Rev. Peter Laarman at

Washington D.C., DC: Noon Walk for Peace - Tuesday, December 10th 2002 12:00pm - 1:30pm. On December 10, International Human Rights Day, folks from the Maryland- D.C.-Virginia faith community and D.C. peace activists will meet for a vigil and anti-war demonstration at noon at Farragut Square. Many will later show their solidarity with the "code pink" vigil in Lafayette Park by the White House. Other events being planned for later in day, e.g. a die-in.

Dec. 10 - The Palestinian Story, 2002: Talk and Slide Presentation by Sherrill Hogan, International Solidarity Movement Volunteer, just returned from Palestine. Tuesday, 7:30 pm at Smith Colletge, Neilson Library, Browsing Room, Northampton. Sherrill, a retired social worker, was in Palestine from July 19-29, 2002. She observed the effects of the Israeli military occupation on Palestinian civilian life by participating in non-violent actions to protect civilians and living with a Palestinian family. Her slides show the people she met and the conditions she encountered. "The conflict is a tragedy for both sides. It is about violent resistance to a violent foreign occupation. The solution must come from nonviolent means based on mutual respect. Each side must look into the heart of the other." - Sherrill Hogan

Dec. 11 - Sixth Annual Holiday Season of Conscience NYC Candle Light March & Vigil

When you purchase a Disney product, do you ever think of women in Bangladesh who are beaten, denied maternity leave, forced to work 15 hours a day, seven days a week for each $17.99 shirt they sew, living in utter misery?

When you purchase a toy, do you ever think of the teenage women in China forced to work more than eighteen hours a day, seven days a week, in 104 degree temperatures, andling toxic chemicals with bare hands and paid as little as 13 cents an hour?

This holiday season, communities across the country will be marching to bring a sense of conscience to the holiday shopping season: demanding an end to sweatshops and child labor and holding companies accountable for their abuse of workers. This year we are asking the Disney Company to return to the Shah Makhdum factory and guarantee that the rights of its workers will be respected.

Join a six-year national tradition in the fight against sweatshops, the Holiday Season of Conscience. The holiday season is bound up in a loving spirit, one where people reach out to others more so than other parts of the year. It is also a time where people do more shopping than during any other part of the calendar. In New York, thousands will rally at 5:00 in front of the Disney Store, 55th St. & 5th Avenue, and will proceed to an event at Rockefeller Center featuring music, speakers, puppets and more. For more information, or to volunteer, visit or call 212-242-3002.

Dec. 11 - New York City - Forum at New School, 1 pm on Wednesday at 66W 12th Street between 5th and 6th Ave. At 12 pm, same location, die-in, street theater and demos precede 1 pm enent. Forum concerns Bob Kerrey's (New School President) involvement with Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. Students concerned that his active role in pursuing war goes against pacifist tradition of school. Students and administration sparring over whether forum is open to public. Students want it open and encorage people to come; warning - you may be turned away from forum. All are invited to street events starting at noon! See student announement and account of sit-in at Kerrey's office that prompted forum.

Dec 13 - Western Mass. Stop War Coalition meeting at Arise, 6:30 pm, 94 Rifle Street, Springfield, MA. Call Arise at (413) 734-4948 or Traprock at 413-773-7427 for information.

Dec. 14 - Anti-War Protest planned in New York City. Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice. Rally begins at 12 noon at 157th St. and Broadway. March at 1 pm to 125th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Bovd for a Rally @ 2:30 at the Harlem Stgate Office Building. "Calling on all members of Uptown communities. Call churches, students, youth, and working people from around the city. Protest the poverty draft: targeting Black and Latino youth for military service is a crime. Protest the looting of schools, hospitals, housing and social programs to fund this unjust war. Protest the continued murder of innocent people around the world. Yes to Schools & Jobs. No to War in Iraq." For more information, contact Karim at 347-203-6157 or

Endorsed by: Black Radical Congress, La Fuerza de La Revolucion, Movimiento Pro PSD, Northern Manhattan Neighbors for Peace and Justice, West Harlem Coalition, Unidos Contra La Guerra, Harlem Washington Heights CP USA, Cuba Solidarity New York, 1199 for Peace and Justice, Youth Bloc, Casa de las Americas, Harlem Tenants Council, Vieques Support Campaign, Harlem Anti-War Coalition, West Harlem Coalition, Uptown Club YCL USA, Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Association, Congreso Nacional Dominicano, Alianza Dominicana, The Brecht Forum, Freedom Road Socialist Organization- NY/NJ District, Critical Resistance, Dominican Women's Center, New York Coalition for Peace and Justice, Stand Up New York, New Yorkers Say No to War, CCNY Student Liberation Action Movement, War Resister's League, West Side Peace Action, NY Not In Our Name, Chelsea Peace Action, US Peace Council and Traprock Peace Center.

Dec. 15 - Traprock Peace Center Human Rights Celebration - 2 - 6 pm at Second Congregational Church, downtown Greenfield, MA (next to Town Hall across from the Common). Anja Daniel of Touchstone Farm and Yoga Center joins us and will lead sacred circles dances with music.

This year has been a challenge for schedulintg this event, which we traditionally have on Dec. 10, Human Rights Day. This year, Dec. 10 has been devoted to actions in opposition to war with Iraq. And, dates before and after that had been set aside for planning Dec. 10 events and working with regional anti-war coalitions. Trust us - this will be an enjoyable event - a celebration of our peace community in the midst of the struggles against war. A time - even if only a few hours - for respite and reflection; community and mutual support. Contact Sunny Miller at Traprock - 413-773-7427 - for details. (Here's a treat - we offer Humble, sung by Anja Daniel and friends at Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center. )

Dec. 15 - North Carolina Student Antiwar Planning Meeting - Sunday, December 15, 12:00 Noon - 3:00 PM
Curry Building, UNC-Greensboro; Hosted by the Campus Antiwar Coalition at UNCG; Website:
Email: See Announcement.

Dec. 21 - "Concert for Peace: Light at the Dark of the Year" - Date: Saturday, December 21; Time: 7:30 p.m. Place: Amherst (Mass.) Regional High School Auditorium, 21 Mattoon Street, Amherst. Photo opp: YES/ Program: Singers/songwriters Molly Scott and Pete Siegel; cellist Gideon Freudmann; the Amandala Chorus; renowned writers and poets Grace Paley, Martin Espada, Doug Anderson; rapper Gooselove; spiritual leaders Joseph Goldstein and Andrea Ayvazian. Admission: Donation requested at the door; canned food (optional). Accessibility: Accessible. See press release with photos.CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW STORM Jan. 3 - Friday at 7:30 pm, benefit concert for singer/songwriter Kristina Olsen for her upcoming peace mission to Iraq. Kristina and Martin Espada, Sarah Pirtle, Sarah Benson, Jim Ballard and Jonathan Tynes were to perform in Ambassadors of Peace, a benefit concert. If you wish to make a donation, contact Western Mass. AFSC at 413-584-8975 (email

As a member of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows who also traveled to Afghanistan, Olsen offers, "The intention of this journey, asin the trip to Afghanistan, is to bear witness to the suffering of the people in Iraq, to help relieve that suffering and to share my experiences with people here in the US upon my return.  As our country appears to be gearing up for a war against Iraq, with one of the premises being given that this is an extension of the 'war on terror,' I feel a deep sense of moral responsibility to act upon what I know to be right, both as a human being in the global community and as a person who lost a loved-one on September 11th.  I feel that I need to do everything in my power to prevent further suffering and loss of life and to promote peace and non-violent creative approaches to dealing with conflict in our world."
Kristina leaves for Iraq on January 5, 2003, traveling with other members of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows under the auspices of Voices in the Wilderness.  All the proceeds from Ambassadors for Peace will help cover the costs of her journey.
Kristina is a nurse, as well as a singer-songwriter, who shares music as a prayer for healing in our world.  Having lost her sister Laurie Neira on September 11th aboard American Airlines Flight 11, Kristina has committed herself to promoting peace through understanding, compassion and loving-kindness, as a way to best honor her sister's memory. (Photo: Kristina Olsen with Aurufa, who lost 8 family members to US bombing attack in Afghanistan. Photo taken by Natalie Behring-Chisholm. See more at

Jan. 4 - "Give Peace a Dance" - A benefit dance and concert for Traprock Peace Center and Western Mass. AFSC, initiated and hosted by Joanne Lutz. Joann decided to celebrate her birthday by giving this benefit on Saturday, 8 - 11 pm at the Northampton Center for the Arts. $10-$25 per person. Join Simba, Southern Vermont's Premier world beat dance band, performing funk, reggae, Carribean grooves, and Latin jazz, and John Sprague, inprovisational musicial wizard. NCA is at the corner of New South Street and Main, Northampton, MA (across from the Academy of Music.) Social Action groups may contact Joann at to reserve literature space.

Jan. 9 - Protest illegal INS detentions at a major demonstration at the INS office
in Boston, JFK Federal Building, 12 Noon, Thursday January 9. Demand justice for the 1,000 Muslim, South Asian, and Arabic immigrants recently arrested in California. Demand justice in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for Abdelkader Ayed and for Amer Jubran who went through the same process of illegal arrest and detention in November and who is now out on bond and facing deportation proceedings.

Jan. 10 - Western Mass. Stop War Coalition meeting - Eliot House, Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley; MA. This is a creative coalition of peace workers from Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties and we are moving forward with meaningful actions for Peace and all are welcome to join us.  Come to 116 and Church ST. either through 116 or
down 47 to 116 and then across 116 to meet up with Church St. Take the first right past psych ed bldg and then ARt bldg and nestled in there between Art building and the ampitheater is Eliot. There are plenty of parking lots.

Jan. 10 - Watertown, MA - Dance Friday presents a Dance for Peace benefit for the American Friends Service Committee and United for Justice with Peace. Friday January 17th 8 p.m. ? 12 midnight Phillips Congregational Church 111 Mt. Auburn St,. Watertown Square Free style dancing to all kinds of music by our DJ’s. Special performance/sing-along by Members of the Mystic Chorale. Refreshments. Smoke- and alcohol-free. All ages welcome. Suggested donation: $10 for adults, $4 for teens, kids under 12 free Parking at the Marshall St. lot (between Palfrey and Common Streets, off Mt. Auburn) MBTA: #71 trackless trolley (Harvard Square ? Watertown) - mile from Watertown Square bus lines #70 and #57 with "Night Owl" service. For information call 617 876-3050

Jan. 10 (evening) and all day 11 and 12 - The Boston Area Liberation Medic (BALM) Squad is planning a street medic training for January, and we want to know who might be interested in attending! The training will be about 2 days long, and will occur over a weekend in January. We hope to hold the training January 10-12, in anticipation of the anti-war demonstrations in DC on January 18-19, but are waiting for confirmation from our trainer. We will provide training in basic first aid, chemical weapons decontamination, emotional support and street medic logistics. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY PRIOR HEALTH CARE TRAINING OR EXPERIENCE TO BECOME A STREET MEDIC. The training is free, but we ask for a $20-40 donation to cover materials and travel for our trainers. We can help with housing for anyone coming from out of town. Email us at for more information, or call 857 928-2777.

Jan. 11 - NONVIOLENCE TRAINING-- SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 10-4; Brattleboro, School for International Training, Rotch Bldg, Rm 107-8. Training led by Ginny Schneider. Please register by calling Dan Sicken at 802-387-2798. Please be on time, and bring your lunch. There are still openings for people from Franklin County (or W. Mass.) NONVIOLENCE TRAINING IS IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING DOING CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, OR IF YOU WANT TO PROVIDE PRACTICAL SUPPORT TO PEOPLE GETTING ARRESTED. IF YOU WERE INVOLVED IN C.D. ACTIONS SOME YEARS BACK, COME TO REFRESH YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE.A nonviolence training will let you know about- Choices at the time of arrest, after, arrest, and in court. The important roles for people providing support. Affinity groups, and making decisions by consensus. You can take part in a mock C.D. action. You can share your concerns about taking part in a C.D. action. You can talk about forming affinity groups, either with people there, or with other people you know. For more information, call AFSC 413-584-8975, or Traprock 413-773-7427. Or go to or


Jan. 15 - Speaking Up, Stepping Up - To Realize King's Dream. 7 pm, Wed. Jan. 15 - Memorial Hall, Deerfield Academy. Reception to follow.
Sunny Miller, artist, teacher and Executive Director of Traprock Peace Center, reflects on doing everything one can do to step into beloved community and not allow a massacre; with a video clip and an inspired singer. Parking available on Albany Road, off Main St, 1 block south of the Post Office. For more information, call Traprock at 413-773-7427.

We are collecting vitamins, bandages, dehydration salts, antibiotic ointment, pain relief, and art supplies for Iraqi children & families. Donations accepted at the event and at Greenfield's Market in Greenfield, MA.

Jan. 17-20 - Local Actions - - See Vigils below. : National Actions - National Demonstration and Peace Conferences. See Calendar at

Jan. 17 - National Student Peace 'Sister' Conferences in DC (George Washington University) and San Francisco (San Francisco State University). Delegates selected by university/school coalitions will participate in conferences. See San Francisco Student Conference. and Washington, DC Student Conference. Concerning the DC conference, see also Students Against War in Iraq at George Washington University.

Jan. 18 - The Pioneer Valley Chapter of Social Workers for Peace and Justice is having a fund raiser at the Full Moon Coffee House in Wendell on Saturday, January l8th. Folk singer Peter Mulvey will be performing. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Admission fees for adults are on a sliding scale basis, from $6. to $10. for adults. The entry fee for children between the ages of six and twelve is $2. Children under age six are admitted free. Freshly baked edibles and non-alcoholic potables will be available. Open mike begins at 7:30 PM. For directions, log on to <www.wendellfullmoon org.>
Social Workers for Peace and Justice is a twenty-year old group of professional social workers who support non-violent conflict resolution and oppose the U.S. war against Iraq. We advocate for universal, single-payer health care for all U.S. residents. We are also working to defend civil and constitutional rights that are endangered by provisions of the U.S. Patriots Act.

Jan. 18 - Mass Demonstrations in DC and SF. Jeremy Corbyn, MP (London - Islington North) a featured speaker. He will share views from the powerful anti-war movement in the UK. Mr. Corbyn is a primary organizer and member of the coordinating committee of the Stop the War Coalition in the UK. The protest is dedicated in part to the memory of Phillip Berrigan. Elizabeth McAlisteer, his wife, will speak. Other speakers and messages include Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney; Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Auxiliary Bishop, Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit; Ramsey Clark, former U.S. attorney general; Mike Farrell, actor; Elizabeth McAlister, Jonah House; Mahdi Bray, Executive Director, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation; Brenda Stokely, President, District Council 1707 AFSCME andCo-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War; Damu Smith, Black Voices for Peace; Michael Letwin, Co-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War; Bill Fletcher, Co-Chair, United for Peace, TransAfrica; Peta Lindsay, A.N.S.W.E.R. Youth and Student Coordinator, Howard University student; Rev. Graylan Hagler, Senior Minister, Plymouth Congregational Church; Bayan Free Palestine Alliance; Macrina Cardenas, Mexico Solidarity Network; Yoomi Jeong, Korea Truth Commission; Nicaragua Network; Partnership for Civil Justice; Muslim Students Association of the U.S. & Canada; IFCO/Pastors for Peace; International Action Center; Rev. John Dear; Blasé Bonpane, Director, Office of the Americas; Rev. Herbert Daughtry, national pastor, House of the Lord Church, Brooklyn; Not in Our Name Project; Ron Kovic, Vietnam Veteran and author of "Born on the Fourth of July"; Michael Tarif Warren, attorney; Mumia Abu-Jamal; Representative of women's struggle to defend reproductive rights on the 30th anniversary of Roe v Wade. Musical and cultural performances include: Chumbawamba, Prime Meridian, and Patti Smith.

The scenario for the National March in Washington DC includes a brief rally on the West side of the Capitol (3rd St. and Constitution Ave. NW:on the National Mall, which runs between the Capitol and the White House) starting at 11 am followed by a massive march to the Washington DC Navy Yard, a huge military complex located in the heart of one of Washington's working class communities, walking distance from the Capitol. Navy Yard: M St. between 1st and 11th Sts. SE A MAP OF THE CAPITOL AREA AND MARCH ROUTE CAN BE FOUND AT


Jan. 18 - Washington, DC - Reception for Jeremy Corbyn, MP at 8 pm at The Saloon, 1205 U Street NW (take the green line to he U Street Station.) See homepage announcement for more details. $15 suggested donation at the door. Proceeds will benefit StoptheWar Coalition (UK), National Network to End the War Against Iraq ( and Traprock Peace Center.

Jan. 19 - Grassroots Peace Congresss in Washington, DC - See

Jan. 20 - Black Voices for Peace is organizing a National Peace Workshop and Conference on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 20th, in Washington, DC, with other events for the weekend of the 18th-19th still in the planning. United For Peace, a new national campaign will be calling for participation in these events. See for details.

Jan. 25 - NONVIOLENCE TRAININGS ON SATURDAY. The training will be from 10-3, with a meeting at 3 about forming affinity groups, either with people there, or with others you know. NORTHAMPTON-First Churches, 129 Main St Training led by Andrea Ayvazian Greenfield, led by Ginny Schneider. For more info--call AFSC 584-8975 or Traprock 773-7427. TRAINING STARTS ON TIME. PLEASE BE PROMPT.BRING YOUR LUNCH AND SNACK.

Spring 2003 - Listing of courses on peace and world security at Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Smith, and UMASS-Amherst. (PDF file) (DOC file).

Jan. 27 - Our State of the Union - press conference downstairs at the Greenfield Public Library, 3:30 pm. Participants inclue Community Coalition for teens, Montague Survival Center, First Call for Help, Chamber of Commerce, Franklin County Community Development Corporation, FCAC, FCAC Youth Programs, Community Health Center, and others. If you are a human services provider, local government official, or researcher and would like to make a brief statement at the conference, or if you need more information, please contact Sunny Miller at 413-773-7427. See 'Our State of the Union' Press Conference /Rallies /Teach-Ins. See also National Network to End the War Against Iraq's Speak Out Against the War.

Started Jan. 1 - Franklin County Fast for Peace. January 1 was the first day of a “Franklin County Fast for Peace.’ Sunny Miller passed the fast on to Suzanne Carlson at 4:30 at the Greenfield Post Office on Jan. 2. Others have been taking up the call dailty. (Thanks to the Northampton Committee to Lift eh Sanctions and Voices in the Wilderness for this inspiration.) Mary Siano is coordinating the calendar; 773-3485. See Fast for Peace for continuing photo-story.

Jan. 25-Jan.29 - Sat. Jan. 25, 6 pm Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, University Center, 500 Forbes Ave. film with Q&A; Sunday, Jan. 26, 10 am, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA, Porter Hall, Room 125; Sunday, Jan. 26, 3:30 pm, West Shore Unitarian Church, 3:30-7pm, Rocky River, OH; Monday, (Teach-In begins at noon) University of Akron, Shrank Hall, Room 145. Workshop follows. Engagements are tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 29, in Corning-Elmira, NY + Thursday, Jan. 30, at St. Bonaventure. For advance or follow-up interviews or information to schedule appearances, call Sunny Miller, 413 773-7427. Also see press release.

Jan. 28 - “Candlelight Corridor of Peace” on Pennsylvania Avenue, Tuesday, January 28th 2003 7:00 PM to 9 PM
On Pennsylvania Avenue between 4th and 6th Streets NW Washington, D.C. Let the President know your feelings about war as he goes to Congress and gives the 'State of the Union Address.' See press release. See also 'Our State of the Union' Press Conference /Rallies /Teach-Ins. And, the National Network to End the War Against Iraq's Speak Out Against the War.

Jan. 29 - One Hour Strike for Peace at 2 pm, honoring Phil Berrigan. Traprock endorses a widespread call for a public pause - bring your concerns to the street with a sign, with singing, with prayer or with silence. Call for local day of action -

Jan. 29 - Our State of the Union - press conference for the North Quabbin region at the Community Room, Central School in Orange at the 4 pm. Participants include the Literacy Project, Chamber of Commerce, NELCWIT, North Quabbin Community Coalition and others. If you are a human services provider, local government official, or researcher and would like to make a brief statement at the conference, or if you need more information, please contact Sunny Miller at 413-773-7427. See 'Our State of the Union' Press Conference /Rallies /Teach-Ins.

Feb. 1 - Nonviolence Training in Greenfield on Saturday, February 1, 9-5. Led by Ginny Schneider and Ellen Kaye. Training starts on time. Please be prompt. Bring your luch and snacks. For the location or other info or to register, contact Ginny Schneider,, or call Traprock at 413-773-7427.

Feb. 1 - Protest U.S. Navy Occupation of Vieques. Saturday, February 1, 12 PM. Navy Recruitment Center, 44 Winter Street, Boston. See press release.

Feb. 1 - Student Anti-War Teach-In - Saturday, Feb. 1 at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago Circle Center. See details.

Feb. 2 - 6 to 9 pm - Peacekeeper Training - Andrea Ayvazian will offer a peacekeeper / support person training on Sunday evening February 2. Community members are encouraged to come on time and stay for the entire 3 hours. First Churches, 129 Main Street, Northampton. Accessible. Free. Information: 584.8975. (Peacekeepers are the people responding to situations with hecklers, counterdemonstrators, the police, and the rest of the protesters. They also keep the group together and provide information to the rest of the protesters.)

Feb. 4 - No War for Oil - International Call to Action at your local gas
station -;

Feb. 8 - Western Mass. Stop War Alliance meeting will be at Arise in Springfield on Saturday at 5:30 PM. People from the affinity groups will meet at 4 PM. Bring food if you can.

DIRECTIONS TO ARISE FROM THE NORTH: From the time you get off rt. 91 till you get to Arise is less than ten minutes and less than 3 miles.)
Take Rt. 91 South and get off at exit 4, which says Rt. 83 Main St./East Longmeadow. At the end of the ramp, take a left at the set of lights (not
the left 8just* before the lights) and proceed to next lights. (Only a block, you'll be passing under Rt. 91).

At the next set of lights (again, less than 2 blocks) bear left, away from Rt. 83 and toward the sign saying Main St. That will put Antonio's grinders on your right. Follow a short curving street about two blocks to a set of lights and bear right at the lights (Orr Cadillac will be right ahead of you at the lights. Go another block to another set of lights. Go right and take your immediate left at the next set of lights onto Locust St.

Follow Locust to the end (stop sign) and go right then take your immediate left across the traffic island and onto Hancock St, which is straight ahead. Rifle St. is the second right. Rifle is a short street. You will soon see some townhouses on your right. Arise is a white stucco building at the back of the second driveway. I encourage you to park on the street although there is some room in the lot, also. If you park in the lot, please don;t forget to ask for a parking pass to put on your windshield. See you Saturday!

Feb. 8 - Mothers Against War is having its first group organizational "POWWOW" on Saturday, Feb. 8th at 2:00 p.m. at 305 Middle St., Amherst, MA. "MAW has been organized since the middle of August and now has 100+ members and increasing every day. (It grows exponentially, each member recruiting other members)." The meeting on Saturday is designed to share the wealth of work that maintaining MAW entails. Anyone interested is invited to attend. RSVP, 413/253-3354. MAW has issued its Mission Statement at http://MAWMissionStatementdraft.pdf.

Feb. 9 - PLEASE JOIN the Five-College Antiwar Coalition and the American Friends Service Committee for a march/walk and indoor event for peace this Sunday, February 9th, in Amherst, Massachusetts. Beginning at 2 PM at the Haigis Mall on the UMass-Amherst campus, the march/walk will move east along Massachusetts Avenue and then proceed south on Pleasant St. into the center of town. Free parking is available at the Visitor's Lot across from the Mall, and there is also a PVTA stop at the Mall as well. The march will end at the Johnson Chapel on the Amherst College campus, where an indoor program will begin at approximately 2:30 PM. Speakers/presenters include Sut Jhally of the Media Education Foundation, Puerto Rican attorney and activist Rafael Rodriquez, Isis Nusair, a research assistant with the Five-College Women's Resource Center, Michaelann Bewsee of Arise for Social Justice, Eric Wasileski, a Persian Gulf Veteran, member of the Traprock Peace Center Core Group and founding member of a local branch of Veterans For Peace, activist singer-song writer Tom Nielson, and poet Magdalena Gomez! Please contact Joshua Jackson for more info. - 413-559-4356,

Feb. 8-9 - W.A.R.P.con (War Ain't Right People Conference/Concert); Keynote Speaker: BOOTS RILEY of THE COUP; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. Coffman Student Union, Mississippi Room (3rd floor). Call 612.623.0609 or e-mail, or visit: OR Warp!-Con - details on Student Activism page.

Feb. 9 - Oppose War on Iraq at Sen. Kerry Speech! Sunday, February 9 Rally at 6 pm; Kerry Speech at 7 pm JFK Library, Dorchester (take the Red Line to JFK/UMass; a free shuttle goes to the library) On February 9, Senator John Kerry is giving a speech at the John F. Kennedy Libraray. Before the speech, we will be holding a rally outside the library -- to send a message to Kerry urging him to oppose war. We will also be attending the speech, both to listen to him and to ask him questions during the Q&A following the speech. To reserve a seat at the speech, call (617) 514-1643. For more information, call CPPAX: (617) 426-3040, or email

Feb. 14 - BRING THEM HOME NOW - Vigil at Times Square Recruiting Station. Bring them home now is a network of concerned citizens working with veterans groups and families of soldiers on active duty in the Gulf who are spreading this message: The best way to support our troops is to bring them home now! Join them for a vigil at the Times Square Recruiting Station (43rd and Bway on the little island) at 7pm on Friday the 14th. If you know people coming to town early, point them in this direction.

Feb. 15-16 - National (focus on New York City, Feb. 15 and San Francisco, Feb. 16) and International Anti-War Protests. February 15: STOP THE WAR MARCH IN NEW YORK CITY. Join United for Peace and Justice at a massive anti-war march in New York City. The march is scheduled to coincide with anti-war demonstrations that are planned in in over 300 cities world wide on the same day. This has the potential to be a historic international anti-war event-don't miss it! See and the StoptheWar Coalition (UK) announcements at

New York City: Rally at NOON at First Ave. and 49th Street. Go to for details.

For some practical legal and cold weather rally tips, go to and scroll down about half-way down the page.

Student Feeder March - Come march with the Student Feeder March this Saturday Feb 15, with contingents from Youth Bloc, the Campus Anti-War Network, NION Youth, and more *** meeting at 10:30 sharp on the Southern side of Union Square Park (L,N,R,4,5,6 trains to 14th St.) **** We're meeting up with Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice, as well as contingents from the Bronx and across the East Coast, at 59th and Lexington at 12pm - Please bring banners, signs (with no wooden sticks, please) and your friends! email if you would like to help out as a marshal.

3:00 PM - After the Rally - CONVERGE ON TIMES SQUARE AT 3PM SATURDAY The NYPD's refusal to grant a march permit is preposterous, if not unpredictable. The NYC Carnival Bloc is responding with some love and rage. They're calling for a massive street party in Times Square at 3pm after the rally. It will be a peaceful but unauthorized expression of opposition to an impending war on Iraq and the ongoing war on democracy in the U.S. For a history of street parties as protest:

Western Mass Ticket Info:

Western Massachusetts is organizing to travel to New York City. AFSC/Western Mass has reserved 6 buses and has 6 more in reserve, but needs to know if they can be filled. The buses are coaches - comfortable buses, not school buses. There is no specific deadline for when to reserve a seat, but the seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The "deadline" then is when all seats are reserved. The cost is $20.00/person, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. To reserve a seat, contact AFSC: 413/584.8975 or, then mail a check or money order payable to AFSC to: 140 Pine Street, Rm. 10 Florence, MA 01062. SEATS WILL BE CONFIRMED UPON RECEIPT OF PAYMENT! We will mail you a ticket once we receive the payment, or else email you an "e-confirmation" - an email message confirming your reservation.  For this please include your email address when you send in the check, and print out the email message to bring with you. As soon as we know the exact details of the rally/march, we will confirm the departure and return time. That information will be available right here when it is known. The time and place for the event in NYC will no doubt be on the website of, at when arrangements are in place.

Traprock had looked into buses for folks in Franklin Country and north but the price per seat was comparitively high since the closest bus available was from CT. It seemed to make sense for people to use the Northampton buses.

Traprock has reserved a van for volunteers who wish to help plan and carry out group activity, such as passing out literature, helping to carry big (beautiful) banners, tabling and such. The van is filled. The price is $17. Call Sunny Miller at 413-773-1633 in case someone has dropped off list..

Bus update for western Mass buses to the 2/15 demonstration in NYC
Greetings Friends! For those of you on the buses (and there are 24 now), postcard tickets have been mailed out. You should have received them yesterday, or getting them in the mail today. The bus departure time is 6:00am. Originally, we had thought that we we had to park at Shea Stadium. HOWEVER, we have had a windfall of good fortune. An old colleague of mine in NYC contacted the good folks at Lehman College in the Bronx and they are allowing us to park all 24 buses in a secure and guaranteed parking lot. We just received this news an hour ago. This will put us close to the downtown #4 train. With friends and advisors, we have come to think this is a GREAT idea and are going to jump on it. So the WMA buses will park at Lehman College. Blessings to Susan and Rene Theberge who have offered to hold some ground for western Mass folks at 54th and First Ave. A group of good folks did some thinking and came to the conclusion that we will all try to meet beginning at 10:00am in that general area. This is an imperfect plan because of many reasons -- tight space, huge crowds, unkown factors, etc. -- but it's what we have. We are thinking that we will be there until 11:00am. Again, we will do our best. The WMA buses will depart at 5:00pm to come back. Thanks to all of the volunteers who have been making this effort possible. We have also heard that there should be no sticks on the signs being carried. Blessings, Jo Comerford, Western Mass/AFSC

Feb. 15 - New York City - Student Event: Scott Ritter, Def Poetry Jam and others!

Relocated to larger space due to overwhelming demand... Campuses Say No To War!! Tickets Now Available - $5 ($10-$20 Solidarity) February 15th at 8pm Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers (21st & 12th Avenue-M23 bus or A,C,E trains)

Speakers : Scott Ritter (former weapons inspector), Medea Benjamin (Global Exchange), Amy Goodman (Democracy Now), Anthony Arnove (editor of Iraq Under Siege), Michael Letwin (NYC Labor Against War), Mike Marquesee (British Stop the War Coalition), Rania Masri (Institute for Southern Studies), Dhalia Hashad (ACLU), Ahmed Shawki (editor of International Socialist Review), Marla Brettschneider (Jews for Racial and Economic Justice), Hany Khalil (Racial Justice 9-11), Nelly Bailey (Harlem Tenants Association), Youth Bloc, Minou Arjomand (Campus Antiwar Network), Hamid Dabashi (Professor), Monica Tarazi (Arab Anti-Discrimination Center), David Cline (Veterans for Peace)

Peformers: Def Poetry Jam, Welfare Poets, Alvin Ailey Dancer, VTek, Performers from the Broadway Musical Rent, Stephan Smith, Captain Deathwhistle and the Thumpists

Due to overwhelming demand, the evening student event "Campuses Say No to War" has been relocated from Barnard College to Pier Sixty at the Chelsea Piers. Pier Sixty is located at 21st Street & 12th Avenue in Manhattan and can accomodate 1,750 people. Therefore, tickets are now available for this previously sold-out event. However, we expect tickets to continue to sell quickly, so reserve as soon as possible by emailing: The event will be held at 8pm but we are asking people to begin arriving by 7:15 in order to guarantee space. Housing can be reserved for students coming in from out of town by emailing:

This event is to help build connections and networking among student anti-war groups. It will be educational, inspirational and fun. It is also a fundraiser for the first national conference of the Campus Anti-War Network to be held in Chicago from February 22nd-23rd. Therefore, we are asking people to pay between $5 and $20 for tickets to defray the costs of the event as well as sponsor a bus to Chicago.

We look forward to seeing you at this amazing event!

In solidarity, Jennifer Roesch On behalf of the Columbia Anti-War Coalition Endorsed by: Campus Anti-War Network, United for Peace and Justice, Peace Action, NJ Independent Alliance, Columbia University Student Governing Board, Turath, Muslim Students Association, Columbia University Sikh Society, International Socialist Organization, Columbia Student Solidarity Network, Columbia Queer Alliance, Columbia UNICEF, United Students of Color Council

Feb. 15 - AFTER THE AFTER-PARTY, AN AFTER-PARTY After the most rockin' convergence ever in Times Square, get yourself a warm bite to eat-- take a wee nap, even-- and hie thee to "Stayin' Alive." It's a benefit for UFPJ and others, featuring Blackkat (known to throw the best parties in all of NYC) and a slew of other guests and performers. Free reception 8pm, party starts at 10:30. $10 with the card you can find on the web site, $12 without. Oh, borrow money from Mom.

Feb. 17: - Day 1: Leverett to Amherst; A walk entitled "Wake up Peace", starting at the Leverett Peace Pagoda, will reach the Amherst Town Common on Monday, February 17 at 9:30am for a memorial to Greg Levey, a young man who tragically immolated himself on the Common twelve years ago in protest to the Gulf War. The service will last approximately an hour. People are encouraged to participate. Bring a candle, flowers, pine boughs, short poems or other appropriate items. Call (413)367-2202 for further information

Feb. 18 - Day 2 - The walk will then proceed to Northampton and on to the Westover Air Base later in the afternoon of the 18th. The "Wake up Peace" walk will be passing through Massachusetts communities throughout the remaining days, sharing peacemaking, carrying petitions, and learning about local issues, until it arrives at the Federal Building at JFK Plaza in Boston on the first day of spring.Call (413)367-2202 for further information.

Feb. 18-21 - UN Course in Worcester, Designing and Implementing Interventions for Global Change, 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Tuesday - Friday,
at All Saints Church, 10 Irving Street, Worcester, MA ( For more information: call 508-753-7683 or,; Registration deadline: January 30, 2003. Checks payable to Institute for Global Leadership, not including room & board. This course will be taught from the perspective of Reconciliation Leadership, developed by Virginia Swain and dedicated to the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World (2001-2010). This is the fourth course on this topic, the first in Worcester, and is usually given at the United Nations. It is for people who are searching for a new way to address global challenges that emphasize respect for human rights, peaceful settlement of disputes, global ethics, values and systems that will secure greater ecological integrity, economic and social well being. Participants will learn an intervention process for a civil society response to complement and strengthen the United Nations' initiatives for global challenges. Skillbuilding will be cultivated at personal, systemic and global levels. Each day begins and ends with prayer and meditation.

Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26; March 5, 12, 19, 26 - “REEL WORLD" An eight-week video documentary series will begin at the Arms Library in Shelburne Falls on Wednesday, February 5, 2003 at 7 PM and continue weekly through March 26. See Press Release - downlord and share.

Feb. 20 - Human Rights Monitor Training, 5:30 PM at ARISE, 91 Rifle Street, Springfield, MA on Thursday, Feb 20.

Feb. 22-23 - Campus Ant-War Network (CAN) National Conference in Chicago, Illinois. See Invitation and Schedule of Events.

Feb. 22 - Western Mass. Stop War Coalition - Affinity Group Meeting, 4 PM; Coalition Meeting, 5:30 PM; at 140 Pine Street, Florence (Western Mass. AFSC).

Feb 22 - Boston - Celebration of the Life of Philip Berrigan (1923-2002); Saturday February 22 @ 3:00 pm; Emmanuel Church 15 Newbury Street Boston, MA 02116; Philip Berrigan, a long-time peace activist died December 6, 2002 with liver and kidney cancer. During his nearly 40 years of resistance to war and violence, Berrigan focused on living and working in community as a way to model the nonviolent, sustainable world he was working to create. He helped to found Jonah House - where members live simply, pray together, share duties, and attempt to expose the violence of militarism and consumerism. The community was born out of resistance to the Vietnam War, including high-profile draft card burning actions; later the focus became ongoing resistance to U.S. nuclear policy, including Plowshares actions that aim to enact Isaiah's biblical prophecy of a disarmed world. Because of these efforts Berrigan spent about 11 years in prison. He wrote, lectured, and taught extensively, publishing six books, including an autobiography, Fighting the Lamb's War.

Feb. 22 - Non-Violence Training - 11-5 pm; UMass Campus Center, arm 163. Led by Court Dorsey; opne to everyone. You do not need to register beforehand. PLease be prompt and bring lunch and snack. For more info - contact Radical Student Union 413-545-0677 or

Feb. 22 - On Saturday, February 22, from 2pm to 4 at Amherst Community TV, 246 College Street, Amherst, there will be an Open House for the Western Mass. Independent Media Center (IMC). Indymedia is a dynamic, democratic, voluntary interactive news group with websites around the world. The Western Mass IMC ( an excellent resource for finding and disseminating news, announcements, commentary, and multi-media productions on the issues of the day. You are invited to come and learn about Indymedia, meet the group, and become involved on any level. Don't complain about the media, BE the media!!

Feb. 22 - Networking for Peace, A Conference for Peace and Social Justice Activists. 8:00 - 5:00 on the campus of Clark University, Worcester, MA. For more information, visit Worcester Peace Works. Register on-line or call 508-799-2668. Workshops: Military Recruitment Counseling, Peaceful Responses to Violence. Arabs and Muslims in the U.S.; Israel and Palestine; Civil Liberties; Is Civil Disobedience Right for Me?; Funding Human Needs; Globalization and the War on Terror; Coalition Building; Creative Tactics and Strategies; Discussion Groups: Organized Labor; Studentsl Artists; Religious Groups; Global Justice; Environment; Animal Rights; Create Your Own. Registration is free; donations requested to cover costs.

February 26, 2003 - Virtual March on Washington -

March 3 - Lysistrata reading - Worthington, MA reading, 7:00 pm at Town Hall (on Route 112). EarthSpirit invites you to become a part of the Lysistrata Project: Be a part of the first-ever world-wide theater event for peace! All are invited and asked to bring a donation of $3-5 (or more...) and something for a pot-luck dessert afterwards. We hope that the evening will bring together a wide circle of people from the hilltowns with a focus on community-building and peace. Contact: Deirdre Arthen, or call 413-238-4240. This is part of an international campaign to stop war on Iraq - EarthSpirit is a local hilltown organization devoted to connecting spirituality and nature.

EarthSpirit invites you to join with us in the first-ever world-wide theatrical event for peace which is happening all around the globe. Don't miss this unique opportunity to stand up for peace in your community, and provide a humorous entree into a healthy dialogue about current affairs. Join us for our reading of Lysistrata, Aristophanes' bawdy anti-war comedy, to protest the rush to war on Iraq. Many of the readings will benefit non-profit organizations working for peace or humanitarian aid in Iraq. EarthSpirit's will benefit the Traprock Peace Center in Deerfield, MA ( Lysistrata Project participants have a wide variety of backgrounds and views, but all believe the Bush Administration's rush to war on Iraq is a bad idea. And are taking tangible action by THINKING GLOBALLY, ACTING LOCALLY.


March 5 - One Day National Student Strike - called by National Youth and Student Peace Coalition.
See Seven Area Schools Press Release (Amherst College , Amherst Regional High School, Greenfield Community College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College , Smith College, University of Massachusetts). Books Not Bombs! Stop The War Against Iraq! The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) calls upon students on campuses across the United States to join a one-day student strike on March 5th, 2003. For national information, see and

March 5 — Celebrate International Women’s Day! “Heart Works" is a documentary chronicling the development of an original theater piece created and performed by women who work as home health aides and certified nursing assistants. Through music, dance, storytelling, and interviews, the video provides a real, honest, moving, and often-humorous account of what it means to be a direct caregiver. And "Someone Sang for Me" Produced and directed by Julie Akeret, who lives in Leeds, "Someone Sang for Me" is the story of Jane Sapp, an African-American woman who uses music to transform the lives of inner-city children in Springfield. In addition to being a talented musician, Ms. Sapp is an inspired teacher who enables the students she works with to believe in themselves. The film features some stirring singing and remarkable performances by the students.

March 5 - Tentative Date for Legal Briefing on CD at 7 pm at First Churhes, Northampton. Watch this space for details.

March 15 - Washcinton, DC - "White House Convergence" - with parallel actions in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Saturday, March 15, 11 am, Greenfield vigil, COME AND BE COUNTED. Bigger than ever? This diverse groups seems to grow each week. There’s a great collection of banners and signs to choose from and you get to see some wonderful neighbors.

Saturday, March 15, Veterans Peace Walk, Amherst, Veterans will walk from the Amherst green triangle at Triangle and Pleasant Streets, across from Bertucci’s Pizza, at noon Saturday to the Amherst Common for a one-hour rally. Families of military people in the Gulf are especially welcome. Veterans will speak to a rally on the Amherst Common. A ceremony will acknowledge the blankets carrying small pox given by Lord Jeffrey Amherst to Native peoples.

Peace Shirt Sunday! Sunday March 16th, 2003, Wear a Peace Shirt in honor of Stephen Downs, who was arrested for just wearing a Peace Shirt at a mall. Co-sponsored by Mohawk Students for Peace and Traprock Peace Center, called for by eighth grader, Cale Weissman! 413 773-7427

Nonviolence workshop Sunday March 16, 1:45-5:45 At Traprock Peace Center, , Deerfield. Pre-registration needed for 8-15 participants. The Nuremberg Trials said we can’t go on with business as usual when that includes the business of mass murder. What to do? What’s most responsible, kind or efective? Find YOUR answers. This is a movement-oriented training and youth friendly, combining discussion, role plays, and reflection. Nonviolence require both discovery and un-learning. Practice helps prepare us for the unexpected. Friends welcome. No charge. Donations accepted. Ages 12-adult please inquire: 413 773-7427.

Sunday, March 16, 7 pm GLOBAL Candlelight Vigil

Greenfield, and your town? Candles available beginning at 6:45 at Hope and Main Streets, Greenfield. Soup available afterwards, indoors with discussion at All Souls Church, sponsored by your neighbors. Want to help plan a candlelight vigil for peace in your neighborhood on Sunday, at 7 pm?, the Win Without War coalition, together with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many faith-based organizations, are calling this vigil, and invite our help. Beginning in New Zealand, this will be a rolling wave of candlelight gatherings that will quickly cross the globe. We're hoping that thousands of small groups around the world will stand for peace. For more information, go to < >. We come together to rekindle the light of reason -- and of hope. We renew our commitment to building a positive world for our children.

Montague Center Commons at 7 pm.

Springfield and Longmeadow - There will be candlelight vigils in response to Bishop Desmond Tutu's appeal this Sunday evening in Springfield at Old First Church on Court Square, and in Longmeadow at the United Church of Christ on the Longmeadow Green.  Both vigils start at 7pm.  Please bring your own candle if you can as they may be in short supply given the short notice.

March 16 - The Sunday Evening Roundtables for Nonviolence hosts a Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters Clinic, Sunday, March 16th, 6-9pm at First Churches, 129 Main Street, Northampton (use the Center Street entrance). Four local war tax resisters will share their personal stories and:
* The history of war tax resistance
* What is war tax resistance and why do people do it?
* Risks, consequences and rewards * Nuts & bolts of how to resist war taxes; low risk to high risk
* How to support war tax resisters if you choose not to become one
* Extensive Q&A time will be provided

Please join us - all welcome, handicapped accessible. For more info, contact Kate Harris

"We don't intend to cooperate with the IRS in its attempts to make us pay for killing. What would you do if I came into your office tomorrow with a cup in my hand, asking for contributions to enable me to buy guns and kill a group a people I don't like?"        ~ Wally Nelson, co-founder of the Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters   (Wally was a war tax resister from 1949 till he died 5/23/02 at the age of 93.)

For resources on war tax resistance, visit the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee at

March 16 - Non-violence training at Traprock Peace Center. 1:45 pm to 5:45 pm. Training provided by Sunny Miller; call 413-773-7427 for details.

Monday, March 17, Demonstration at Court Square, Springfield – Sen. Kerry Western Mass Stop the War invites you to a 4pm demonstration outside Senator Kerry’s office, look for signs near the intersection of Court and Main Streets, 4:00-5:30. Come greet your Springfield neighbors as you speak up for their kids in the military. Carl Doerner says there’s an easy to access a pay parking lot under 91.

Feb 25 - March 21 - Walk for a New Spring Schedule (subject to continual change); Walkers above gathered in Amherst, MA on Day Two - February 17, 2003, at the start of a blizzard. Walkers included Kato Shonin, Sister Claire, Temme Shonin and Toby Shonin of the New England (Leverett) Peace Pagoda, Jun Anj San of the Grafton Peace Pagoda and Brayton Shanley of the Agape Community. (Photo © 2000 Sunny Miller.)

Thursday, March 13, Mohawk Initiative! Make Your Own Peace Shirt Workshop at Mohawk Regional School, Room 176 at 2:30pm. Visitors welcome. Bring any shirt, and we’ll bring paints to help you decorate it! (Bring any fabric paints if you have extra.) If you are under age 18 and want to be photographed with your peace shirt, permission slips needed. Co-sponsored by Mohawk Students for Peace and Traprock, 413 773-7427

March 20-21 - Women Working for Peace FREE conference sponsored by the Womens Law Group, VT Law School at the VT Law School, South Royalton VT (Exit 3 off of I-89 then Route 14 South) The purpose of the conference is to focus on how women initiate, achieve and maintain peace in their local communities and around the world. In addition, we want to celebrate the unique contributions that women have made to peace efforts. We believe this is a very timely issue and hope that the conference will foster new ideas and forge new relationships. See the complete description and schedule.

Friday, March 21 - Walk for a New Spring, Boston We are bringing banners! Leaves Christ Church in Harvard Square about 8:15 walking to Copley Square and the State House. Hospitality offered Thursday evening at Cambridge Friends meeting on Longfellow off Brattle street – 6:30 pot-luck, and arrivals ‘til 9pm. Also overflow sleeping space offered at Christ Church, 7:30-10pm. Bring sleeping bags and pads. Leverett Peace Pagoda friends ask that every town represented bring at least a small sign with your town name. Parking at the Alewife parking garage and T-stop is only $4 for 24 hours. If by chance it’s full the Cambridge Peace commission will waive parking tickets issued to walkers’ cars on Brattle Street past Longfellow, if they are given to Louise Dunlap. Ask for her address at the morning circle. To offer a ride from your town please see the Forum – postings welcome at

March 21 - Diocese of Worcester will host an Ecumenical Prayer Service for Peace on Friday at 7:30 pm at the Cathedral of St. Paul, 10 Chatham St., Worcester. The Diocese has extended the invitation through the > Worcester County Ecumenical Council, Worcester Interfaith, Worcester's > Downtown Clergy Association, Catholic parishes, the Agape Community, the St. > Francis/St. Therese Catholic Worker House, the Catholic Colleges in > Worcester and the Catholic Call to Peacemaking.

March 22 - NONVIOLENCE TRAINING 9am-3pm, UU Church, 245 Porter Lake Dr, Springfield. Led by Jo Comerford, Kazu, and Kasha. For directions call Brian Lafferty, 567-4967, or Jo at AFSC, 584-8975.

March 22 - NYC - MARCH FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY, Saturday, 3/22, gather at noon Midtown Manhattan. On Saturday, March 22, New York is marching to stop the war in Iraq! Join us for a massive and spirited march to support peace abroad and civil liberties at home, organized by United for Peace and Justice NYC. This time around, the Mayor and the NYPD have pledged to respect our right to march. We are negotiating with the City over the route, which will be in Midtown Manhattan. Stickers, posters, and leaflets are available at the new UFPJ office, which has been generously donated by SEIU 1199: 330 West 42nd Street, 15th floor (between 8th & 9th Avenues) (212) 603-3700 You can also pick up materials at one of our many distribution centers throughout New York City. We Need Volunteers! Volunteer with UFPJ NYC by sending a blank email to You'll receive an average of one email per day, containing specific requests for volunteer assistance. Leaflet: Upcoming Antiwar Events (bilingual English/Spanish) Print double-sided and cut in half to yield bilingual handouts.

March 24 - NYC - Benefit For UFPJ Against The War - Monday, March 24th 2003 8:00 PM - Stop the War Show. Surf Reality House of Urban Savages, The lineup includes authors, comics, musicians, poets, performance artists--the city's top literary stars to Surf classic acts... with a few familiar TV faces from shows like SNL, Conan, and Comedy Central. Call phone line for more info. 172 Allen Street, 2nd floor, between Stanton and Rivington Streets. Seating limited: Call 212-673-4182. Take the F or V train to Second Avenue, walk one block east to Allen, and one block south. All proceeds benefit UFPJ NYC

In the Event of War

Western Mass - follow link.

LATEST INFO - NYC - Times Square, New York, 5PM - If the U.S. Attacks Iraq, Make Your Opposition Known! If the bombs do start falling, we call on you to join with United for Peace & Justice and other groups around the country to get out on the streets immediately and visibly express strong opposition to the war and demand peaceful, nonviolent alternatives. See the United for Peace & Justice call for emergency actions for ideas about what you can do and list your "day after" events here so that everyone in your community knows where to go if the U.S. attacks.


Mobilize New York and Reclaim the Streets will convene at COLUMBUS CIRCLE today at 4:30. We will march to Times Square at 5 p.m. If you intend to join us, be punctual.

Should the NYPD block access to Times Square, we will flood the surrounding streets with our outrage and demands for peace.

Once the Times Square protest runs its course, we invite you to reconvene at Washington Square Park for a candlelight vigil.

Program the legal support #s into your cellphone (212-679-6018 and 917-807-0658) and call them if you witness arrests or are arrested yourself.

Bring a portable radio and tune it to WBAI 99.5 FM, which will be broadcasting important news and updates about the emergency protest.

Dress appropriately. It's going to be chilly and rainy. Layer up with wool, *not cotton*, and wear good boots, rain gear, gloves and a hat.

DO bring a valid photo i.d. DON'T bring anything even vaguely weapon-like, especially your swiss army knife or leatherman. Even your beloved mechanical pencils.

This is going to be a big demonstration. Marching on the sidewalk is perfectly legal, while taking to the streets will be considered civil disobedience. However, remember this: Rights do not always equal reality. We don't know how the police are going to behave. You will be surrounded by good will and solidarity at this demonstration, and there will be strong support off in the wings. Nonetheless, if you have immigration worries, or reasons why an arrest might put you in harm's way, perhaps you should meet up with us at Washington Sq. Park or volunteer to do support work or bake cookies and bring them to the march on Saturday ( Your friends at Mobilize-NY very much value your safety.

This is a grim, disconcerting time. We are enraged. Appalled. Overwhelmed. Afraid. Profoundly sad. And we are powerful. This is our country. It's our world. Let's reclaim it.

March 25 - protest on Tuesday, March 25 at 10 AM at the US Federal Building in Springfield, MA, 1550 Main St.

March 26 - “REEL WORLD" An eight-week video documentary series will begin at the Arms Library in Shelburne Falls on Wednesday, February 5, 2003 at 7 PM and continue weekly through March 26. See Press Release - downlord and share.

March 26 - Stop Governmor Romey's War on Seniors - Sae Prescription Advantage! - 10 am, State House, Boston. Tell the Hearing on changes to Prescription Advantage to support the Massachusetts Prescription Drug Fair Pricing Act. "Don't Take Advantage!" "Stop the War on Seniors!" Info, buses: Mass Senior Action Council, Linda Stone, 533-9235,

March 27th - Save the Date for Wally's Birthday -

In loving memory of Wally Nelson- March 27, 1909 - May 23, 2002 Our dear and wonderful friend Wally died quietly at 9 pm with loved ones close by. Eight hundred people attended his memorial service on Sunday, June 2 at the big tent at Deerfield Academy off Route 5 & 10 at 2 pm, followed by a celebration of his life, here on Woolman Hill. Juanita Nelson led a procession from the conference center winding around their cabin, singing, "Oh When Tose Saints Go Marching In!" Would you like to help put Wally's wisdom with a thousand peace cranes? We've begun folding. Come fold with us on sidewalks, at playgrounds, at summer camps. (photo ©Charlie Jenks, 2002)

WALLY NELSON's definition of NONVIOLENCE: Nonviolence is the constant awareness of the dignity and humanity of oneself and others; it seeks truth and justice; it renounces violence both in method and in attitude; it is a courageous acceptance of active love and goodwill as the instruments with which to overcome evil and transform both oneself and others. It is the willingness to undergo suffering rather than inflict it. It excludes retaliation and flight.

Boston on March 29 with Bus information

March 29 - Boston Common, Boston, MA at Noon. United for Justice with Peace ( For info call 617-661-6130, x. 500. Download and distribute great FLYER. If you are interested in doing street theater or interested in a seat on a bus from Western Mass, call Sunny Miller at 413-773-1633.

We have seats available on a bus to Boston for Saturday's rally, march and die-in in Boston. Organized by United for Justice with Peace, this event will attract many throughout the region. Last November's Boston rally and march drew 15,000. NYC, Chicago, DC and San Francisco have had huge rallies. Now it's New England's time to show the world how it feels.

Greenfield Coach BUS: The bus boards at 8:30 from Hope Street, (between the old Court House and All Souls Church (both on Main St., Greenfield). There is plenty of free parking in Hope Street lot behind the court house. The bus will get to Boston in plenty of time for the start of the 11:30 am rally. This will be an all day event - the bus leaves at 5 pm sharp.

Send $20 for a seat (include phone number and email for confirmation.) If the bus is full when we get your funds, we'll hold the check and put you on a waiting list). Send the check to Traprock Peace Center, .

We've having a banner painting party for the rally/march this week. If interested in banner painting or want more information, call Sunny at 413-773-7427.

Amherst School BUS: Tickets are $15 from Amherst.   Buses will depart at 9:00am -exact departure location not determined.  The buses will leave Boston at around 5pm. It is a school bus and has no bathrooms, etc. Anyone under 18 needs a parental permission slip. Send $15 for a seat (include phone number and email for confirmation.)  If the bus is full when we get your funds, we'll hold the check and put you on a waiting list). Send the check to Traprock Peace Center, .

Northampton Coach BUS: Tickets are $20 and reservations can be made by calling AFSC at 584-8975. Please leave your name phone number and email with your message.  Money will be collected at the bus.  The bus will depart at 9:00 am from behind Thorne's Market in Northampton and will be leaving Boston between 4:00 and 5:00 pm

April 4, Friday, Stanton Hall, Hunting Center,
Vigil followed by 7 pm pot-luck, 7:30, readings and songs.

Festival of Peace & Nonviolence
April 5, Saturday, 1pm - late night
Organized by the Campus Anti-war Network, for DC,

1pm - Festival: Musicians, Speakers, Theatre and Workshops
7pm - Candlelight Vigil and Speak-out
Where: Washington Monument, NW Corner of 17th St. and Constitution Ave. Download DC flyers, prepared by the Campus Anti-War Network. Chicago, Washington, DC and San Francisco. Traprock volunteers are welcomed to help set up a display, and distribute literature about deadly 'depleted' uranium. See Traprock demonstration workshops on banner painting and nonviolent communication. we'll alos bring som eart supplies for children making art to send to Iraqi children.
Sunny Miller will speak on the campaign to BAN D.U.

See (CAN website) for details.
See the Festival of Peace press release


------------------------------- BAN 'D.U.'-------------------------------

April 6, Sunday, 6pm, See the video,
'Invisible War, Depleted Uranium and the Politics of Radiation'
This stunning hour-long video features a blend of top brass and scientists saying there's no problem using radioactive munitions and veterans and other scientists saying the effects are horrific. Graphic footage, and wide-ranging commentary. Draw your own conclusions. Free. Available for a two-day loan. At Traprock, Directions below.

April 6, Sunday, 7pm,
Outreach & Education meeting
Discuss how to reach out to new people with crucial information: Jo's slide show, photos, news from Iraq, veteransÕ stories, the realities of 'depleted' uranium, videos, and the economic realities of private profits and public losses associated with this war. Please suggest locations for presentations. This is a W.Mass Stop the War coalition committee meeting at Traprock in Deerfield.

Directions to Traprock, 103 Keets Road ∆ from route 5 & 10 just north of historic Deerfield, 1/2 mile south of Greenfield and the Deerfield River, turn east up Keets Road to the top of Woolman Hill. Make a hard left (nearly a U-turn) after the sign on the crest of the hill. Traprock is in the wooden unpainted building. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

April 7, Monday, Amherst
W.MA Interfaith Coalition for Peace & Justice Meet at the Unitarian Society of Amherst, 121 North Pleasant Street. Please use the rear entrance. This is a working meeting focused how to use dialogue to build bridges.

April 9, Wednesday,
Interfaith Service + Action
All faiths welcome for a noon worship service at the Federal Building, Springfield. To participate in or inquire about doing Civil Disobedience as an interfaith group, call Kate Stevens, 413 625-6967.

April 9, Wednesday, Turners Falls
Shout Out Against Sexual Assault!
NELCWIT and other groups like Traprock collaborate to resist violence. Rally begins at 6:30 in Great Falls (AKA Turners Falls.) April 10, 'Take Back Democracy' at U-Mass Amherst Campus Center Auditorium, right down the escalators, Poets! Speakers! Musicians, from 6PM-midnight. Organized by the Radical Student Union, R.S.U. list-serve:

April 12, Saturday,
A.N.S.W.E.R. surrounds the White House

Nick invites you to get a bus ticket, $40, 413 538-8537.

April 13, Sunday,
G.I. Rights Hotline
Training offered for phone counselors, by Sam Diener, 1-8 or 9pm. Vince O'Conner of the Red Gate Affinity Group asks Valley residents to prepare to counsel young recruits and even career officers who have questions about their rights. If you can commit to about one hour per week, and want to build bridges, call Vince at 413 549-0810. You could be a good listener or answer these kinds of questions:

-- Can I say no after I signed up for delayed entry?
-- Can G.I.'s keep anti-war literature or attend anti-war events?
-- Can the Army release me? What if I've become conscientious objector?
-- If the Army promised I'd be in school but are sending me to Iraq, what can I do?

April 14, Monday, 5:45, Heath, MA
- Exploring The Spirit of Place.
The Franklin County Interfaith Environmental Task Force invites you visit three distinctly different places this spring to open to the spirit of each place, to find communion with the presence(s) that we recognize as holy within each place, and to make an offering to each place. We will visit a sacred place, a settled place, and a place in disrepair. The first trip will be at the Standing Stones in Heath, where, through a simple ritual and then with guidance we will practice deep listening to the natural world. This meeting will be co-facilitated by Juliet Seaver and Mark Benjamin at The Benson Place Blueberry Farm, 182 Flagg Hill Road in Heath at 5:45 on Monday. For directions call Mark Benjamin at 337-4929.

April 15, Tuesday, 9am-noon, Greenfield, MA
Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters

Demonstrate + Re-direct your taxes, ŮStarve the Pentagon, Feed the People.Ó Join this annual event outside the Greenfield Post Office. Juanita Nelson says, 'If you decide itÕs the right thing to do youÕll figure out how to do it.'Pioneer Valley War Tax Refusers ask everyone who opposes killing to consider what amount they can withold this year and redirect towards an organization of your choice. Juanita Nelson, 413 773-5188.

April 15, Tuesday, Springfield, MA
Expose the economic scourge of war.
Arise invites demonstrators.

12:30 meet at Christ Church Cathedral Soup Kitchen. (The Soup Kitchen is open from 11:30 to 12:30 so come anytime in between.) We will gather, figure out which skits people want to do, and hand out props. Then we will walk together to the pink slip action. (Christ Church is located at 35 Chestnut St. near the quadrangle. From 91 coming from the North, get off at the Columbus Ave/Downtown exit, continue straight through lights, go to State St., left on State, left on Chestnut. Church is up the road on the right)

1:00 Pink Slip Action. Governor Romney’s former office. 436 Dwight St. We will gather here for a pink slip action and then take a walk to some other pink slip spots. (take 91 to 291/20North (exit 8), to Chestnut exit (exit 2A), slight right onto Chestnut, slight right onto Liberty, left onto Dwight.) When the Pink Slip Action is done we will break into groups and head to various street corners for street theatre which will take place throughout the afternoon until the 7:00 Post Office action. (We learned that Gov. Romney has CLOSED his Springfiled office - we'll meet as scheduled where his office SHOULD be (another example of budget cuts that ultimately pay for war).

4:30 – 5:30 Soup Kitchen. For those who are unable to make it earlier, a group will be meeting again at the Soup Kitchen to help direct folks to different street theatre areas. (see above for address and directions.)

7:00pm – Grand Finale at the Main Branch Springfield Post Office, Liberty and Main St. We will run through all of the street theatre skits at the Post Office where they will be having a tax day party. (from 91 get off at Downtown Exit, head towards Main St., left on Main St. Post Office is down by bus station on the corner of Liberty St.)

Call Arise for Social Justice, 413 734-4948

April 17 - COLOMBIA AND THE "WAR ON DRUGS" - Thursday, April 17, 7 - 9 PM Main Lecture Hall, Franklin Patterson Hall Hampshire College, Amherst map - Come learn about the effects of U.S. policy in Colombia from three expert panelists: -- KATE HARRIS, local activist and frequent Witness for Peace delegate to Colombia -- SANHO TREE, Hampshire alumnus and director of the Drug Policy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington D.C. -- RACHEL MASSEY, winner of a 2003 Project Censored award for her article "Echoes of Vietnam," and research fellow at the Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies. Sponsored by Hampshire Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and the Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies. For more information, contact Dylan Oliver

April 19, Saturday, Putney, Vermont
Our Future is Not for Sale - Conference - Youth are organizing and speaking up. The Putney School hosts workshops and panel discussions on foreign & domestic policy, civil liberties, military recruitment, political theater, media issues, labor, the environment, youth organizing, sustainable energy, sustainable agriculture, institutional racism, globalization and a forum for youth activist groups. For more information call Caitlin Cohen at 802 722-4029 or Jillian Brelstord at 802 387-4015, or contact Car-pooling? 413 773-7427

April 22 - Rights At Risk - 7:00 PM - A public forum on civil liberties - at Jones Library, Amity Street, Amherst - Moderator: Anne Awad, Amherst Select Board member; Panelists: * Mash Khanbabai, Immigration lawyer and member, Governor's Advisory Council on Refugees & Immigrants * Bill Newman, Director, Western Mass. American Civil Liberties Union * Chris Pyle, Professor of Politics and civil liberties activist, Mt. Holyoke College * James Shaw, President, UAW Local 2322/Graduate Employees Organization * Nancy Talanian, Co-Director, Bill of Rights Defense Committee

April 23, Wed. 6:30 ∆ Communication Skills for Tough Times Demonstration & discussion. Sample the most fundamental skills from an eight-week curriculum on nonviolent communication. These approaches help transform tough times into opportunities for understanding. Sunny Miller facilitates, using the teachings of Sandra Boston, of the Conscious Communications Institute, derived from Marshall Rosenberg and many others. FREE intro at Traprock. Donations welcome. Deposits accepted for eight-week class.

Directions to Traprock
, 103 Keets Road ∆ from route 5 & 10 just north of historic Deerfield, 1/2 mile south of Greenfield and the Deerfield River, turn east up Keets Road to the top of Woolman Hill. Make a hard left (nearly a U-turn) after the sign on the crest of the hill. Traprock is in the wooden unpainted building.

Meet April 21-25?
Forming Musical Affinity Group for Peace & Justice
: Gathering more people to instigate, support, sing or play instruments at marches and gatherings, similar to raging Grannies or Shelburne group. Spirited initiative will be our mainstay, rather than rehearsals. Call to confer about first meeting, 773-7427

April 21 - "Counter-Terrorism in Our Universities" - Panel Discussion and Open Forum on the Patriot Act - 7:30 pm, Smith College, Northampton, MA; Seelye 201; call Carolyn for details at 413-585-7441.

NEWS - SPRING INITIATIVES (see May 1 and later events below)

It's about the Oil ... The Billboard Project has raised $5950 towards the $7300 cost of a very prominent billboard along US 91 in West Springfield. Through this project Tad Montgomery and friends hope to reach thousands of drivers each week, with news about the ways people can help reduce our country's unbridled dependence on oil. To contribute to this project write billboard in the memo line of your check. See Help creating easily navigated resource pages welcomed.

Bridges for Peace:
Banners are up on Sundays, 1-4 pm, US 91
Thanks to people who make calls and take shifts from Brattleboro to Northampton (and beyond). This great action arose from an affinity group meeting in western Mass. Shifts are just 1+1/2hours, 1-2:30 or 2:30-4PM. Kate Stevens is looking for people who will be captainsCan you make invitations for help with two overpasses (near Hatfield) Please call Kate, 625-6967.

Military Families
Support Groups
have been initiated by Peggy Perri in Greenfield, 774-4797 and by Rebecca in Northampton, 532-1021. Peggy was a nurse in Vietnam. Rebecca has family in the Gulf. Please spread the word, or call for meeting times. 7.

Action Alert: Oppose Cuts to Veterans' Programs

Operation Pink Slip: Turtles Affinity Group is collecting & sending pink slips to Congress. Write a message in black permanent marker on a womanÕs slip, about why you want to fire a Representative or Senator. Send it to the Turtles c/o AFSC, 140 pine St. Noho, 01062. TheyÕll die it pink and either mail it or hand it OFF in person!

April 23 - 7-9 PM, “Where Should Our Tax Dollars Go?  Meeting Montague’s Needs in a Time of War.” - St. Mary's Church , 90 7th Street, Turners Falls, MA. Spekaers include State Rep Steve Kulik , Anita Dancs from the National Priorities Project, Dr. Sarah Kemble from the Community Health Center, and Jeff Singleton from the Montague Finance Committee.  Besides a question-and-answer period for the speakers, the event will provide an opportunity for everybody attending to put forward their ideas on specific ways Montague residents can respond to our current fiscal and social problems. Since all of us in Franklin County (and beyond) are facing similar crises, all are welcome to attend.  For more information, please contact Ann Ferguson at 367-2310 or 545-5802.  Hope you can attend, and please spread the word.

April 26 - Noon, State Senator Brian Lees' District Office, 527 Main Street, Indian Orchard, MA. State Senator Brian Lees (R-Springfield) has filed legislation that will require protesters to pay the law enforcement costs of their demonstrations. According to the Boston Globe, "Under his proposal, protesters who block the flow of traffic would face a $50 fine and could be arrested. If convicted, they would be forced to pay the cost of the police officer who arrested them as well as the court fees." ("Massachusetts State Senator Seeks to Charge War Protesters for Costs," 4/12/03, p. A1). Pat Keaney, Communications Director of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, has been assisting Western Mass. Green-Rainbow Party members interested in coordinating a response to repressive legislation filed by Sen. Brian Lees intended to restrict the First Amendment rights of demonstrators. Please e-mail Pat, or e-mail Owen Broadhurst of the Town of Agawam Green-Rainbow to let us know if you plan to be involved.

April 26-27 - CAMPUS ANTIWAR NETWORK (CAN) EAST COAST REGIONAL CONFERENCE April 26-27, 2003 * Brown University, Providence, RI AGENDA: The following is only an outline and subject to change. Saturday 9-10 Registration 10-1 Opening of the Conference Agenda and Procedures Keynote: George Capaccio and Anthony Arnove Political Discussion Campus Reports/Direction of CAN 1-2 LUNCH BREAK (food not provided) 2-3 Proposals Discussion I 3-4:30 Educational Workshops 4:30-5 BREAK (may be skipped if schedule slips) 5-6 Organizing Working Groups (OWG) 6-7 Proposals Discussion II Presentation of OWG Proposals after 7 DINNER/Informal meetings to work on proposals Funk out with BOJAH AND THE INSURRECTION! Sunday 10-1 Proposals Discussion Voting 1-2 LUNCH BREAK (food provided) 2-3 Regional Breakouts Election of Coordinating Committee Delegates 3-4 OWG Breakouts (as required) Closing of the Conference REGISTRATION: AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOUR DELEGATION, REGISTER! This will really help out the organizers. Email with your information, or call 401-867-6384. Registration is $10-$20 on a sliding scale.

April 28 - Earth Day - Amherst Common. Music, demonstrations of energy saving technologies (e.g. bio-diesel), presentations, food and displays. Includes a march through downtown Amherst.

April 29 - May 8 - Public Forums on homelessness. As many of you may know, the Governor has created an Executive Commission charged with creating solutions that will end homelessness in Massachusetts. The Commission is charged with delivering a report of recommendations to the Governor 90 days after its first meeting. It is important that the Commission receive input from people experiencing homelessness, advocates and providers. The One Family Campaign, together with the Mass. Executive Office of Health and Human Services, the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, and many other advocacy groups, will be holding public forums throughout Massachusetts to generate creative and innovative approaches to ending homelessness. The results of these meetings will be shared with the Executive Commission. Your input is vital to this process. See attached flyer for the date, time and location of the forum closest to you. See FLYER (pdf). See also

May 1 - Annual WMASS Jobs with Justice May Day Celebration - In planning. Want to help? Contact Jill, 262-7689, On May Day, Western Mass Jobs with Justice would like to honor local activists whose ongoing work below the radar keeps the hope for an economically and socially just community alive. Emma Awards (named to commemorate the life and struggle of Emma Goldman, a tenacious workers rights advocate during a time when organized labor was establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with) will be awarded to four under-celebrated individuals, one from each category: labor organization; students; faith-based organization; community organization. Please contact us for a nomination form. Deadline to nominate is March 15.

May 2 - Last date to nominate young peace-makers! See next item.

May 2 - Marc W. Herold, Departments of Economics & Women's Studies - 11 to 12:30 Reading Room McConnell Hall Whittemore School of Business & Economics University of New Hampshire Durham, N.H. "Fifty Years [1953-2003] of Failed Modernizing Interventions in Afghanistan, the Descent From Frugality into Modern Poverty [with slides but no equations]: A Post-modernist View of the 20th Century Struggle in Afghanistan Between Tradition and Modernity." See Widespread Carnage of US/UK Bombing

May 3 - SLEEP OUT for the SHELTER FUND - Greenfield On Saturday night, May 3, at 6 pm. Communities are pitching in and pitching tents (or boxes) to sleep out on the Greenfield Common. If you can raise $100 or more in pledges, come sleep with us! Many faith communities, service clubs, non-profits and businesses will be collecting donations to raise up to $78,000 in order to keep our Franklin County Emergency Shelter open at 15 Ferren Ave, in Turners Falls, near the Community Health Center. ... Our permit will allow up to 100 sleepers. Prizes will be awarded for those who collect the greatest amount in pledges and engage the greatest number of pledgers. Tax-deductible gifts can be made our to "Shelter Fund" at the Greenfield Savings Bank. We'll provide one large plastic tarp and a circle of lawn chairs; bring yours too? At 7 pm we invite neighbors to share experiences of homelessness in our circle on the Common. Musicians are invited to lead a song afterwards. Bathrooms will be available overnight and at 7 AM Jon Rehmus and friends will provide breakfast for sleepers at All Souls Church, one block east of the Common. On behalf of the Interfaith Council of Franklin County, Thank you for helping to sponsor the SLEEP-OUT for the SHELTER FUND! For more information call, 773-7427. Call Eve Brown Waite to volunteer for set-up and support, or to get your pledge form, 772-0043

May 3 - Doug Rokke on depleted uranium in Albany, NY. Saturday, 7 PM, Wiggers Auditorium, M.E. 700 at the (Medical College), Albany, NY.. Part of Traprock Peace Center's national campaign with Major Doug Rokke to ban depleted uranium. Call Traprock Peace Center at 413-773-7427 or Albany Peace Action at 518-477-4004 for details. Hosted by Peace Action Social Justice Center of Albany.

May 1 - 4 - Fourth National Grassroots Organizing Conference on Iraq Iraq Invaded – Implications and Strategies for the Peace Movement: University of Maryland, College Park, MD

May 1st, Student-Teach-in, 7 pm, Francis Scott Key Hall: Nathaniel Hurd, Mennonite Central Committee Consultant on UN Iraq Policy Rep. Dennis Kucinich (tentative) Presidential Candidate (D-OH)

May 2nd, Seminars and Workshopsbegin 10 am, register at 2324 Computer Space Science Building: Bob Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of Churches Kathy Kelly (tentative), Voices in the Wilderness (back from Baghdad)

Also featuring: Rima Ali, Black Voices for Peace Thomas Nagy, GWU Professor – Self-Implicating DoD Documents Samih Farsoun, American Univ – Palestine and Iraq Mike Amate, Washington Kurdish Institute – the Kurdish perspective in Iraq Sam Husseini, Institute for Public Accuracy – America as Empire Jessica Bell Markham, - “How to organize local Initiatives” John Judge, Washington Peace Center - “Resisting Military Recruiting in High Schools” Nancy Lessing, Military Families Speak Out Erik Gustafson, Education for Peace in Iraq Center Sunny Miller, Traprock Peace Center - “Tools for the Campaign to Ban D.U.” Patrick McCann, Vietnam Veterans Against War Paul George, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, topic: ‘Orwell was an Optimist’ Simin Royanian, Iranian activists – Is Iran Next? / Women in the Middle East Herb Ettel, Campaign for a Fair Ecomomy – “The Economic Costs of War” September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows plans to send a representative to speak. And more!

May 3rd & 4th: Activist planning, laying out our priorities, reviewing proposals, setting dates for the year ahead. A protest action will be announced at the conference. Check agenda for updates at

On line registration available, from the conference home page: , click on “Register Now”.

Proposals accepted! Whether you can or cannot attend, you may submit proposals for the conference on line, just click on the “Submit a Proposal” link and fill out the form.

National Network to End the War Against Iraq 301-270-4858; toll free: 888-end-a-war; fax: 301-270-5251

May 6 - Tim Wise: Examining White Privilege: The meaning of race, politics and culture in institutions (talk and panel) 12:30, Stinchfield Lecture Hall, Greenfield Community College Sponsored by GCC, Peace Development Fund and others.

May 7 - WAR AND THE ECONOMY - Amherst 7:00pm, Campus Center 904-908: Mike Prokosch, United for a Fair Economy Workshop followed by an optional train-the-trainers session addressing the following questions: - Does war stimulate the economy? - Does military spending taking money away from social programs? - Does militarism increase inequality? - Do we have to spend so much on the military? - How does war relate to the recession and state budget crises? - What can we do? SPONSORED by: Social Thought and Political Economy Program (UMass), AFSC, Political Economy Research Institute, The Labor Center (UMass), Women’s Studies (UMass)

May 8 - New York City - US/UK War On Iraq & The UN - Thursday May 8 2003 7:00 - 10:00pm Meeting Sponsored by CCC/UN at the Episcopal Church Center 45th Street & Second Ave on the 4th Floor call 1-212-983-9533 or 1-212-217-7117  to put your name on the list for entrance into building

Panel discussion:  The War Against Iraq and Peace with Uniting for Peace representatives : Deborah Andrews and Rob Wheeler and Don Rojas General Manager of Radio Station WBAI our Peace and Justice Station         

The panel discussion will be preceded by a short segment from the film "What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World"  Produced by Frank Dorrel which can be purchased from - a discussion on how do we spread the word out to those who do not understand the assault by the government of George W. Bush is perpetrating on the world and its people - bring your issues - ideas -  solutions - pass out flyers phone/fax numbers - URLs - come and share We look forward to an informative and productive evening You may bring something to eat and drink and share

May 9 - BEATS FOR PEACE at PEARL STREET! building a culture of global resistance looking at... economic justice, nonviolence, prison industrial complex, vieques, colombia, iraq, democracy, military industrial complex, globalization, racism, homophobia.... Hip Hop Artists Pharoahe Monch, Medusa, Headfake and a host of local artists - Project 2050, Gooselove and Joe Bridge, Angel Silva, Generating Tomorrow's Future Today, and more will bring Beats for Peace to Northampton May 9 Pearl Street / Northampton doors open at 7:30 PM This is an all-age venue BEATS FOR PEACE is organized by AFSC.  For tickets and information please call 413-584-8975, or visit the website  Tickets on sale at Ticketmaster ( / 1 800 the tick) Valley groups are welcome to table.  Email Jo at to reserve space (everyone has to bring their own table!). Call for more information - 413.584.8975.

May 9 - Western Massachusetts Taskforce meeting - Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless - Friday, HAP, Inc., 322 Main Street, Springfield, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm - The tentative agenda includes: Introductions and Announcements Update on the Section 8 Crisis - DTA and DHCD Response - Federal Plan - Housing Assistance for Needy Families Overview of House Ways and Means Budget Update on the Warming Place Shelter Coming Changes to Housing Assistance Programs (HAP)? - Update and Response Strategies If you have any questions, comments or agenda items, feel free to contact Diane at (617) 423-9162 x 108

May 9-11 - Mother's Day Weekend - North Quabbin Women in Black, an organization devoted to promoting non-violent solutions to human problems, will sponsor several special events on Mother’s Day weekend. At 7 p.m. on Friday, May 9, the group will present a performance of "Julia Ward Howe, Crusader for World Peace," with actress Jane Smith Bernhardt in the solo role of Julia Ward Howe. After composing the lyrics to the Battle Hymn of the Republic during the Civil War, Howe became an activist for peace and women's rights. In 1870 she established a world-wide "Mother’s Day for Peace" the model for our model celebration. The 30-minute performance will take place at Warwick Town Hall. Local singer-songwriter LinQ will open the program, which will be free of charge (donations gratefully accepted). For more information contact Marcia Gagliardi, 978-249-9400,

May 10 - Celebrating Mothers - A March and Rally On Saturday, May 10, one day before Mothers1 Day, everyone is invited to join in the 3Celebrating Mothers  - Peace & Justice for Our Children & Communities - March & Rally.2  Following the Rally, peace and justice-loving women are invited to the spring session of the Women1s Congress for Peace.

Marchers are invited to gather at 10:45 a.m. at the Bridge Street School, Route 9, Northampton and continue to First Churches, 129 Main Street, Northampton where celebration and messages of peace and justice will continue with songs, speeches, poetry, and more until 1 p.m. The march and rally are based on the history of the original Mothers Day as conceived by Julia Ward Howe as a broad-based community celebration to create a peaceful world based on social justice. Its history is a combination of radical action and popular sentiment for the creation of a society that shows love and respect by caring for mothers and their children, as well as for Mother Earth. This is the event for anyone who believes celebrating mothers is more than giving cards. March participants are encouraged to bring their bells, drums, chimes, etc.

WOMEN"S CONGRESS FOR PEACE FOLLOWS MARCH AND RALLY After the rally, from 1 pm to 3 pm, women are invited to the 4th Women1s Congress for Peace at First Churches.  The event is free - [but excludes MEN.]   From those who can give, a donation of $5 or more will be gratefully accepted to cover the Congress1 expenses. For information, call 413- 256-1760. [Please note that while we list this event, for the convenience of visitors to our website, we have decided from its inception not to endorse the 'Congress' as it excludes men.]

May 10 - ATHOL / ORANGE - Procession - On Saturday, May 10, North Quabbin Women in Black will lead a silent peace procession from Athol to Orange between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. All are welcome to join the procession, which will gather at the Victory Supermarket parking lot at 10:45 a.m. Black clothing is encouraged but not required. A support vehicle will be available to transport those who do not wish to complete the entire walk. The procession will be a reminder of the tragic human costs of war, and an opportunity for participants and passersby to reflect on ways of supporting more peaceful resolutions to conflict. At the end of the peace procession, Women in Black will hold its customary silent vigil at the Memorial Park in Orange from 1 to 2 p.m. AOTV will televise "Mother’s Day at the War Show," a one-hour video produced by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, on Friday, May 9, at 8 p.m. and Saturday, May 10 at 8 a.m. This thought-provoking documentary follows a group of Canadian peace activists as they encourage visitors at a Mother’s Day air show to consider the deadly functions of the exciting machinery on display at the show. For more information on any or all of these events, contact Marcia Gagliardi, 978-249-9400,

May 11 - Sunday at 7 PM - "Free Press" - First Churches, 129 Main Street, Northampton Join Sut Jhally of the Media Education Foundation - - Introducing Josh Silver Managing Director Media Reform Network. - And the 30 min. MEF documentary Robert McChesney - Rich Media, Poor Democracy. We are barraged with advertising. Journalism has become dumbed-down entertainment. The range of news analysis and debate is shrinking along with the diversity of media ownership, placing an extraordinary degree of economic and social power in a very few hands. Free Press is a national organization working to increase informed public participation in crucial media policy debates. The ultimate aim of Free Press is to generate a range of policies that will produce a morecompetitive and public interest-oriented media system with a strong nonprofit and noncommercial sector.Contact

May 14 - Spring Peacemaker Awards, 7 pm at Greenfield High School. : Every Spring Traprock Peace Center and the Interfaith Council of Franklin County ask you to nominate outstanding high school peacemakers in Franklin County, MA. Five $100 Peacemaker Awards will be made to high schools students in Franklin County. We have received 10 nominations!

The Peacemaker Awards Ceremony is slated for Greenfield High School on Wednesday, May 14 at 7PM. Past winners, and all current nominees are invited for pizza, and to speak with the press, if interested, at 6PM. Call Traprock Peace Center for more information at 413-773-7427.

See Pictures of the 2002 Peace Makers Award Ceremony
We invite your financial support to help this and other outreach to youths, supporting their peace-making choices. Mailing address below.

May 20 - Natick bench trial of the Peacechain 18 in Natick Court on May 20, 2003 Gathering at 8 am for a prayer vigil and vigiling all day during the trial. Information: Suzanne Shanley at Agape Community (

May 21 - WHERE HAVE ALL OUR TAXES GONE? 7-9:30pm, South Hadley High School Library, Rt 116, S Hadley. Sponsored by the Granby/South Hadley Peace Committee. UMass Lowell Prof. Bob Forrant on Bush economics (at the national & regional level); Patricia Vinchesi, South Hadley Town Administrator, on the town budget situation; additional speaker TBA. Followed by open discussion. Info: Alexandra de Montrichard,

June 4 - 7:30 PM - Rochester, NY - Why is Toxic Nuclear Waste Making Our Soldiers Sick? - Friends Meeting House 84 Scio Street. See “Invisible War” Introducing the work of Doug Rokke, PhD., Vietnam and Gulf War veteran. Preview with us this brilliant new video that reveals the truths of depleted uranium on our battlefields. Sunny Miller, of Deerfield, Massachusetts, will speak following the video. Scio Street is two blocks west of the Eastman Theatre on Main St. The Friends Meeting House is a block south of Main St. Free secure parking at ramp garage across from Meeting House and free parking at entrance on Charlotte Street. Wheel chair accessible. Free admission. Donations welcomed. Sponsored by Veterans For Peace and Traprock Peace Center For questions, call 585-392-5432 or e-mail

June 6 - 8 - Campus Anti-War Network (CAN) spring retreat at the Blue Mountain Center in New York State. Listen (mp3) to a great student-led workshop on war and domestic issues - Part A (32 min.) and Part B (35 min). Watch for Oct/Nov date of CAN national convention. CAN Retreat Photo-Album

June 11 - 6:30 - 9:00 PM - Hearing on Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant before the une 1VSNAP (VT STATE NUCLEAR ADVISORY PANEL) VSNAP reports to the Governor on all matters nuclear Come to VERNON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL for the hearing. For more info, contact Gary at

June 19 - 7:30-9:30 - War and Peace Council - Florence, MA Open community sharing in a circle-council format Welcoming feelings, hopes, ideas, actions; facilitated by Daniel Kinsey and Tim Anderson and part of the One Giant Step project to build consensus and critical mass for social change Please bring something for the desert potluck at about 9 PM At Rumetagro Directions 140 Pine St. @ the Florence Community Center Room #9 Questions, Tim Anderson: or call Daniel Kinsey: (413) 218-8722

June 23 - New York City - Protest at 5:00PM, Monday, June 23, 2003 Sheraton Hotel, 7th Avenue and 52nd Street - A Reception for President George Bush; From UFPJ: President George W. Bush will be coming to NYC this Monday, June 23, to raise money for his re-election campaign. Planned Parenthood of NYC and advocates for reproductive freedom are calling on all opponents of the Bush regime to make our voices heard. United for Peace and Justice has responded to the call and has been working to mobilize the city for the reception the president deserves. Protest at 5:00PM, Monday, June 23, 2003 Sheraton Hotel, 7th Avenue and 52nd Street Why take time out on Monday evening to make George W. Bush feel unwelcome? * He launched an illegal, immoral "pre-emptive" war on Iraq. * His administration lied repeatedly to the American people and Congress about the threat posed by Iraq and the existence of its "weapons of mass destruction." * He went ahead with the invasion and occupation of Iraq on the basis of those lies. And that's just this spring. Let us not forget other gems from George W. Bush's resume: * Endangered our Civil Liberties by signing the highly unconstitutional Patriot Act * Stole the 2000 Presidential Election--Bush "won" by 537 votes in Florida while a total of 57,700 registered voters (largely Black and Latino Democrats) were denied the right to vote. * Has been an unrelenting foe of a woman's right to choose. Let the world's most dangerous man know he's not welcome in NYC! UNITED FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE NY | 212-603-3700

June 23 - 3:30 PM - Hopkinton, MA - We The People's Reception for Dick Cheney, who is coming to Hopkinton, MA for a Republican fund-raiser at the home of Richard Egan, former ambassador to Ireland. This is a message from Metrowest Partners for a Just & Peaceful World: Today (June 22) we found out that Richard Egan (the host of the Republican fundraiser) sent a letter to his neighbors saying that the fundraiser is starting around 4 PM. So we are moving the start time of the protest an hour earlier to 3:30 PM. If you can make it by 3:30 PM please do. If you can't come til later then please still come. We will stay out protesting for a few hours. Also we're going to have a couple cell phones available at the protest to receive calls if anyone gets lost or needs info or has info for us. The numbers are 617-308-9456 and 508-254-9899. But please if you are with a group of people, just have one person call for info and don't call for general questions like "where is hopkinton". Updated info about the protest with a MAP at



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