Traprock Peace Center
Campaign to Stop War Against Iraq
Scott Ritter and Traprock Peace Center's Heartland Swing - August 20-22, 2002
Photos by Charlie Jenks, President of the Core Group, Traprock Peace Center
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In Baltimore, Marliese Diaz of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) welcomed over 250 people to the Stony Runn Friends Meeting House. Sunny Miller introduced Scott Ritter to the overflow audience for the Public Forum entitled "Disarming Iraq or War with Iraq? Our Choices will Make History" on August 22, 2002.

The panelists made comments and asked questions: Sr. Trinitis Bochini, SSND, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology & Clinical Psychologist, College of Notre Dame; Rhonda Cooperstein, Coordinator, Baltimore Area Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace; Bishop H. Gerard Knoche, DE-MD Synod, Evagelical Lutheran Church in America; Arthur Laffin, Voices in the Wilderness; Dr. Cind Parker, Center for Public Health Preparedness, The Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Baltimore Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR); Dr. Mahmood Thamer, Islamic Society of Baltimore; Richard Ullrich, Director, Maryland Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities.

The primary sponsors were WILPF, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Traprock Peace Center. Co-sponsors included American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Baltimore News network (BNN), Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities (BLSP), PAX CHRISTI, PEACE ACTION (MD), Saint Vincent de Paul Church - Peace and Justice Committee. Individual supporters incuded Marliese Diaz, Ellen Barfield, Alice Cherbonnier, Susan DeFrancesco, Larry Egbert, Richard and Lauralee Humphrey, Ted Klitsky, Max Obuszewski, Deanna Shapiro, and Dick Ullrich.