Traprock Peace Center
Campaign to Stop War Against Iraq
Scott Ritter and Traprock Peace Center's Heartland Swing - August 20-22, 2002
Photos by Charlie Jenks, President of the Core Group, Traprock Peace Center
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General Mutter (Ret.) made history as the first woman to serve as a general of the Marines. She pointed out that "The military is not anxious to go to war....They are the ones who bleed and die." [How many of the President's top advisors - aside from Colin Powell - have served in the military? Sen. Hagel of Nebraska suggested that Richard Perle could lead troops into battle if he is so anxious to go to war. - my comments (Charlie Jenks)]. General Mutter felt strongly that the US has to make the case for going to war. On the other hand, she disagreed with the other panelists as she spoke in favor of a preemptive strike.