Traprock Peace Center
Campaign to Stop War Against Iraq
Scott Ritter and Traprock Peace Center's Heartland Swing - August 20-22, 2002
Photos by Charlie Jenks, President of the Core Group, Traprock Peace Center
Page created on 9/1/02
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Scott Ritter, flanked by Harry van der Linden, President of the Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center (a prime Indiana co-sponsor of the event), F. Willis Johnson, Mary Ann Fadae and John Clark of the Hudson Institute, the other principal Indiana co-sponsor. Professor van der Linden made that pont that "We should stop assuming that the Iraqi people want to be bombed into democracy." He made the observation that the Bush administration seems indifferent to world opinion. See Mr. van der Linden's opinion piece in NUVO - "The War Against Iraq: an Immoral Proposal."