February 15, 2003 - Campus Anti-War Network Benefit at Pier Sixty, NYC / P1010026
Photos copyright Charlie Jenks, 2003
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Eric Gustafson, Director of the Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC), Washington, DC. Traprock worked with Eric on the distribution of Labour Against the War's Counter-Dossier (by Glen Rangwala and Alan Simpson, MP). The Counter Dossier stated the Labour Party opposition to Blair's pro-war position, which he tried to justify in his Iraq Dossier released on September 24, 2003. The Counter-Dossier was actually a pre-buttal, released about a week before the Blair Dossier. Dr. Rangwala gave Traprock permission to publish it in the US. He then wrote a point by point rebuttal to the Blair Dossier - we called the rebuttal Counter-Dossier II. Working with EPIC and WILPF, Traprock took theset to Washington for distribution to members of Congress on two occasions in September, 2002. SInce then, Dr. Rangwala has made a major expansion of the Counter-Dossier II to include a comprehensive consideration of claims against Iraq by the US and UK.See 'Counter-Dossier II'.

Dr. Rangwala updates Counter-Dossier II directly to the Traprock website. Recent updates took into account Powell's February 5th presentation to the UN and the Blix/ElBaradei reports to the UN on February 14. He also made a separate comprehensive Response to Powell and a definitive Review of Blix and ElBaradei Reports. These have also been updated.