February 15, 2003 - Campus Anti-War Network Benefit at Pier Sixty, NYC / P1010016
Photos copyright Charlie Jenks, 2003
Traprock Peace Center, 103A Keets Road, Deerfield, MA 01342; 413-773-1633; fax 413-775-7507
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Mike Maquesee of the Stop the War Coalition (UK) with Eric Ruder,journallist and student from Chicago. Traprock has been working with Stop the War since October. Since then, we have worked to support the growth of an independent student peace movement in our respective countries and to foster student to student international ties. Towward that goal, we worked together to bring Helen Salmon, a student at Oxford University and a coordinator with the National Union of Students to the sister national student conference at GW on January 17, 2003. Tarprock also hosted Jeremy Corbyn, MP, who gave the kenote address at the conference. For more on the January 17 DC conference, see http://traprockpeace.org/CANJan1703