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War on Truth  From Warriors to Resisters
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The War on Truth

From Warriors to Resisters

Army of None

Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

See more on 'depleted' uranium

From Sunny Miller:

Hello friends,

Thanks for teaming up to support these important messages.

For some the war in Iraq is over. For most the legacy of war is, literally,

in their veins.

You'll see by the dates below that people want to help get the word out

about DU. Titles can vary ...

“Radioactive Munitions – The Truth Hits Home”
“Uranium Munitions- From the Cradle to the Grave”
“Death by Uranium Munitions – Personal Responsibility at Every Level”

I hope you find gentle ways to talk about serious topics as you visit with

family this week-end. Some of you have most of the documents above, others

may be new to this list. Please use as appropriate.


All lining up for this topic in Sept, Oct, Nov.

Sample Press Release ...

“The Health and Environmental Effects of Uranium Munitions”

Groups throughout the Northeast are collaborating to bring Doug Rokke,

former director of the US Army's Depleted Uranium Project on an extensive

speaking tour during 2 weeks in July and August.

Rokke is currently speaking in Austrailia and communicating with groups

through Traprock Peace Center in Deerfield, Massachusetts. See more at  Traprock's director Sunny Miller is particularly

interested in veterans' issues, as the daughter of a Vietnam vet, from

Lafayette, Indiana. She says, "Agent Orange is still a problem for vets and

Vietnamese. It's wishful thinking to imagine that the worst of this war is

over. Add DU to the list of heat exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and trauma

and you have human catastrophe in the making."


Doug Rokke will speak on radio, television and at public events in:

Buffalo, NY         July 21

Rochester, NY       July 23

Syracuse, NY        July 24

Orange County NY    July 26

(Cinncinati EPA Conference, July 29-30)

St. Johnsbury, VT   August 6

Arlington, MA       August 7

& in the Ct.Valley  August 9

ORANGE COUNTY PEACE AND JUSTICE COALITION invites the public to a discussion


Saturday, July 26th, at the Central Valley Elementary School, across from

Woodbury Commons.

Doug Rokke PhD. is a Vietnam and Gulf War Veteran and expert on 'depleted

uranium'. Rokke served in the military and the reserves for a total of 35

years. He headed the U.S. Army's DU Project after the Gulf War, and now

advocates a ban on the manufacture and use of DU munitions.

Discussion will include the historic context of proposals to use radioactive

munitions, dating from 1943, how DU weapons work, contaminated US testing

grounds, the current unfolding tragedy, veterans' missing files, denial of

care, and our personal responsibility to make a difference.

Doug Rokke spoke at length with Congressman James McDermott before he

introduced House Resolution 1483, which calls for a study on the health

effects of uranium weapons and how to mitigate the heavy metal and

radioactive contamination released in the smoke and dust when thes weapons


Please join us to learn who is responsible for policies and protocols in the

Department of Defense and the Department of the Army, and how we can take

responsibility to speak up at every level.

DIRECTIONS:  from the New York Thruway, take Exit 16.  After going through

the tollbooths take exit 131, turn right onto 32N.

(From Route 17, take exit 131 to 32N)

Go past the 1st light (Woodbury Commons on right) Make left at next light

into school parking area. Central Valley Elementary School is on Route 32

directly across the street from Woodbury Commons Shopping Center.

Co-Sponsors include:

 Physicians for Social Responsibility

 Democratic Alliance

 Sullivan Peace   

 FOR- Fellowship for Reconciliation

 Sara Morrison    

 Rose Garden Health Food Store Middletown, NY

 Social Concerns Committee, Unitarian Universalist Society of Rock Tavern


For more information see Orange County Peace and Justice Coalition

Tel: 845-986-1951 or 845-343-8125

OCPJ   PO Box 998, Warwick, NY 10990


Or Traprock Peace Center,

, Deerfield, MA 01342

For a speaker or video phone 413 773-7427.

There are many resources on line at

   Best regards,

    Sunny Miller, Director

    Traprock Peace Center


    Deerfield, MA 01342

            Calls welcome, 413 773-7427.

I hope you're able to enjoy the beauty of summer, nurturing your strength

and compassion for this essential walk/talk/be for peace. Shall we leaflet

before or after the July 4 shindigs? (Picnic here at Traprock will be 6 pm,

with fire flies instead of fireworks.)

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