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"PROTEST: End the Israeli Assault on Lebanon and Gaza!"

On July 23, 100 people gathered to rally against war in the Middle East outside the Federal Building in Springfield, MA. Diverse voices were heard at an "open mike" rally. Speakers made calls including those for an immediate cease fire, as a first step in the peace process; an end of Israel's devastation of Lebanon and attacks in Gaza; and an end to all attacks on civilians by all sides. A Muslim imam led chants for peace.

This was the largest rally for peace in the Middle East in Western Massachusetts since the start of this crisis.

The rally was initiated by the International Socialist Organization, with early co-sponsorship and participation from the International Action Center and Code Pink. The rally drew participation from Pioneer Valley activists, many members of the local Muslim community, and Springfield neighbors (some came after seeing a tv report on the 5 PM news). Channels 22 and 40 in Springfield covered the rally.

August 2: Rally on Middle East Ceast Fire on Amherst Common. Contact Hassan Awaisi,

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Springfield Republican article
[web editor's note: the Republican published a photo online of the pro-Israel rally; no photo was published of the rally against the war.]

Opponents rally on Middle East
Tuesday, July 25, 2006

SPRINGFIELD - It is a war being fought largely with rockets in the Middle East, but in Springfield yesterday it was waged entirely with words.
Separate rallies were held in the city, one in support of and the other opposed to Israel's response to a July 12 attack by members of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. In the two weeks of fighting since, hundreds have been killed, mainly civilians, and as many as 750,000 have been displaced.

At the Springfield Jewish Community Center on Dickinson Street last night, more than 600 people filled an auditorium intended for fewer than half that number and scores more filled the hallway outside for an Israel Solidarity Rally.

"Israel will do what it must, what any sovereign nation must, to protect its rights. But it will never give up on the dream" of peace, said Harold S. Berman executive director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Springfield.

Rabbi Mark D. Shapiro, of Sinai Temple in Springfield said, "My heart is split. On the one hand, I feel tremendous compassion for all the victims of the recent violence, whether they are Israelis or those in the Gaza or those in Lebanon. My heart is split because I mourn the loss of life, but I also know this recent crisis was caused by attacks on Israel."

"I don't think Israel had almost any alternative but to try to get at those launching rockets over her borders. The tragic thing is that those in the Gaza and in Lebanon purposely place their weapons of war where civilians live. That means they almost invite a loss of innocent civilian life," he said.

Hours earlier, outside the federal building on Main Street, a rally opposing Israel's response in Lebanon was held. Drawing about 100 people, it was sponsored, according to its organizers, by the International Socialist Organization, the International Action Center and Code Pink.

Charles T. Peterson, of the International Socialist Organization of Western Massachusetts, based in Northampton, blamed Israel for the hostilities.

"Bush speaks out self-righteously, defending the state of Israel's 'right to defend itself,' and the House and Senate stand unanimously with him ... but it is precisely Israel who is the aggressor, carrying out a war of terror," he said.

Peterson said that the July 12 raid by Hezbollah was justified.

"(The Israeli soldiers) were legitimate military targets and capturing two Israeli conscripts does not justify a war of destruction against an entire people," Peterson said. "I think that what is intolerable is the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands."

Both rallies were free of any serious counterprotests.

In a letter sent jointly yesterday to the leaders of the Israel Solidarity Rally, Massachusetts congressmen, including Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Sen. John F. Kerry, Rep. Richard E. Neal and Rep. John W. Olver, expressed their support of Israel's actions in Lebanon.

"No nation - including many who are now critical of the government of Israel - would accept passively rocket attacks on its population and the killing and kidnapping of its military personnel without responding as forcefully as it could against those who perpetrated these acts," the letter said.

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